05 July 2010

Lazy as Kale

Not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow. Had a lovely long weekend and spent the better part of today doing various levels of "nothing" with the BF. I'm all caught up on house chores, my magazines, my blog reading and finished No Touch Monkey! The one real trip outdoors today involved going to the newly opened Yeah! Burger to stuff our faces - so I was obviously very cas'd out today.

Top: BDG by Urban Outfitters (worn here, and here, and here before)
Shorts: Ann Taylor Loft
Shoes: Indigo by Clarks Finch wedges (worn here, and here, and here, and ...)
Necklace: Fossil pave feather

As for my new favorite kind of weird food? Kale "chips." Now I am not known to be the world's most healthful eater and this is probably not new to you, but I've just recently been hearing about this stuff called kale chips, which is supposed to be a super-healthful and easy to make and good-tasting (what what?!).

And as an avid reader of KERF - and she eats the stuff at least once a week - I thought what the heck, when I was at Fresh Market over the weekend and grabbed a bunch of kale to try it (original recipe I followed here, but I added some cheese à la KERF recipe here).

BF wouldn't touch them, but they don't taste bad at all - like a real thin, crisp chip with a faint tinge of seaweed (and I don't mean they are fishy, more like the big sheets they roll sushi with). I've had them twice so far and sprinkled on a bit of garlic powder and pepper with the second batch. Just make sure you don't over-crisp them - they turn quickly from crispy chip to crumbly ash.

Try them as your next sammie side dish:

Before: the kale leaves cut from the stems and sprinkled with some parm, pepper and olive oil - ready for baking!

After: the finished kale "chips."

What kind of other non-traditional foods do you ladies like to eat? Are there other incredibly healthful (and secretly delicious) recipes I should be considering? 


  1. I love those shoes, I am always wanting stylish and comfortable. Do you think they are still selling?


    I need to live o this as I am out of control with my eating .

    PS. Kale is what SpongeBob eats right? LOL

  2. i love kale chips! haven't tried with cheese, but that's brilliant...you MUST try kale salad, which is amazing...nice change of pace from regular ol' salad.

    take the kale and cut out the stems, thinly slice. then you mix up this dressing:
    -2 tbsp white balsamic vinegar
    -1 tbsp seasoned rice vinegar
    -1 tbsp honey
    -1 tbsp olive oil
    -1 tsp salt

    whisk it all together; toss in the kale. add some dried craisins and pine nuts to taste. sprinkle the entire shabang with parmesan cheese shavings.

    even my kids eat it.


  3. mmmm! Kale chips! We also make little crackers of parmesan cheese. basically we line a baking pan with wax paper and put little balls of shaved parmesan on it and bake it. SUPER tasty cheese crackers. We like to dip it in creamed spinach, but that might just be something my family likes. :)

  4. hmm , I don't know about this kale chip thing ;)
    I eat a lot of quinoa with parmesan- it's my healthy mac and cheese :)
    Last week I made a "healthy" alfredo sauce, maybe I'll do a post about it, it was delicious!
    I made the most unhealthy and yet fantastic potato salad this weekend, it was my tribute to america :)

    ps- I love that shirt!

  5. lazy as kale!! hahaha
    I need to try those chips. We eat kale in our green smoothies a lot but chips sound fun. I don't have to tell you how much I love that top!! Stripes and red!!

  6. I had kale chips once at a new cafe in town. They were so different!

  7. Hi Lesa - try looking for them on Zappos.com or 6pm.com. I believe the wedges are on sale right now and come in four colors. I highly recommend them - super-comfy! And you had me Googling what Sponge Bob does eat - though I probably could've just asked my little nephew who loves him.

    Thanks for the recipe, Kcookski! I'll have to try that. As this has been my first times eating kale, I really like it, and definitely need to try it in different ways too now.

    Thanks, Ady! KERF dips her chips in ketchup, which I tried ... I also tried ranch dressing, which I believe negated any positive values from the kale eating.

    Haha, thanks, Spiffy! Ooh, I'll have to try the quinoa with parm - and yes, please do a post about the alfredo! My BF loves chicken alfredo but we never eat it because the real stuff is sooooooo bad.

    Thanks, Peggy! The chips are super-easy and I think your fam would like them. They're supposed to be a "super food" so I must start partaking in more of it!

  8. Wow they look reallygood. Cheese makes anything taste better :)
    Love your wedges btw!

  9. Nooooot ready for kale chips. But I love your top.

  10. Cute nautical look! This striped top looks so fresh with the white shorts, good job!


  11. I've never tried kale chips but it sounds like my kind of thing. I'm semi vegetarian (no red meat or poultry), and I like to eat organic, avoid chemicals etc. etc. etc. At this point, I'm so used to my atypical diet that I'm not sure what counts as truly weird, except that I've recently started putting almond milk in my coffee. I'm pretty sure that's weird, but it's tasty when you get used to it.

  12. Kale chips are delllicious. And your title made me literally laugh out loud :)

  13. Mmmm...those kale chips look soooo good! My guilty pleasure is a version of hawaiian popcorn. I get regular non buttered popcorn and pop it in the microwave. Afterwards, I put the popcorn in a large zip lock, pour in some canola oil to coat it, then pour in furikake and some japanese rice crackers and shake! It's soooo good!

  14. Nothing green for me, so the kale chips are ixnay, but your burgers sound delish! Love your cute red stripes and that fun necklace!

  15. Great top I love it!!! I am intrigued by those kale chips and want to try them!!

  16. yay I love new recipes! can't wait to try this one out!

  17. Thanks, Pamela - they ARE different, aren't they? I kind of dig them, but prefer them a little less than totally crisp.

    Thanks, Liz - cheese DOES make everything better. That and butter.

    Thanks, Gigi - you cracked me up. The BF is not ready himself.

    Thanks so much, Marie!

    I think you should try them, Lady Cardi, you'll like them if you like crunchy things. Hm, almond milk, eh? Does it taste anything like soy milk?

    Thanks, goldenmeans! I cracked myself up too - but then I crack myself up most of the time, I'm like a one-gal self-amusing show!

    Whoa, Cindi, your popcorn sounds muy intriguing - what is furikake?

    Haha, Jan, I forgot about your adversion to green things - can my BF join yout bandwagon? The burgers WERE delish - oh I had to be rolled out of there.

    Thanks, Tricia - they're so easy to do.

    Thanks, Tippy!

  18. Your outfit is so chic. I would wear it in a heartbeat. Those kale chips look great; I will have to try them.

  19. You do have a lovely shoe collection with mid-height heels that look very wearable! Btw, had to comment as I attempted to make kale chips last week and they turned out terribly. Some were burnt while some were still soggy, and they sure did not look as vibrantly colored still as yours. I've heard so many great things from other cooks about kale chips...wonder what I did wrong!


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