23 August 2010

Checkered Floral

Ugh, I think my hair is officially getting to gnat's nest stage, which means I'm a few weeks overdue for a hair cut. How is it my hair can go from "great cut and color" to "what the-?!" seemingly overnight?

I usually hate to go to the salon because sitting in a chair making small talk for two hours is booooring, plus I feel guilty because recently I've been "cheating" on my stylist with another stylist from the same salon. So yes, I do plan my appointments on the days when my original stylist is off so I can see the new gal. I feel bad because my original stylist and I had kind of bonded - I know all about her family and goings on, and we always catch each other up when we see each other ... but let's face it, the other stylist does better hair. Is there some sort of salon etiquette for changing stylists?

Anyway, here's my today (yes, I wore almost the exact same outfit before):

Shirt: Lands' End Canvas poplin gingham (worn here, here and here before)
Skirt: Ann Taylor (worn here before)
Belt: J. Crew metallic skinny
Shoes: Sofft Giovanna

Here was me all casual'd out for some weekend shopping. Can you believe I didn't buy anything at the mall? OK, I did go home and order the Brief Meeting blazer online - what am I going to do once free shipping at Anthro ends?! (I seriously refuse to pay shipping for anything clothing-related. I know I'm weird, but it bugs me out!)

Top J. Crew Island paisley perfect (worn here before)
Shorts: Banana Republic cotton chino
Shoes: DVF Lush flip flops
Bag: J. Crew quilted tote

And below was my dress for date night out with the BF over the weekend. I had already made a mental note that this dress is a wee too short for work - well, I have added another note that it may be a wee too short for cocktails too, especially after cocktails! 

Dress: Forever 21 silk solid flora (worn here before)
Belt: J. Crew metallic skinny
Shoes: Kenneth Cole Reaction Swim n Fool (worn here before)


  1. I also refuse to pay for shipping for clothes...and shoes! Such a racket.

    And I have no clue what the stylist switching rules are - especially in the same salon. I've been trying to find a new stylist since I graduated college (over a year ago) - after hopping around, I finally found someone I made a second appointment with. Finding a hairstylist is stressful!

  2. Love your looks today!!! GREAT color and pattern mixing in the first outfit....:) LOVE IT!!!!

  3. Girl, it takes you 2 hours at the salon?! I'm in and out in like 20 minutes at MasterCuts. :)

    I only order online when there's free shipping. I bet most online stores make a lot more when they offer free shipping.

    Loving the shoes with that green dress. I know I've said this before, but you just have such a great way with color and pattern mixing.

  4. I hate paying for shipping either, which often results in me buying extra things that I don't really particularly love or need so I can meet the free shipping minimum.

    I love the pop of red in the first two outfits.

  5. i hate paying for shopping too. . but sometimes in the UK free shipping is rather uncommon. . there are times i wonder if i have spent more on shipping than on the items themselves, esp. if coming from the US.

    on an unshipping-related note, the green dress is heavenly. together with that belt and those shoes. gorgeous!

  6. Love all of your outfits!! I am the exact same about paying shipping - I just refuse to do it! I *might* do it like once or twice a year, but that's it.
    I'm also having a similar hair day today. I usually leave mine down until late afternoon...today it's up in a messy bun before 10:30am...guess that means I need a cut or something!

  7. You look great! I love the dress and the skirt!


  8. Oh my God, the animal print Kenneth Cole?

    I respect those shoes!


  9. I have no idea what I will do when free shipping ends it's going to kill me!! I have switched stylists and honestly the other one hated me for it, I have no advice on that! I love all three outfits and am lusting after your DVF sandals and Kenneth's in the last pix!

  10. Great outfits, esp. love the paisley perfect shirt with shorts plus brightly coloured bag.

    I've been with the same stylist for 16+ years. He runs a small shop with his wife. I don't know what I would do if I ever had a "falling out". I think he'd notice if I started showing up in the other chair, haha.

    And yeah, I'm a free ship junkie. That goes for clothing, books, music...

  11. LOVE the pattern mixing in the first outfit. You look adorable in the casual shorts outfit and that shirt is great. You look HOT in the date night dress! Seriously, especially with those shoes - awesome.

    The hair stylist thing is a bit tricky. It'd be much easier if they were in different salons but for now, I'd say keep going to the one who does your hair the best. You're paying for it, you should pay for what you like. This sounds kind of mean but you're not paying for friendship, so don't go to the other one just because you'd bonded. I hope that doesn't make me sound like a bad person - I just want you to get the style that makes you happy!

  12. Oooh I hear you about the stylist thing. I'm in the salon probably 2.5 hours. I actually find it more akward when the person ISN'T talking to me LOL. I guess it's just about the chemistry you have with the person AND how well they do your hair!

  13. YAY for ordering the brief meeting blazer, Lisa! And can I confess that I did too as well? :) I can't wait to get it and wear it!

  14. Ashley - I totally agree. It literally took me two years to find my guy when I lived in NM - and I still miss him!

    Liz - I'm not a prima donna, really! I get my hair highlighted so that takes up most of the time - the cut is usually 30 minutes.

    Erin - It's been like three hours and my hair is now in a bun too. Sure sign something needs to be done soon!

    Closet Crisis - I still miss my guy from NM. He was awesome in every way, but I afford to buy a ticket for a cut and color (but would that'd be awesome?!)

    Melissa - I'm on board with you re: the stylist thing, but I can't help feeling awkward about it! I guess I'm a chicken for not wanting to run into my old stylist!

    curls-and-pearls - I totally agree. My old stylist was way chatty and we really got along really well, but I honestly hadn't been jazzed with her cuts lately. My new gal isn't as chatty, but we still along fine, and she's awesome with my hair.

    Cindi - Awesome! I did end up getting one size bigger, my regular size "just fit" so I was glad I got to try it on in-store first. Plus the sizes online are selling out quick and I only found two at my local store.

  15. I love all of these outfits- especially the first one and the date night look! Land's End..who knew!?

    I'm praying that Anthro will continue it's free shipping(are you listening retail gods?). I hate paying shipping for anything...boo!

    Finding a new stylist is like dating and I was horrible at dating:(

  16. I love, love, love your Ann Taylor skirt. The red and pink combo is so cute!

    I definitely understand the awkward hairstylist question. I've switched salons before to avoid this dilemma, but then you have to start all over again to make sure you get somebody good. Not fun...and a tad risky!

  17. I love them all but especially the first and last looks! And I love those kenneth cole pumps too.

    I am so overdue for a haircut and color too, it's just so darn expensive! I would just keep going when you know your old stylist isn't there. I wish I knew what the proper etiquette was but I say it's your $ so spend it how you want!

  18. Lisa - love all these outfits! you have such an awesome ability to mix colors and patterns. And the stylist thing would feel awkward for me too - do you think your old one knows? I personally would be too chicken and would switch salons altogether. (i'm lame)

    Can't wait to see the Brief Metting Blazer on you!

  19. I know what you mean about the hair salon only too well. I did finally have a great stylist and one who I loved chatting with (she did a fantastic job on my wedding hair, too). Then we moved, and I feel so awkward having to make small talk with my new stylist.

    I love that first skirt and that gold skinny belt!

  20. I love the new blazer ... it's classic and trendy at the same time.

    During college I went to a barbershop to get my eyebrows done. My guy ended up going to jail for about 4 months because of a probation violation (nothing eyebrow related) and during his absence I started seeing the guy that sat next to him, who was, frankly, cuter. When my original guy came back I went to the other guy twice more with my original guy making snide comments and staring the entire time. It was just too akward (and he was recently released from jail) so I found a new place and went back to waxing.


  21. I just switched stylists at the same salon as well! I went last time because I knew one was out for the day and she ended up working anyways! I felt so embarrassed, but she seemed not to even notice. I figure they see so many women each week that maybe she wouldn't remember me. I'm probably just justifying :)

  22. oh, I so want that red bag :). It's the perfect one for fall and winter to pair with black and darker color coats!

  23. Courtnee - I am also wishing that from the retail gods! Anthro, you don't know how much more I've purchased from you this summer bc of FS - if you know away, my wallet with clamp up agan!

    Aimee - Thankfully I call the salon directly to make my appointments and not the stylist, so I don't think my old one knows ... but I haven't seen her in a few months now. I doubt she remembers if in mention but I am pretty sure she'll recognize me if I happened by while she was working!

    La Historiadora - I went to a place once where this lady talked on her cell the whole time she was cutting my hair - that was so awkward for me! Even more awkward? When he leaned her arm across the top of my head like a tabletop to steady herself when she was cutting my hair.

    Ebony - Holy moly, the last thing I want happening is evil glaring! I'd end up going to another place too. You cracked me up when you wrote that your guy went to jail, but it wasn't yebrow-related!

    Kayla - Ooh, your old stylist may notice the second time you stop by and see the new person! Ooh, here's me mentally creating drama!

  24. that green dress is AMAZING.
    i feel your stylist pain. i don't think there is a good way to "break up." i'm currently "dating" two stylists at the same time, too, but they're at different places. you have it much tougher. :)

  25. I especially love the last look! The green dress and leopard print heels is perfect!

  26. I won't pay for shipping either. And if I have to pay to return it, that's a definate deal breaker.

    I don't know if there really is good way to break up with a stylist. your situation is even trickier since they both work in the same salon!!! sometimes it's nice to just get a fresh perspective on your hair. I'm kind of in that limbo myself now. I need a cut but am thinking about trying someone new. these are things men probably never even CONSIDER!!

  27. You really know how to rock the button down shirt!

    Isn't it funny how we feel bad about "cheating" on our hair stylist? Sometimes is prob best to be honest and let her/him know you wanted a fresh perspective...or just keep going on days when your original stylist is off ;)

    I hate paying for shipping too...it's a good way to keep me from shopping online.

  28. You are really knocking out the print mixing lately...I love it! You look awesome in all of these looks.

  29. I don't go to hair salons at all because I can't tolerate the boredom, discomfort and expense. But for some reason I will pay shipping costs for clothes, although of course I prefer free shipping. Anthro's free shipping offer has lured me to make one or two purchases I probably would have skipped otherwise.

    And I do respect your shoes! I usually don't notice people's shoes, but in all three of these outfits I do, and I like them.

  30. Lisa,

    First outfit. You make the opposing colors and print work so well just by adding the belt. Plus the most versitile pair of shoes in the World.

    Second outfit: Hmmm. Not feeling it. Is that bad? I do love the paisley print shirt.

    Date Night Outfit: Perfect. Love the Kenneth coal pumps. And I normally wouldn't go for animal print. The outfit is irresistably simple.

    Awesome choices.

    Now for the stylist issue.

    If you find a better stylist, it's your prerogative to switch. Just explain this to your original stylist. If she is truly your friend, she will understand. She would do the same herself in this situation.

    Love, Laura

  31. Lisa,

    I forgot to sound off on shipping. Certainly no one wants to pay shipping fees. But if you lived in a NO ANTHRO ZONE like I do you would glady pay shipping or have an empty, sad, depressing closet.

  32. Pamela - Nope, men never have to consider this stuff. My BF goes to between three different barber shops to get his hair "done" and probably has a one-two different guys at each place who has done his hair. He's made mention of specific people he hasn't been thrilled with, but usually just goes to where it's convenient and whoever's free.

    Eek - I'm lame, I'll probably just keep going on her off days!

    Lady Cardi - I agree, if I really want something and can only get it online, I'll get it. But the Anthro FS deal have definitely made me purchase more than I normally would've. So maybe it'll be better for my wallet when FS does go away ...

    Laura - Oh no, a no Anthro zone! I must be weird then, as I have two Anthro's near me but (with FS!) I sometimes prefer to order online. Like this past weekend, I went to my local Anthro to try stuff on, and came home to order it - I guess I prefer the "untouched" warehouse items? I'm weird, I know!

  33. Oh cute girl! I love the checks and floral skirt today, and your date night dress - gorgeous! That color is one of my favorites, and you don't always see it!

    Sorry about the awkward stylist situation, I've dealt with that (probably not so gracefully, either) in the past. I go for my cut/color next week and I am SOOOOOO ready!

  34. I don't think you have a single ugly thing in your closet!!

    Thanks so much also for adding those awesome sets to the Polyvore Challenge on my blog - - wouldn't it be awesome if we won those $1,000 Visa Gift Certificates?!!

  35. Thanks for reminding me, Jan, I need to make my own appointment for a cut and color too! On the my old stylist's off days of course ...

    OneCraftyFox - oh you don't want to see the uglies in my closet but they definitely are there. And re: the polyvore winnings - uh, yes, please!


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