25 August 2010

Golden Neutral Shrimp

Thanks for all your comments to my post yesterday, ladies! Wow, I'm not sure whether or not to be glad so many of you can relate to my difficulties with the homely responsibilities, but I guess the general consensus is that most men are babies. Alright, they just need a little guidance, but we still love you!

(Those excluded are Pamela's hubby, Sharon's hubby and Cindi's fiance - those men sound like they belong in the Hubby Helper Hall of Fame!)

Simple outfit today - and really kind of cheating the getting dressed thing by throwing on a comfy tee and wearing the skirt equivalent of a pair of cotton chinos.

Top: J. Crew metallic stripe tissue tee
Skirt: A/X cargo pencil (worn here, here and here before)
Shoes: Nine West Temani wedges (worn here and here before)
Necklace: Anthropologie Jahara (worn here and here before)

I've always been kind of afraid of frying, due to fear of burning splatters and not wanting to waste oil. But it's a deceptively simple way of cooking, and you actually need very little oil, as long as it's hot. Inspired by a recent dinner post from Sydney, I looked up a recipe to make simple fried shrimp using Japanese panko crumbs.

The panko was the key as it yielded a very crispy coating for the shrimp. And I poured only about half an inch of oil into my pan, which was more than enough for these delicious little lovelies. Just get all your shrimp coated and ready to go as the actual frying takes only about a minute per side, so super-quick!

The keys to frying: make sure the oil is hot and don't over-crowd the pan.

All my little "scrimps" ready to be eaten!

We had the traditional cocktail sauce as a dipper, but also made an apricot-horseradish dipper as well. The dipper is some apricot-pineapple preserves (regular apricot preserves or jam is fine as well) - a few tablespoons heated up for 10-15 seconds in the microwave mixed in with some creamy horseradish sauce to taste, and that's it. It is a sweet, savory and spicy dipping sauce, and "mm, so yummy good" you'll want to try it with everything.


  1. That skirt is great! It has a very "dressy casual" look to it. Very classy!

  2. I adore this outfit! I agree with Brittany, it has a very dressy casual vibe. You look absolutely beautiful in it. It's not cheating at all!

  3. I think you look very chic today! Love that red bag too!

  4. Oh God, these shrimps are making me so hungry! Haven' had breakfast yet and here I am checking out your blog.. ha ha!

    You look great, agree with the lovely ladies above me!


  5. Of course, I see shrimp and I have to click on this right away! I'm not a huge fan of shrimp fried, but this looks tasty. Nice job! Loving the big, red bag.

  6. I love this outfit - those shoes are great!

  7. Yum! I'm not a huge fried shrimp lover, but of course my 3 year old LOVES it. I might have to make these for her sometime - we usually just order ours from the Schwan man ;)

  8. LOVE your necklace....I think you look great...fashionable AND comfortable!!

  9. You look money, honey ;)

    mmmm...lightly fried goodness...mmmmm

  10. I wish I looked that good when cheating! My husband would die and go to heaven if I made those shrimp for him!

  11. I love this look and your red firecracker bag. Panko covered fried shrimp are so yummy.

  12. Oh my gosh, those shrimp look sooo good. And your outfit is great! So cool and crisp, and the red bag is an amazing accent :)

  13. Brilliant outfit. Very classic! Adore the metallic stripes. Love the colorful accessories.

    Side Note: My BF, Sesar, made shrimp fetaccini last night. He rocks in the kitchen.

  14. Cute, I love the pop of red with it! And those shrimp look so yummy!

  15. Oh my! I'm a huge fan of anything fried. For one of our wedding presents (we received some early) we got this "healthy fryer". It's by Tfal and apparently it only uses one table spoon of oil. It's a total Chris pick, but we'll get to see how it works!

  16. Love this clean look, punctuated by the red bag! Oh, and now you made me hungry!

  17. love the outfit and the food looks amazing! Just found your blog and you now have a new follower!


  18. I don't eat shrimp very often but those look good! And I love your neutral outfit is has so many interesting details!

  19. You always look so polished!! The shrimp looks delish! One of my fav ways to make shrimp is to boil it in coconut milk for about 3 minutes. It totally absorbs the flavor. Then I serve it over my favorite pasta and spoon a little of the leftover coconut milk over it, season with salt, pepper and tarragon, then grate a little bit of sharp cheese on top. Trust me, it's a goodie!!

    I missed yesterdays post. I think it's just a manly trait :( Sorry to hear you were fighting non the less, of course.

    Thanks too for creating all of those awesome Polyvore sets!! I'm posting an update tomorrow, they contacted me... contest is NOT over yet, but I have some good news to share :)

  20. Thanks for your lovely comments, ladies. I have to admit, I was pretty pleased with myself for this outfit - I was super-comfy all day and there was minimal matching effort needed early this morning!

    Aimee/Tricia - this recipe was super-duper easy, and I literally was done cooking in like 10 minutes and I was only cooking my shrimp in batches of 5.

    Laura - ooh, shrimp fettucini sounds awesome. And your BF making it is even more awesome! My BF can only cook things on the grill, which actually works out because I'm a grill chicken!

    Cindi - what what?! A healthy fryer?! I must investigate, that sounds like food heaven!

    Fashion Meets Food - thanks for stopping and staying a while. I love your Blogger name!

    OneCraftyFox - mm, that sounds good, I'll have to try that sometime. I love yummy and EASY food! Polyvore has become my new grown-up paper dolls - I'm having so much fun creating outfits! And I can't wait to hear your news!

  21. I love you in that skirt - you look very pulled together! And I could cry I want those shrimp so badly - they look SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good. If we were neighbors, I'd do your cleaning in exchange for your yummy dinners ;)

  22. Love love love that bag!!!! It is soooo coool!!
    You have amazing style!
    xo The Beckerman Girls


  23. Great look! I especially love how the bright purse pops against the neutral outfit!


  24. Big problems -- it's almost 1:00 AM and you're making me want to go fry some shrimp. Not good, lady!

    But those shrimp do look delicious! And I love your OOTD -- sometimes simple is good, and the details on your pencil skirt are fantastic!

  25. Love the all-white ensemble. So pretty!


  26. Jan - Oh I want to be neighbors so badly now too!

    Thanks, Beckerman Girls, Marie, Jamie (ooh, midnight munchy time) and Melanie!


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