14 July 2010

Leifsdottir and Neiman

Chloe posted about this first - Neiman Marcus (I sometimes lovingly refer to them as "Needless Markups") is having a big last call sale right now with free shipping, no minimum on orders placed in the continental US with code "SHIPNM." Expires July 19.

Amongst the goodies are some of Leifsdottir's older offerings, which may interest you if you've missed them on sale at Anthro. As a bonus, it looks like Leifsdottir has also finally updated their sale site - so you may need to compare pricing at both sites (and figure in Neiman's current free ship offer):

Acadiana Ruffle Skirt (wasn't I just whining about this skirt?)
$99 at Leifsdottir or $132 at Neiman

Bougainvillea Tank
$105 at Leifsdottir or $99 at Neiman

Elysian Silk Dress
$190 at Leifsdottir or $253 at Neiman

I recommend you check both sites out if you're on the prowl for some Leifsdottir goodies - Neiman has some stuff that is now sold out (like the Harlequin dress for $116 or Medallion print dress for $129 - can't remember their Anthro-equivalent names), plus their current shoe sale is ridiculous! And Leifsdottir has some beauties on sale that were never sold at Anthro (like the gorgeous Jubilant blouse for $100 or the Mantelet cardigan for $140).

Leifsdottir has always been a little too rich for my wallet, but that Jubilant skirt is calling my name ...


  1. Thanks for the info, Lisa!:D

    Happy Wednesday!:D

    Beauty. Fashion. Interior Design.
    & Life According to Marie.

  2. The Atl airport used to have a Spizzico! That was my fave place to eat in Italy.

    I guess because of the hub in the main area and not the terminals themselves?

  3. Wow what beauties! the polka dot skirt is incredible :)

  4. Oh I will definitely be checking out the Neiman's site shortly. I love that store - even if it is over priced. ;)

  5. Wow, they do have some beautiful clothing! That jubilant skirt is just too cute!

  6. So many beautiful things!! That jubilant skirt is a must have!

  7. loving these looks. beautiful!

    just found your blog for the first time & i love it!

    xo, your newest follower

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  9. if i wasn't on a no-shopping thing, i'd be totally tempted by these!!

  10. Agh, thank you for letting me know that Leifsdottir FINALLY updated their sale section. Of course I don't really want anything ATM but I was wondering if they were ever going to do it! I need that Summer Twilight Dress so bad, so it's good to know that it might go on sale there sometime ;)

  11. Leifsdottir is such a difficult brand for me. So lovely, so expensive, so very Anthro. Maybe some of those sale goodies will make their way to me though...

  12. Thanks, ladies! Ack, it seems like Neiman's has updated their Leifsdottir sales offerings too - and they've got the Jubilant skirt for (relatively) cheap! But not my size, ack ...

  13. I've never heard of leifsdottir until randomly last week when I saw some items on the Neiman sale rack. The skirts were so darn cute and I wondered why I had never heard of the brand before! Great to know they have their own site too with lower sale prices, too bad it fits a little big.


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