20 July 2010

What's a Blog to Do?

After nearly seven months (holy cow!) of consistent blogging, over one hundred (even bigger cow!) outfit posts and way more readers (thank you so much!) than I ever could even imagine, I think I am getting to that stage in my adolescent blog experience where I kind of wonder what my little blog wants to do with itself.

This blog is mainly an outfit diary for me - hits and misses and everything in between - and a mish mash of fashionisms and recently some food (because this girl loves to eat). I usually keep the topics light and don't try to overload with ramblings (because this girl can also ramble, and go off in tangents and meander ...). I love interacting with like-minded gals such as yourselves and would love to pick your minds a bit to see what you think I could do to make my blog (and your viewing and reading enjoyment) better.

I'm not planning to do a major overhaul or anything, but are there any topics or items that you gals like to see more of in this blog? Are there things you want to see or read about that you find is missing? Heck, are there things currently on the blog right now that you could do without? And since this is a fashion diary and I respect your opinions, are there even items from my wardrobe that you gals feel like I probably can do without? Or heck with it, I should leave well enough alone?

All constructive comments are welcome! Even non-constructive ones are acceptable as long as they're funny. Please help me to help you to help me.  :o)

Here's my OOTD. I did just realize I wore the same colors yesterday - oops.

Top: J. Crew Odessa tunic (worn here before - about the same exact outfit, gah)
Tank: J. Crew slub cami
Shorts: Ann Taylor Loft (worn here and here before)
Shoes: Mossimo by Target wedges (holy moly I've worn these a bunch - who says yellow shoes are not practical?)
Bracelets: Old Navy enamel & J. Crew studded (worn here before, and close-up here)


  1. Love the black and white tunic with the yellow shoes! Perfection! And this girl also loves to eat, so please feel free to post about food anytime!!! ;)

  2. Let me think on this, peruse the site and get back to you...I'm a new follower and love what I've seen so far!

    For instance, these yellow shoes today. Lo-ove.

    Thank you Tarjay.

    ps-stop by for the ebelskiver giveaway!


  3. I'm also new, but I totally love what I've seen so far. I agree with Mandy, I think more food posts would be cool if you like to cook and bake. I love seeing food posts because it always gives me ideas.

  4. Congrats Lisa!! I'm not sure that I have any advice or constructive criticism for you - I have enough trouble figuring out what I want to blog about, let alone anyone else's. But I do really enjoy your site, so I hope you keep to it!

    xoxo, Ashley

    PS I really like this outfit, the shirt is interesting and the shoes totally make it.

  5. I think you're doing great, but a fun idea would be some decor posts? I love getting inspired by other blogger's spaces :)

  6. I have all different types of blogs on my blog roll- As much as i LOVE strictly outfit blogs, I also enjoy food blogs, running blogs, workout blogs, newlywed blogs (haha) etc. My blog? A big mish-mash of it all. Except that newlywed part. :-)

    Not all of my followers enjoy every topic I talk about, but it's what I want to do. If you want to KEEP your blog just daily outfits, DO IT. We'll all still be here.

    Do you want to post recipes or your workouts? That'd be fun, too :-)

  7. Love your blog the way it is :)

    I love your yellow sandals...didn't realize how practical they can be!

  8. I don't really have any suggestions for you (I'm not all that creative and can't come up with a direction for my own blog!) but I do want to tell you that I LOVE those heels with the shorts! The navy and yellow combo is fantastic too.

  9. I'm new but just wanted to tell you that I really like your blog. I love seeing daily outfits and your last food post looked so yummy that I added it as a new meal to try to make soon. :-)

  10. I love your blog! Of course I like the OOTDs, but I'm really liking the recipes too. You have a great style of writing, so I'd say that that is what ultimately holds my interest. Don't change a thing :) (If blogs are supposed to have a clear cut direction, then I'm in uber-trouble!!!)

  11. Love the food recipes and your writing style always make me laugh. How about some shots with your head? :) You're oh so adorable, is there a reason why you shoot mostly from the head down?

  12. Hey, I am new to your blog but really like it, you have a great sense of style.

    I have similar shoes and ya they can be worn with a bunch of stuff.


  13. Looooooove the yellow shoes. And I big puffy heart all your lookbooks!

  14. Personally my RSS reader is almost entirely made up of fashion blogs, but I really enjoy your blog and personality and will continue to read no matter what you post :) I think your blog should be an outlet for whatever you are feeling like expressing and sharing at the time!

  15. I read a pretty big variety of blogs myself. Some are about family, some about running, some about cooking, but the majority of them are about clothes/fashion. I have found that I used to read a lot of fashion magazines and I have replaced them with blogs like yours. I like your wit and think you are hysterical (something fashion mags lack) and you dress pretty good too :) I get ideas from you and others here and there and it's just a fun little outlet. I think all of us interject a little something about ourselves other than what we are wearing because as much fun as clothes are, we are people who think about and enjoy other things too. I'll keep reading regardless of what you write about!

  16. Hello love!
    Just stumbled onto your blog and I love what I see so far!! I read all blogs who inspire me, that can include just about anything!
    I am now following you, care to follow me?

    xo Lynzy

  17. Super duper thanks for all your lovely comments and feedback, ladies! Sounds like general consensus is that I should just keep doing what I'm doing and doing what I like (whew, that's a load of rethinking off my plate, haha).

    I'll continue with my outfit postings, of course, and will start including a few head shots. I've not typically done it in the past for security (BF thinks that people will come in the night and steal me away - haha, hardly) and partly because the ratio of good shots significantly increases when my head is not involved (yes, I am THAT girl who blinks just about every time the flash goes off - and who is concentrating so hard on NOT blinking that I forget to smile - and blink anyways).

    It's good to know we've got so many foodies out there too, because I love trying new recipes and having my lucky(?) friends play guinea pigs.

    I'll have to think about the healthful living/exercising additions because 1) I'd love to take my daily routine in that direction and that would be a great way to keep me honest and 2) I'm not sure where to start yet. Does Yoga Booty Ballet count?

    As for the decor - unfortunately I am not as crafty as I would like to be and my fashion sensibilities unfortunately don't spill into home decor. I'll have to take some pics soon so you guys can say "really, you live like that?!" But that may also be good motivation!

    Thanks for being so supportive - that's always been one of my fave things about the blogee community! (And all your cute shoes too).

  18. I love your blog as is, and I'm sure I'd love it if you chit-chatted about other things to, I think you should write about anything and everything you want to :)

    Very cute outfit of the day! And I have no idea who said that about yellow shoes. Clearly, they don't know what they were talking about!

  19. cutie!!

    p.s. blogged about YOU today!!

  20. Target & JCrew? You're my kind of girl!! :-)

  21. cute! love your shoes! :D

    <3, Mimi

  22. What a pretty top and your yellow sandals ( i wan them)
    I wish I could wear shorts like that.... you rock them !


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