01 July 2010

Jahara Goes Sailing

Thanks for Liz from Lizzypunch for the lovely blog award! And a belated thanks to Lesa from Always Summer for another great blog award! Please stop by and visit them - it's always fun to take a peek into each other's worlds through this "blog thing".

And happy birthday to all my fellow Cancers who are celebrating today! Special shoutout to Gigi who threw a very well attended virtual party. Here's what I "wore" to la fĂȘte:

And here's what I wore today - keeping things simple today, and that's why I really like this dress. It's almost too simple that I have to refrain from over-dressing it up. It is super-comfy though, plus I love any dress or skirt with snack pockets.

Dress: Anthropologie Maeve Staysail (worn here before, and here in the blue)
Belt: Anthropologie Infinity
Shoes: Sofft Giovanna (or here on super-sale)
Necklace: Anthropologie Lydell Jahara (worn here before)

Is anyone else getting a few days off work in honor of the 4th? What fun (mis)adventures are you all planning?


  1. Love that striped jacket in the first photo, and absolutely love your second outfit. Gorgeous!

  2. I love the two patterns in your first outfit!!! Great way to put them together! We are headed to a family BBQ and then some pyro mischief!

  3. cuuuuute outfits. love all the necklaces with that black dress. snack pockets - ha! i have been finding myself drawn to more sofft shoes. they're looking great these days.

  4. fabulous dresses! there's that amazing Anthro belt - I just bought it on sale a few weeks ago and love it. I think I may have to pull the trigger on the grey Snakebite (nm?) belt too...

  5. I love the first outfit! The different patterns are mind-bogglingly genius!

    I always have a hard time with LBDs because they ARE so simple and classic by themselves! I think you look fabulous in it here!

    clothed much, a modest fashion blog

  6. Nice outfit today. We must have had the same thought because I went simple as well with black and white!

  7. I tried on the first dress you are wearing and it was a hot mess on me- you look fab and I love the mixed pattern, tres chic!
    The second dress is completely my style and I love that you appreciate comfortable footwear :)

  8. I love your OOTD! It's perfectly understated, making it a gorgeous, refined look.

  9. your first outfit rocks! I love it!! I was just bemoaning my fate that I missed the Jean Paul Gaultier striped dress at Target. I had it in my hands like a million times, but never tried it on - now I see it all over the blogs and love it! Stripes are awesome!

  10. I love your outfit from Gigi's party. The jacket is fantastic. I love the bold graphic look!

  11. The colors you wore to Gigi's party were gorgeous and I love the other dress too. Thanks so much for the kind words.

  12. Love the print on your first dress!

    Remember to enter for your chance to win a Two Strap Belt from Sway!


  13. I love the print in combination with the stripes. It is really pretty pattern mixing! :)

  14. Love the blazer!:D I am going to wear something similar to the second outfit tomorrow!:D

    Beauty. Fashion. Interior Design.
    & Life According to Marie.

  15. The Staysail dress was made for you - so cute!

  16. i love the blazer and was tempted to get it but i own way too many striped things, sigh! the black dress is so cute and looks comfy too! hope you have a good 4th of july weekend!! :)

  17. Kcookski / Spiffy - I LOVE Sofft footwear. It's so comfy and stylish! Good to know I'm not alone in my Sofft-love.

    Tricia - Ooh, pyro fun sounds awesome. The 4th is not complete without a little sunburn, some hot dogs and fireworks!

    Tippy - Owning too many striped things has totally not stopped me from acquiring more. My pile is actually getting a wee bit shameful!

    Peggy - I feel bad about missing out on the JPG striped dress too - I think it was the only piece from his Target collection that was really nice and wearable.

    Eek - I kind of want to get the Snakebite in grey too - I see it all over the place and it really seems like a versatile piece.

    Thanks for your comments, Jan, Marie, Ady, Melanie, Lesa, Becca, Cindi, Elaine & Audrey!

    Thanks for stopping by and visiting, Elle and anthropologieconnoisseur!

  18. Yay for the Staysail dress! Love it on you - that's what made me covet it so badly!


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