02 August 2010

A Beautiful Life

First of all, I would like to extend a warm CONGRATULATIONS to these fashionable and overall lovely ladies who will be joining the ranks of the blissed-out marrieds in the next few weeks:

♥  Tippy from très tippy
♥  LT from One Cat Away from Crazy...
♥  Spiffy from Where the Lights are Bright
♥  Cindi from Simply Cindi
♥  Tara from Little Girl Big Closet

Warm virtual hugs go out to each one of you, and may the best day of your past be the worst day of your future!

And my Monday OOTD (I apparently am all about the navy/yellow/white-stone color combo lately - there's something seemingly very classic about it that I love):

Top: Lands' End Canvas gingham poplin (worn here, here and here before)
Skirt: Zara elastic-waist (worn here before)
Shoes: Mossimo by Target wedges (worn all over the place, like here, here, here ...)
Necklace: Anthropologie Nueva Granada (worn here and here and here before)


  1. That's a great colour combination! I really, really like your shirt, it goes so well with many outfits.

  2. I have been wanting to try LE's Canvas collection for months now. I know they've a sale going on for a while. I'm just concern that even their xs won't fit me. I'm happy their products work out for you cuz I really like them!

  3. This is a fantastic way to mix patterns! I may just have to examine my wardrobe to see if I have any checks and stripes that can stand side-by-side. And I agree that the navy/white/yellow combination is so classic, especially during the summer. Very elegant, but also relaxed.

  4. I love the mix of patterns you look great! Those shoes are the perfect pop of color!

  5. I love the pattern mixing here! You are so much more brave than I am - I tried mixing a VERY subtle stripe with a swirly pattern the other day and I about broke out in hives!

  6. GORGEOUS! Those two patterns play so nicely together and those shoes are fantastic. I love yellow shoes! They're the perfect little pop!

  7. ok, if you keep this up, i will start thinking of you as mix-master extraordinaire instead of the belt goddess....very, very well-done. adore the yellow shot of color, too!
    OH! and thanks for the tip on the newsprint dress at flirt. what were you doin' at that hoochie site? :)


  8. I'm loving your mixing of patterns too! Great look :)

  9. Great pattern mixing here! And I love the pop of color that the shoes provide!

  10. A very pretty mix you are wearing here! I'm trying to be a little more bold with styling, but I am hesitant more often than not. You are giving me inspiration to just go for it!

  11. Thanks, curls-and-pearls! I didn't realize how versatile the navy gingham print was when I first bought it, but it does strangely seem to go with about everything.

    Thanks, Sydney! I've found that the Canvas line fits like J. Crew clothing - I normally wear a size 2 in the JC tops and have been buying the size 2 in in the Canvas brand tops too. Canvas also offers sizes 0 and XXS, and they always have a a ton of coupons floating around - plus you can return stuff at your local Sears store if it doesn't work out!

    Thanks, Jamie! I've definitely been thinking out of the box recently with my patterns - and when the colors match, it becomes a no brainer.

    Thanks, Tricia!

    Thanks, Ashley. I have to be careful with NOT going overboard sometimes with the mixing - I've definitely tried on a few ensembles that never made it out of my closet!

    Thanks, Melissa. These shoes have been the best $20 ever spent at Target - I wear them so much and they're comfy to boot.

    Haha, thanks, Kcookski. I cheated a bit with this outfit though, bc I think I had this top on when I initially bought and tried on this skirt and had a "hey that ain't bad moment ..." so it was more of a happy accident. As for the Flirt clothing, I have no idea where my web surfing leads me to sometimes - that time it apparently led me to the straplee irridescent animal print tube dress.

    Thanks, Eek and La Historiadora!

  12. Thanks so much, Apples and Pencil Skirts! What of what I like about fashion is trying new things - now which of those things actually make it out into public is another matter, but it is fun experimenting!

  13. Love the pattern mixing!!! Adorable!

  14. Honestly I wouldn't have thought to put this combination together, but it totally works on you. You have such a great fresh style. :)

  15. I LOVE that skirt! Did you buy it recently? And i love the top and shoes you paired with it.

  16. This is a great mix of patterns! Love the yellow, navy and white combo- totally classic but the patterns keep it modern.

  17. AS usual, great pattern mixing! I wish I lived closer to Zara. I'm seeing so many great pieces come from there. Darn it!

  18. I haven't been to Zara in forever. Thanks for a reminder. That skirt is super cute.

  19. The top and skirt is a unique combination but what made me like this outfit is the choice of shoes.:D It's like a bright neutral.:D

    Beauty. Fashion. Interior Design.
    & Life According to Marie.

  20. oooohhhhh i like this one! love the mix of gingham and stripes with the little shot of yellow. looks great on you.


  21. This outfit looks so easy and light - your pattern mixing is right on, lady! I love the yellow for the pop of color, but all in conjunction with the flow of the outfit. Yay!

    I tried that skirt on at Zara after seeing it on you. I have a thick waist and the waistband didn't fit, but the rest of it was so cute! Darn my middle.

  22. Love the pattern mix and the cute yellow with it!
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  23. Thanks, Mandy!

    Thank you, Stylestance, though this outfit happened by accident as this was the top I was wearing when I first tried this skirt on.

    Thanks, Jessica. I got this skirt back in April - so shamefully this is only the second time I've worn it!

    Thanks, alltumbledown!

    Thanks, Pamela. I love Zara, but it is strange - every time I go in there, I'm like the only person there. Makes me feel weird about not buying anything with all the sales people staring at me - at least that's the story I'm sticking with!

    Thanks much, Gigi!

    Thanks, Marie. I think I definitely need more yellow in my life.

    Thanks, Carrie!

    Thank you, Michelle. I guess my thighs make my waist look smaller, haha!

    Thanks, Marie!

  24. lovely outfit! i am crazy for the lec gingham poplin shirt, too.

    wow, august is a busy wedding month! congrats, ladies. :)

  25. lisa you are too sweet! thank you so much for all of your sweet comments and kind words about the wedding :)

  26. AWW thank you, Lisa for the shout out. I've actually had a very stressful week and Monday so reading your post (and seeing your lovely outfit) brightened my day!

  27. Great pattern mixing... And those yellow wedges really make me want my own pair.


  28. Like the checked with the stripes. Great wedges. Everyone is buying Target shoes lately. Yellow is my favorite color.

    I see you don't need my special magic filter that I can't find.

  29. I have been nuts for mixed prints this summer. Stripes and gingham hadn't even occurred to me! This outfit is really fresh and summery! I'd totally wear something like this for the office.

  30. Lisa, I like your pattern mixing and you make me want to buy some gingham.

  31. Whoa, I love your pattern mixing! And that pop of yellow is gorgeous.

  32. The gingham and stripes are so great together, look at you all outside the box, again - so cute!

  33. Thanks for visiting, tastymoog, Becca and Fallon!

    Congrats, Tippy and Cindi! Hope you've got your bad week behind you, Cindi - today is a new day!

    Thanks for your comments, ladies. I don't know how I lived withour gingham in my life until this summer, but I really made up for it!

  34. ohmygoodness you're too sweet! I blushed when reading this :) (I think I've entered the "emotional bride" phase- ha!)
    I'm loving your yellow with blue! Very creative!

  35. Thanks, LT - shoot, enjoy all your bride phases!


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