19 August 2010

Giving the Boot

Dress: Banana Republic (worn here before)
Belt: J. Crew embossed
Necklace: Anthropologie Double Torsade (worn here, here in coral and here before)
Shoes: Sofft Giovanna (worn a million zillion times before)

Well I got my new Steve Madden boots in yesterday. And I love them. The color and leather are spectacular (richer brown in real life) and the little brass details are "just" enough. Too bad I'll be returning them.

One thing people always forget to tell you is that when you're short, knee-high boots are too tall for you. Meaning a 15"+ tall shaft (typical for most knee-high boots) usually ends right at the bottom of the knee, so if you think about bending your leg, you get the leather rub right in the back of your knee. Plus there's usually an unflattering gap at the top of the boot because the part that is supposed to be covering the widest part of your calf isn't (because I'm short). So I'm usually stuck looking for mid-calf boots (mid-calf for you regular-heighted folks), that typically have a 13"-ish shaft.

But you're tricky, Mr. Madden. You incorrectly labeled these lovely boots as a 13" high shaft - and even when Lulu's got the boots on their site, they listed them as a 13.5" shaft. So "pooh" to both of you. And just my luck, as of yesterday, Zappos and Piperlime now also have these boots - except only Piperlime has the shaft height right!

Rambling story short? If you're normal height and looking for a casual brown boot, the Madden Olsters are gorgeous and worth a try. But if you're short like me, you may be SOL.


  1. I'm short like you, I feel your pain! The boots are gorgeous, must find a pair in that beautiful shade of brown.:D

    Happy Thursday, Lisa!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  2. I always have that problem with boots, too...sometimes I deal with it and I get blisters behind my knees from where the top of the boot rubs - ouch!

  3. Oh I am absolutely thrilled you are happy with them because... got a confession to make here:

    I bought them seconds after I saw your post! Me - bad!

    p.s. Added you to my Blog Roll today!

  4. I always feel viciously lied to when that happens. I recently puchase Madden Girl's Kallie wedges, which were adorable in the pic, but when I got them I found that the leather looks worn is is more off black than black. Then to stick it to me even further, I had to pay return shipping because the return is not "the fault of the retailer."


  5. Ooops, I must have been out of it! Sorry, I was too excited to see photos of the boots and automatically thought you were happy with them!

    Oh boy, I sure hope I don't have to return them. I ain't on the tall side either! =(

  6. Too bad about the boots - they're cute otherwise!

    And the Double Torsade Necklace looks so nice on you. I felt like it was enormous on me for some reason. Perhaps its the color (I had the coral).

  7. I love the striped dress so cute and the belt are perfection together!!!

    Sorry about the boots they are beautiful!

  8. Those boots look so cute on you, too bad about the shaft length!

  9. I like how you incorporated the colors into your outfit.

    The dish you asked about is a Cuban dish: COCONUT CRUSTED GULF SHRIMP with saffron rice, jicama sweet pepper slaw, drizzled with a mango aioli (a sauce I believe)

  10. I'm sorry the boot height didn't work out - they are so cute, I'm sure it's painful to pack them back up :( Love your cute OOTD - the belt and necklace look so cute with your dress!

  11. Ooh I didn't even realize shorter people might have a harder time finding boots. Thanks for this blog! Maybe that's why my smaller friends don't wear them as often. Love your OOTD...the stripes and the red belt is gorgeous!

  12. Too bad Lisa, they are really great boots, but maybe this means there is a better pair out there just waiting for you!

  13. Aww that's a shame. They're so cute :(

  14. I'm sorry about the boots! I'm 'standard' height at 5'6", but I've had that problem too. Maybe my legs are short -- I never really thought of that, but I always need to hem my pants by at least two inches.

    And I love the turqouise Double Torsade here. I would have done something completely predictable, like the coral...but I love that you changed it up!

  15. Lisa I feel your pain! I'm 5-3 and short legged. The only boots I've had luck with are Rockports and Timberlands. They are wide enough to fit over my calves... I have yet to find a pair of dressy "tall" boots that work for me. On the other hand, another lovely OOTD.

  16. You're looking very classy today! I'm currently in the market for a new pair of boots. Being on the short side as well, I totally feel your pain.

  17. Cute dress, I love it with the mint and red accents! And I'm sorry those boots didn't work for you. I always have the problem that they are too wide in the calf area so I feel your pain.

  18. That dress is so cute Lisa! I've been fawning over anything striped lately, and the belt and necklace are adorable. I am so sorry to hear about the boots! They do look lovely, and I wish they had worked out. I have experienced the same problem with Steve Madden's descriptions--they are often inaccurate. I've learned the hard way (final sale purchase) to find the product description from Piperlime or Zappos before ordering.

  19. I have the exact same problem w/ boots! I did order the Madden Intyce boot (129) and am thinking of seeing if they can be cut down, tightened and a zipper put in. Cole Haan has a new air boot in the " mid heel" height that will work for me with skirts/dresses but it is $450 and prob'ly ALSO a 15" shaft. I emailed them to ask but did not get a reply. You would think they would have that info on the site!


  20. your outfit is absolutely adorable, i love the dress- love!

    I think your being to rough on the boots- I think they look really good, not too tall at all. Did you try them with tights? I never wear boots without tights so I tend to avoid the uncomfortable rubbing issue.. just a thought :)
    of course, if they are uncomfortable that is another issue altogether

  21. Thanks for your comments, ladies. I'm glad so many of you can relate to my boot issue, but I'm sorry we all have to live with the problem!

    20 York Street - I hope they work out for you! They really are very pretty boots, I hope to see them find a good home! :o)

    Ebony - Similar happened to me a while ago. I bought a pair of Madden "cracked leather" shoes - and I guess I didn't know what that meant 'cause I ended up with something that looked like it'd been crumbled up and tossed down about 2,000 flights of stairs while being trampled.

    Thanks, Sydney, for the name of the dish. I'm going to have to Google it, because it looks all kinds of delish!

    Kathleen - I know what you mean about the necklace. You've definitely got to be in the mood to wear it, because you never forget that you have it on!

    Jamie - I first tried this dress with the coral torsade but with the belt (and I was thinking red shoes too at the time), it was way too over-the-top matchy-matchy!

    Lesa - I hope so!

    ApplesandPencils - Ugh, darn you Steve Madden, for your inaccurate measurements! Do you think they've got someone's 5yo doing all the measuring?

    Barbara - I agree and think all boots should list their widths and shaft lengths. I've learned too many times the hard way about bad fitting boots.

  22. Spiffy, aw girl, I've been trying to find a million excuses to keep them, but they just don't fit me right. The leather is a little stiff so not only does it rub, but the front view (it was so heinous I decided not to include it) with the tops of the boots jutting out the sides made me look like I have two broken legs. I guess I have big calves and small knees AND short?!

  23. Aww, sorry the boots didn't work out! I'm short too and have had luck with a pair from Old Navy that I got last year. I've been searching for a cute black pair lately.

  24. Keep looking, you'll find your boots. They're out there...I know it!!!

    It stinks that those didn't work out!

  25. Sorry about your boots:( Your outfit is lovely...love the little splash of color in that beautiful belt....you look FAB:)

  26. I think the boots are super cute. But if you are not comfortable in them that's what matters. Maybe slouch boots would suit you better. Great dress btw.

  27. is it worth it to get them cut down? is it possible? looks like there might be a zipper to contend with in the back. some fashion guru chiquita featured in one of the gazillion magazines i get had some really tall boots cut down to shorties. bah humbug. the perils of online shopping. but, you look really crisp and cute and snappy in your stripe-y dress. :)

  28. Lisa....

    I am so bummed about your boots. Even though I only wear calf length or lower boots. It's an age thing.

    Are you wearing stripes for me today? Or is that just a co-ink-i-dink?

    I am wearing the striped Calm Seas Skirt by Leifsdottir tomorrow.

  29. Boots are HIGH on my wishlist for my birthday this year. I love these and might have to check them out! So sad they didn't work out for you! And I'm sure you spend a lot of time trying to find something perfect. :(

  30. Oh you regular height people and your ability to wear pants and boots as is ... jealous here! :o)

    Kcookski - I did call one local shoe repair place just to get an idea. Obviously these guys are quoting without seeing the boots, but they said it could cost up to $90 to get them cut down. For as much as I bought these boots for on sale, I may as well find a new pair, but sigh!

    Laura - Me wearing stripes and you blogging about stripes - maybe coincidence, but then again, there may be no coincidences in the universe ... :o)

    Aimee - ugh, I web-surfed for eons for the "perfect" boots, so I definitely am disappointed these didn't work out.

  31. I'm really sorry the boots didn't work! I'm short too and I have big calves so it's hard for me to find boots that fit. It stinks when you think you've got it, but then you don't!

    On another note, I absolutely love your dress! I love the different direction of stripes on the bottom hem and the cowl neck is so pretty. The pop of color in the belt is perfect!


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