09 August 2010

Fried Perilla

I got my Anthro Perilla dress in the mail last week and got a chance to wear it today. I love love LOVE how it feels on, though I kind of wish I got the navy instead of the beige because I think the beige washes me out a bit. I'm super-comfy yet feel all sorts of put-together - I love me some knit dresses!

Dress: Anthropologie Little Yellow Button Perilla (on sale - also check it out on LC, she is rocking it!)
Shoes: Keds Spright wedges (worn here, here and here before)
Necklace: Anthropologie Nueva Granada (worn here, here and here before)


And some recipe love today. Here's a really simple and yummy recipe for a quick appetizer I think everyone will like - fried ravioli. I used Giada's recipe from the Food Network and can't recommend it enough. I made this to munch on before dinner a few days ago with some marinara sauce for dipping, and it became dinner!

Only a handful of ingredients required:

Equals some fried goodness:

Some notes to keep in mind:
•  Don't overcrowd the pan when frying up each batch
•  The recipe asked for the oil to be 2" deep in the pan - I only did about 1/2" and replenished when needed (though make sure the oil is hot before throwing in your ravioli or you'll have greasy dough nuggets)
•  A lot of the crumbs will fall off the ravioli - I wouldn't worry about it, the ravioli still come out nicely toasted and coated
•  Don't eat half the batch by yourself like I did - it doesn't sit lightly in your belly! (though froyo for dessert made it a little better/worse/better)


  1. Oooh! Fantastic dress and I love the red shoes with it!

    The fried ravioli looks delicious!

  2. Ooh love that perilla on you! I love how you matched it with the shoes as well. I wore my navy one with red pumps. :)

    That ravioli looks delish!!!! I have never heard of it made that way before but it totally makes sense!

  3. You look great! I love the the red shoes.

    I'm about to eat my sald for lunch but I will be wishing it was that yummy looking fried raviolli!

  4. Yess, lol chic dress paired with a cooking find! I'm surprised that Giada made a frying recipe, I thought it was more Paula Deen's venue. Yummy, I got to try it out now!

  5. Mmmmm....I love fried ravioli! I'm from St. Louis, and it's a traditional St. Louis dish - we started it (and ice cream cones and pork steaks and gooey butter cake!)! It's always funny to me when people "discover" it because it's on every menu here - it's usually an appitizer...I think I'm going to go get some for lunch now!

  6. The Perilla dress looks so cheerful with the red shoes. What a great way to style it!

    And the Fried Ravioli looks and sounds scrumptous. One of the chain convenience stores around me sells it, but I have a feeling that this is MUCH better. Just a hunch ;)

  7. I just bought those shoes last week! I'm excited to see you have them. Hopefully we can keep a constant rotation of red Polka Dotted Keds Shoes inspiration!

  8. Thanks La Historiadora. This outfit is a cheater - essentially I am wear a big tee and sneaks!

    Ooh, Cindi, the navy with red pumps sounds awesome! I wanted the navy, but this gal' got way too many navy stripes in her closet.

    Thanks, Courtnee. Oh I think I need a salad for lunch - and dinner - and all the next few days too! I've been such a bad eater this weekend!

    Hanna - yeah, Giada is usually into healthier and fresher recipes but she's got the occassional fried treat. This and her fried zucchini sticks are killer!

    Ashley - oh you lucky duckling you! One of my old co-workers was from St.L and he would go on about the delicious goodness/badness that the town had to offer.

    Jamie - thanks! These were just a cinch to make though, but I bet they are guiltily awesome for someone with access to fresher ravioli and a deeper fryer!

  9. Hi Kayla - I'm so excited someone else has a pair of Keds wedges! Aren't they strangely comfy?! They took a bit to break them in, but I love them!

  10. This dress is perfect on you and I love it with the red wedges! You look great!

    I laughed when I read that the froyo make it worse/better/worse. :) That's probably the perfect description.

  11. I love that dress on you! I don't think it washes you out at all! Those ravioli's look so good! I love Giada and her show!

  12. I had the Navy version delivered today, £59.95 on sale. I loved it on the website and when it dropped into the sale I didn't hesitate after seeing how good it looked on many of the other bloggers. It looks great on you too and I don't see any of the baggyness on the right hand side by the waist as it has on me... Looks like a real winner for you but I'm not 100% sure, think I need to try it on again!

  13. You look great in the perilla dress, makes me wish I ordered it! And that recipe looks so good, I'm going to have to give it a try.

  14. I soooo love fried ravioli. I smother it in marinara sauce and embarass myself by gobbling is like a pig save the sauce that always manages to find its way to the front of whatever I'm wearing.

    Stop by, get comfortable, stay a while

  15. The Perilla dress looks fantastic on you! Great idea to pair it with the red shoes, too. :)

  16. You look FABULOUS in your Perilla! Love it - isn't the material just sumptuous? I love it paired with the red shoes!

  17. no, that beige is perfect for you! love.
    and, i agree that that giada recipe is killer. she bugs, but most of her recipes are pretty darn good.

  18. Fried Ravioli? Sounds like my waistline's worse enemy...I'm afraid I'd eat that every night! The red Keds are a nice touch :)

  19. OMG! I am totally wearing my new sale Perilla purchase with little red peep toe wedges this week! Great styling idea!!! thank you!!

  20. That dress looks pretty on you and with the red shoes--super chic!

    I love the recipes you post on here--I've tried the texas spaghetti and my family loved it and I must try these fried raviolis. I mean how can you go wrong with fried anything!

  21. OMG, that looks so good! give it to me, i want it now! It's so much simpler then I would have thought...NOM.

    Cute dress! Sorry, I used up all my enthusiasm on the food part of this post...just a fat kid at heart!

    xoxo, Ashley

  22. Such a super cute dress! I love the flowers at the waist!

    I never thought of frying ravioli. Yum!

    clothed much, a modest fashion blog

  23. I like it with the pop of red, it looks super comfy :)

  24. oh no i'm loving it!!! better than navy b/c you'll slap on a gray sweater as it cools down and be super super chic. AWESOME!

    ps - pass anything fried tout de suite!!


  25. Thanks for the link! : ) The dress looks great on you, and I like the pairing with red accessories.

  26. You are SO CUTE in this dress, and the cheerful red shoes are absolutley perfect with it - love it!

    I've never had friend ravioli. Yum. Must make up for lost time!

  27. Melissa - I think the froyo just filled in the cracks between the ravioli after I had it. Ugh, it was uncomfortably full.

    Thanks, Tricia. I'm a big Giada fan too! And I like me some Ina Garten too.

    Hi Louise - I haven't found a problem with bagginess on my dress - is it possible for you to try another one in the same size to see if it was just a glitch on one dress? This thing's just so comfy, I almost felt like going to bed in it!

    Oh Jessica, you make me wish I had ordered stuff all the time after seeing it on you! Oh this is classic shopping enabling.

    Hi Ebony - I'm guaranteed to get spaghetti sauce on me always. My BF's the worst though - he's not a messy eater, but he always unintentionally leaves a pile of crumbs, drips, etc. on the floor under his seat after every meal. I think it's genetic because his mom does the exact same thing! :o)

    Thanks, FFM and Michelle!

    Kcookski - have you seen Giada as a judge on the Next Food Network Star? I don't know, I usually like her, but I feel like she takes herself too seriously on that show. THAT bugs.

    Thanks, applesandpencilskirts. Oh I totally ate too much of it, and it is terrible because I know how to make it now, and it is so easy ...

    Ooh, I can't wait to see you in yours, Pamela. I always really like how you style things up.

    Thanks, jadan. Ooh, we could do the fried ravioli with the texas spaghetti and have an Americanized Italian food carbfest! ;o)

    You crack me up, Ashley. I totally agree with your enthusiasm about food - if I had more time (talent too), I'd love to just cook, cook, cook (and then eat, eat, eat, haha).

    Thanks, Liz and Carrie.

    Thank YOU, LC. I saw you in the dress and those heels and thought "va-va-voom!" I put my dress on and thought "well I'm dressed." ;o)

    Jan - I think the kids and hubs would dig it!

  28. I was thinking of getting that dress. But I agree, Navy would have been a better color choice. I feel like the beige would "match" my skin color too much.. ha ha I think it looks great on you though. Looks quite comfy. ;) And I need to make those fried ravioli things... hubby would LOOOOOOOVE it!

    xx Love & Aloha

  29. The dress looks beautiful on you.

    I want those ravioli's...they look incredible!I wish I knew how to cook!


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