07 July 2010

White Out

Thanks to Marie from The Joy of Fashion, for the awesome blog award! If you have a chance, please check out her blog - that gal is not afraid to wear color and she puts together the prettiest outfit combos.

Also, many MANY thanks to my new followers and posters - welcome to my little square inch of virtual world!

As for my OOTD, I think this outfit kind of DQs me from Black & White week, but I felt pretty brave about wearing all white today and going out for lunch like this (though I did notice all the ketchup bottle nozzles pointed in my general direction - they were just waiting for their moment). BF and I are going out to dinner at Donnie's Country Cooking however ($5.50 per person for a ginormous plate of gravy-covered deep-fried goodness plus a beverage? Yes, I do believe my gravy low light is on), so I think that this outfit will be retiring for the evening shortly - and hello to shorts-I'm-not-worried-about-getting-hot-sauce-on and flip flops!

Top: Anthropologie Molded & Melded (worn here before)
Skirt: Delicia eyelet from Alloy (worn here and here before)
Belt: Anthropologie City Safari (worn here and here and here before)
Shoes: Indigo by Clarks Edamame (worn here and here before)
Bracelets: Old Navy & J. Crew (yes, I have like three total bracelets and wear them over and over again)

Lastly - this one's for Kcookski. She dared me to wear all my black & white paisley at one time (though I wasn't about to go outdoors with this attire - not until I get the perfect pair of white high-waisted pleated cropped linen pants and gold-tone woven sandals with the sensible 1" heels so I can go play Bingo on Tuesdays with Myrtle and Harold in style!)

J. Crew also made a skirt in this print. Oh yes ...


  1. What a cute outfit! Hey, it's not the day after labor day so feel free to wear all white! :) I am liking that tee on you. I can't wait until it goes on sale!

  2. I LOVE your first outfit and your second outfit is just too funny!

  3. I love your white outfit!! And yummm on that dinner!

  4. I love the first combo! The top is just gorgeous!

  5. ha! you did it! but no 5 bucks till you go out in public. :) that is a fab print. i LOVE LOVE LOVE that white ensemble. nothing is as crisp and cool and gorgeous as all white. that was clever to pair the eyelet with the ruched/flowered top. ya know, if it's *white* gravy, you could be ok....


  6. Love your eyelet skirt. I've been on the hunt for something similar, but the closet thing I've found isn't quite what I'm looking for! Is this a recent purchase??

  7. I adore your all white look! You look fab!

  8. So pretty - and white just looks so much cooler then anything else when it's this hot out!

  9. Lovely ensemble, I love all the white!

  10. I adore that black and white tunic!
    Can I borrow??? :)

  11. I love the all white broken up by the city safari belt! i really had no desire to get that belt (even seeing it on others) until now!

  12. That molded and melded tee looks AWESOME on you! Love it!

    And I'm cracking UP at the B&W paisley outfit. LOVE it!

  13. Definitely post your final Bingo outfit. I cannot wait to see it.

    The Alloy skirt is so cute. I was throwing away their catalogs as I was unimpressed w/a dress I purchased from them. I might try a top or skirt in the future.

  14. Ha! I love the pattern overload!

    I like your OOTD. It looks so cool and crisp.

  15. Love the white dress! It looks amazing on you. And your second outfit keeps with the black/white theme so you're still in it. :)

  16. OH my gosh, Lisa! When I saw the first photo, I thought to myself, "What is this new dress she has on, and where can I get it?!" The pieces pair perfectly together!

  17. Love that dress! Can't wait to see your complete Bingo outfit... although that prolly won't happen for another 50 yrs, lol.

  18. That all-white ensemble is one of my favorites!:D

    Beauty. Fashion. Interior Design.
    & Life According to Marie.

  19. I love the all white it's soft and girly!!! I hope you had fun getting your gravy on!

  20. Thanks for your great comments about the all-white attire, ladies! This probably sounds silly, but I kind of felt lady-like and "dainty" all day in my white attire. Honestly, though, I'm just glad I didn't sit on anything or spill anything on myself (reason why I don't have a white dress!)

    Becca - I got this skirt from Alloy about a month-ish ago. I couldn't find it on their web site anymore though, but the Gap has a white eyelet skirt on sale right now that is kind of similar.

    Tricia - Oh I got my gravy on. And I think I'm good through winter now - ughhh ...

    Gigi - This was my first purchase from Alloy ever. I like the skirt but can't attest to anything else in their catalog - got to pick and choose your way through some of that stuff.

    Melissa - I totally wish I had the matching paisley skirt now too. Overload perfection ...

  21. I LOVE your first outfit. It is gorgeous and I wish I could copy it and pull it off as well as you :) And you make even that second outfit look cute ;)


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