16 August 2010

Frilling Roams

I know most of us have almost had it with customer service (or lack of) from a lot of our fave retailers lately, so I was really pleasantly surprised when I got a call from Lands' End customer service today over my recent return. All they wanted to do was let me know that my return had been processed and informed me that my next order will have free shipping for my "inconvenience".

Now I know that Lands' End always has some good discounts floating around and I'm sure what they did for me was just standard procedure, but this little gesture that cost them almost nothing went a long way for me. I think a lot of retailers today forget about how small things will resonate with their customers - thanks, LE.

What are the particular retailers out there that you find have superb customer service?

Here's my OOTD - gloomy morning equates to dark pics, sorry!

Sweater: Anthropologie Guinevere Roaming Frills
Dress: Ann Taylor Loft poplin striped (worn here and here before)
Necklace: Anthropologie Nueva Granada (worn here, here and here before)
Shoes: Kenneth Cole Reaction Pine-A-Colada (worn here, here and again)

Over the weekend I made my first fall purchase in the form of Steve Madden's Olster boots (we can't count the Uggs because those are winter shoes - is this shopaholic rationalization?) I've been on-the-fence about getting them, but they're currently 40% off and an additional 20% off with free shipping with code "RMN20F" (I think this deal ends today) - so how could I not?

If you've been eyeballing these yourself and miss the Madden deal, they are currently also on sale at Shoes.com - always free shipping, and get 20% off with code "VISA" (not sure when this expires, but it still works).


  1. that outfit looks so great together. love the red.
    wow - that is amazing that land's end would do such a thing. very cool. i remember when i complained - in a funny, non-threatening way - to j crew about its high shipping charges, i basically got a "so what" response. revolveclothing.com is good, tho. one time there was a mixup, and they bumped up my discount. and shopbop.com further discounted something a few days after i bought, so it refunded the difference, which i thought was impressive. there are a few good ones out there.

  2. Those boots are SO CUTE! So's your whole outfit. Nice job getting those boots on super-sale, too!


  3. first of all, I LOVE this outfit - it's so classicly chic, yet updated with the cardi details and patterned dress.

    secondly, yay for good customer service! LE has always had good CS! I actually started shopping at Anthro more because of a wonderful experience I had with their CS. I also think it's good you recognized it. I feel like people generally only say something when they've had a bad experience, whereas good experiences should be shared as well!

  4. oh, those boots are awesome! Great purchase!

    LE has such wonderful customer service. I've known many people who have worked for LE in the retail stores and at corporate in Dodgeville, WI and everyone says it's a wonderful company to work for.

  5. Ooh I love this outfit on you! You look so cute in the roaming frills cardigan. I'm jealous cause I don't look good in cropped cardis. :)

  6. Love that sweater you're wearing. I heard red is the trend color for fall :).

  7. I agree with Sydney, that sweater is tdf.

  8. The new boots are amazing. You can do so much around them. Great picks.


  9. First of all I love that dress with the red cardi! And secondly I love those boots you got. Can't wait to see them on you.

  10. Superb customer service? I have yet to encounter one!

    I want that sweater!:D

    Beauty. Fashion. Interior Design.
    & Life According to Marie.

  11. thanks so much for the code. I just got 3 pair of shoes for 95 dollars. :)

  12. Oh Criminey - now I wish I had gotten that color in the Roaming Frills instead of the Dark Gray - so CUTE and cheery! It looks awesome with your outfit, and what a sweet deal on your new boots!

    P.S. - I ordered the Keds Spright Wedges after always thinking they are so cute on you. I'll confess I was a little leary of them being Keds -but they came today and are cute as a button and fit well.

  13. I agree, good customer service is hard to come by these days so nice to hear L.E. did you right.

    Great outfit today - your poses made me giggle :)

    Can't wait to see your new boots - they are fab!

  14. I totally need to get some flat boots. I have nothing for fall!

    Your OOTD is so great! I love the printed black and white with the red cardi! Those shoes are awesome, too.

    I tend to not deal with customer service just because I hate confrontation, so if I'm not satisfied with something, I don't mention it. I really need to man up a little more. :)

  15. You look stunning...the red sweater makes the outfit POP:)

    Have a great night!

  16. Love, love the boots! And your OOTD of course!

    40 + 20 off? WOW!

  17. Cute outfit! I am loving that sweater right now myself.

  18. Hi Lisa, What is Black, and White, and Red all over? You look fabulous! And you sure aren't a Newspaper.

    Old joke. Couldn't help it.

    Zappos has to be my number one online favorite for great customer service.

    But Anthro on sale still has the best prices around.

  19. I love your sweet outfit! Very nice.
    My friend had a fantastic customer service experience with Lands End too. Glad to hear about your refreshing experience with them!
    Thanks for your sweet comments.

  20. The shoes have a sandal look but they have nice height to them! What a nice pairing with the bold red and the pattern on the dress.

  21. I think I might have to score those boots. They're amazing!

  22. great outfit. love the pattern with the red. killer shoes too. love the boots!

  23. I really like the color and frilliness of your sweater! Just a gorgeous piece to have. And I'm in love with those boots. I really can't wait for fall.

    I can't really remember having great customer service with a retailer. Isn't that sad?

  24. Love that outfit. Add tights and boots and you're good to go for fall for sure! LEC sent me a hand written card to thank me for my first order this spring. Very nice touch, even if I know it's some poor student/intern scribbling dozens upon dozens of these to be sent out. But it really is the thought that counts...

  25. Kcookski - Nice to hear about the good experiences at Revolve and Shopbop - and awesome they gave you a refund for a price adjustment especially since most 99% of other retailers wouldn't have unless you asked!

    Ashley - I don't know how Anthro trains their SAs and CS folks, but they always seem to be just the right amount of helpful without being overbearing. I love that too!

    Pamela - That's awesome to know that folks who work at LE also really enjoy it!

    Kristen-One Florida Nest - wow, that IS a deal!

    Jan - yay on another Keds wearer! The awesome thing about those wedges is that they still have the Keds non-skid soles, so you're not clopping all over the place and potentially sliding. I really like mine!

    Thanks, Eek. I don't know what to do with myself sometimes during the pics and figure there's always room for funny.

    GeoInCalifornia - You're going to have to call me dense bc I had to read that twice before I got it (I'm slow!) I agree, Zappos CS is awesome, I've never had a bad experience with those guys and their online return system is so easy peasy!

    Closet Crisis - It may have been some intern scribbling but the point was the company made the decision to do it and it stuck with you. And so few other cos. do that kind of stuff anymore - or ever!

  26. That's great about Land's End! I love it when companies provide good customer service...it just makes life so much nicer for everyone! Urban Outfitters actually pleased me recently. I ordered some stuff online and two things didn't fit at all. For some reason my box had been opened in transit and the packing slip had fallen out, so they were really understanding and sent me an electronic one so I could send my stuff back. Then they followed up when they received the items and credited my account. It wasn't like they did anything too special, but they made sure I was in the loop whereas a lot of places just leave you hanging! I really appreciated that from them...

  27. I love those boots, they are perfect for fall!!! I love that cardi it is such a beautiful color!

  28. the little red cardigan is a perfect addition to your outfit sweetie! and those boots are awesome! xx

  29. I love that dress, such a cute print!!
    I placed my first order with Land's End Canvas several weeks ago and they later sent me a thank you note in the mail. It's touches like that that would keep me coming back. Poor or lacking customer service makes me cross places off my list real quick.

  30. oh whoa! prepare for greatness...we're gonna need a front row seat when you get those babies!!


  31. That's an awesome customer service story! I'm definitely more willing to give Land's End a try considering your awesome experience.

    And mmm, girl! I can't wait to see you rock your new boots.

  32. You look darling here! And I agree that Land's End has great customer service. I ordered some things from their Canvas collection, and about a week after the order arrived, I received a handwritten thank you note from someone in their customer service department. How awesome is that!

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  34. For some reason I can't comment on today's post, so I'm just going to write it here...

    Between you and KENDI, I've got to find me an amazing khaki skirt to throw a red belt over. Sigh!

  35. Those boots are spectacular! You'll wear them all the time. What a great purchase. I love the combination of your black and white dress with the red cardigan.


  36. I agree on the boots...how could you not?


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