10 August 2010

Paisley New Neighbors

I hadn't placed an order with J. Crew in some time, even with a gift card burning a hole in my pocket, so when this top finally made it to sale, I had to snatch it up. I've seen it in stores before and loved it there, but once it was home, I kind of had to scratch my head at what to match the top with. The ivory-looking background is kind of really light peach/pink, and the black paisley is more dark grey.

I still love the top, but can't think beyond pairing it with blue or with jeans (i.e., blue). You gals have any recs?

Top: J. Crew Island paisley (now on sale!)
Skirt: Anthropologie Edme & Esyllte Circle the Globe (worn here before)
Belt: Anthropologie Infinity
Shoes: Sofft Giovanna (worn here and here before)

On a side note, we've got some new neighbors that moved in. I found out when the Fedex lady came by yesterday to drop off a package, and while I was signing for it, something bounced off her head and landed on the floor. We both looked down at the ground at it, and then turned our heads up at the awning right over the front door before staring then at each other. Beat. The package was handed over quickly to me and she skitted down the steps into her truck and I quickly closed the door, not to use the front entrance again for the rest of the day.

What had us both perturbed? Our unwelcome guests:

Those are not bees. Bees like to form a little community and raise their young on yummy honey and go happily buzzing around the neighbors gardens to help Mother Nature do her thing. Nor are these guys the fat round happy-go-lucky bumble bees that fly around in pairs and like bumping repeatedly into my windows before deciding instead to jokingly dive-bomb the BF on the back deck. No, these little fellas are wasps (and not the nice church-going ones) - the types that like to attack folks for no reason and can repeatedly stick their pointy butts at you.

So in the words of the landlord, "your rent's due, [insert noun here]!" The landlord being the BF (aka the wasp-inator, aka the hornet killer, aka the guy in khakis and a polo who will be making a trip to Lowes after work today to get some pressurized insecticide spray because he found out the hard way that throwing water at them just makes the wasps angry and they will chase after you even though it's dark out).


  1. Cute pattern! I hadn't noticed that one before. And it totally matches the skirt that I'm wearing today! LOL

  2. Great shirt! It photographs as a neutral so I think pairing it like you have with bright colors should work well.

    Hope you've gotten rid of the new neighbors!

  3. WASPS!! aahhh!
    I would have to handle those since my landlord (husband) is terrified of all bugs, spiders, flies, bees, etc. He is a real girly man.
    I like the pattern on that one. I just can't get into Jcrew- trying though :)

  4. Ewwww! I hope those things are gone for good and don't come back!

    Another great outfit! I love how you put pieces together unexpectedly and it always works :)

  5. I'd like to see that top against the deep jewel tones of fall. I'm imagining the shirt untucked over skinny jeans and dark brown boots then add a cardigan for the pop of bold color topped with a belt to cinch the waist. The first cardigan that comes to mind is anthro's Outdoor Cafe cardigan. This outfit has me wishing for the cool days of fall - sigh.

    And on your house guests - scary! I hope BF is very careful as he kicks them out.

  6. ahh, wasps freak me out! I love the outfit!

  7. cute outfit! i've been eyeing that blouse myself. I've seen other bloggers pair it with just about every neutral under the sun, so just give it a go. As for your new neighbours, once you get rid of them, try this trick to prevent future reoccurance, hang a Chinese takeout box or plastic bag (has to be all white or just off-white) under your eaves somewhere, off to the side of your house maybe. Wasps are territorial and when they are househunting, and see a "nest" they'll keep moving on. Or you can buy one of those store-bought ones.

  8. Hello..super cute outfit and nice blog too:)

    That bee nest is HUGE!!!!

  9. I think this outfit may be one of my all time faves on you. GORG.

    Not so gorg? Wasps. Die. Wasps. Die. (Am I being too harsh???) :)

  10. For color recommendation I say green because it can go with the peachness with the shirt. I think browns and yellow bottoms will work as well!

    I chuckled forever when I read the "church going" kind of bees, ahahahaha. And it is totally expected that the bf should take care of it. =0D

  11. I love that top on you and I love how you paired it. And I'm so sorry about wasps. I wouldn't be able to go anywhere with that outside my door. But then I have a huge fear of bees/wasps/anything that can sting me. I hope you get it taken care of soon!

  12. So sorry to hear about the wasps. Ickky!

    I love the blouse on you. I would probably wear it with a gray skirt, but I'm awfully matchy-matchy. I think the peach and gray would look wonderful with burgundy. I've never tried that combo before, but it strikes me as very warm and autumnal.

  13. Eek! Seeing that wasp nest gives me the heebie-geebies! Good luck to your BF! I hope he evicts them pain free!

  14. I love that top and spied it awhile back! I think you could pair it with yellow or green and it would look great!

  15. I love this! The colors and the print are print together.

    The wasp's nest is terrifying! I would probably still be seeking refuge in the house:0

  16. Cute print--I adore paisley! Eeek about the wasp's nest! I would totally take that into my classroom (sans wasps) and turn that into a science lesson--the kids would love it!

  17. HAHA! You crack me up with your stories...more more more! I actually really liked how you paired the paisley shirt. Paisley remind me of when I was looking for wedding invites and they always paired it with yellow or red colors.

  18. I've always like to pair things that seem like they should be kept with basic bottoms with primary/bright colors. Try red jeans, green silk pants, yellow trousers. Keep the shoes and bag simple and you'll look amazing.

    Come by, stay a while

  19. Eek!!!! That's so scary.... Hope you guys can get rid of that!!!

    I love the gray paisley shirt with the teal skirt!!!!!

    clothed much, a modest fashion blog

  20. Update on the wasps - those little suckers are now lying on my welcome mat. The insecticide spray soaked and choked them pretty significantly. A job well done for my BF.

    We won't talk about the two that ended up flying into the house though - it was mayhem for a while!

    Kathleen - Oh we are so matchy today!

    Eek - thanks for the recs.

    Spiffy - what?! Manly men are not supposed to be scared of bugs (nor are they supposed to be scared of heights - the BF can't get on a 6 ft ladder or even a bar stool to save his life, so guess who has to change the lightbulbs and repair the garage door opener).

    Thanks, curls and pearls!

    Fallon - ooh I love that outfit your typed up. That sounds so fallish and yummy cozy.

    Thanks, Ashley.

    Ooh, I totally didn't know, Closet Crisis. Thanks for the info, we'll need to try that since there seem to be a lot of buzzing flying things around here.

    Thanks, Collette.

    Thanks, Dina, you crack me up. And heck no I don't think you're being too harsh about the wasps!

    Thanks, Hanna. Well if the BF didn't handle it, my solution would be just to never use the front door again. I did consider leaving a note for the UPS guy in case he swung by, but the BF didn't want me freaking people out unnecessarily.

    Thanks, Jessica. I share your same fears.

    Thanks for the recs, Jamie!

    Alterations Needed - I recommended getting a stool and a stick first but somehow that idea didn't fly ... but it's awful funny to think about.

    Thanks, Tricia!

    Courtnee - I totally was using the garage door until the BF came home a bit ago and settled the matter.

    Applesandpencilskirts - I think our nest is soaked right now but will probably dry off in a day or so. If you seriously want it, I can send it to you!

    Thanks, Cindi. You need to hang our with the BF and I - we are a comedy of errors and can make a show out of almost anything!

    Thanks for the recs and ideas, Ebony!

  21. Thanks, Elaine! That nest still creeps me out by just looking at it!

  22. oh hells no to that nest. hell to the NO.

    try the top w/a wideleg trouser...i bet it looks awesome on you!


  23. What a great shirt. Now you have me thinking about doing some "back to school" shopping at J.Crew. Can one still back to school shop in their 20's?

  24. You are TOOOO sweet!! Thank you for your kind words on my blog:) Ive met some really wonderful people since Sunday when it launched..and you are one of them.!! I coached my daughter how to not cut off my feet in todays outfit post....lol..have a great night!!!

  25. the blue adds a great pop of colour. .am thinking white jeans would be good too, or a high-waisted straight-cut lack skirt with a gorgeous pair of heels.

    hope the wasps have been exterminated

  26. Oh my gosh!!! I love your ootd and really want to comment further on that, but that wasp nest is just killing it for me. Seriously, I am SO scared of those things! My husband is a manager at Lowe's and he's always bringing home the Commercial Grade Wasp spray for the balcony of our little apartment. That stuff works wonders! Night time spraying is best, and it will kill them all!!!

    BTW - love the ootd. hahaha!

  27. I love the top!! I'm one of those people that things everything matches, but the color of the skirt seems versatile enough to handle a wide variety of patterns and colors. As for the bees, yikes! We had a hive fall through our ceiling because it was so heavy with honey. It was like a scene from a killer bee horror movie.

  28. Ack! This is on sale? Oh, PLEASE have a percent off code J Crew! :P Love it on you, Lisa. I saw the island paisley shirt paired with a black pencil skirt and some gorgeous gold layering necklaces. So pretty! What size did you get?

    Eesh with the wasps! Hope the BF was able to abate them!

  29. Ooh awesome idea, thanks, Carrie.

    Heck, Becca, I still say things like "when I grow up." Darnit, I think I already am, but I don't believe it!

    Collette Osuna - your daughter takes your pics? How awesome, she's pretty good!

    Thanks, devishlypleasureable!

    Hi Aimee - We sprayed them yesterday afternoon and whew, they're finally dead. Thank goodness for Lowe's though, the BF came home with these two giant cans of spray - and a tiny portion of one was powerful enough to soak those guys!

    Hi Cat - Holy moly about the bee hive! Now that's super creepy!
    I don't know much about these critters but from what I told, what we got is pretty big for a wasp nest - we did end up with a few in the house inadvertantly - that alone was bad enough, I can't imagine a whole hive!

    Hi Michelle - This shirt is totally on sale right now! I got this shirt in a 2, which is what I normally wear in the perfect shirts. It fits me perfectly at the shoulders and is kind of loose all over but cut close (does that make any sense?)

  30. Additional note - Michelle, I noticed some other JCAs commenting that they don't believe the Island paisley shirt is on sale in stores yet - I got mine on sale online. It popped up (of course) right after the 30% additional off promo ended.

  31. Beautiful top. I think it would work well with any neutral color... blue, tan, black...

    Have a fabulous week, sweetie!

  32. Wasps are such a pain in the a! I hope you were able to get rid of them. We have a nest in the lower branch of the tree in the backyard. It's right above the swing...grrrr.

  33. That button down is totally gorgeous!

  34. Oh wasps. Yes, we get them a lot. I heard WD-40 kills them. My husband tried it. Seemed to work. He sprayed it on the nest and RAN.

    That shirt is GORGEOUS. It looks like it's almost a neutral and can go with anything. What about a pretty soft green, or pink or purple?

  35. Love the top! I have always been a fan of paisley and the feur de lise. What about Orange. One of my favorite colors. Glad to here those wasps are history.

    I still love those Sofft sandals. Please visit me. I styled

  36. Thanks for your color recs, ladies. I apparently just need to think outside the color box more!

    Melissa - Ooh, you could probably light up the WD40 and have a tiny flame thrower going for a while!

    KristiMcMurray - Oh no! Right over the swing sucks - maybe a good soak with a long water hose will do it!


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