06 July 2010

It's Black, It's White

Peggy over at She Hath Done What She Could has dubbed it Black & White Week, so I thought it'd be fun to partake, plus it made for a real easy outfit today. 'Course I noticed than I've already been donning the aforementioned colors a lot already recently (for a party here and even a virtual gathering here - and heck, even way back in May here). Plus it was fitting that my black and white shoes also came in the mail today (see below - love).

Shirt: J. Crew silk paisley (I love this print so much I have the cardi and a tote with it - wouldn't that be overkill if I wore them all together?)
Shorts: J. Crew featherweight chino
Sweater: Urban Outfitters Kimchi Blue pointelle cardigan (worn best by Chloe here)
Shoes: Mossimo by Target wedge (worn to death - and I love them)

And perfect for Black & White Week (but probably overkill if I had worn these shoes today too - like Attack of the Monochrome Lisa!), here are my new lovely shoes, which I got for a steal at $33 (UO had a 20 or 25% off deal for like a day last week):

Yes, this is a game of me playing twisty pretzel legs -
and thanks again to me for not focusing the camera before taking the pic.

Looks suede-y, but it's a faux pebbly leather.


  1. I love the shoes! Imagine going dancing in them, so adorable!

  2. Black and white is so classic and fun! I bet you rock the Hello Sunday blazer this week, huh? :)

  3. Great outfit and I love those shoes!

  4. oooh, I totally respect those shoes! They are so unique! Love them!

    That J.Crew top is so pretty. Wouldn't it be fun to wear the cardigan over it just for fun to see what kind of looks you get?

  5. PERFECTION. LOOOOOVE those shoes.

    Remember to enter for your chance to win a Two Strap Belt from Sway!


  6. Aww man I almost bought those! I love it. But I just can't spend any more. Sigh!

  7. Cute as can be! I love those shoes! And if you still want the necklace I was wearing today I saw it at either the Beverly Hills or the Grove in LA today (I can't remember which, I went to both today!). One of them still had like 4 or 5 left. Hope that helps!

  8. I love the pop of color in your shoes in your outfit of the day - but oh. my. gosh. I adore the black and white shoes! Love them!

  9. I LOVE those shoes! T-straps and spectator details. Yes.

  10. Ok so you made me drool over those shoes. Gee thanks. Haha jk. But I am drooling over those shoes !!!


    alice h

  11. Your outfit looks awesome, that top really dresses up the shorts. And your new shoes? TDF!

  12. I love the target wedges you're wearing with this outfit. I feel like target always has such cute shoes, and it feels so good when you get a cheap pair of shoes that you LOVE!

  13. oh, those shoes! they're great, and what a wonderful price for them. Can't wait to see what you pair them with--- I am envisioning color and perhaps even some pattern!

  14. Thanks for your lovely comments, ladies, especially about my new (and cheap!) shoes. They fit TTS and are strangely comfy for 3+ inches, though I haven't worn them outside yet.

    Ady - Ooh, I will have to bring that jacket out! Hope the weather here gets cooler or I'll need to super-crank the AC!

    Pamela - You crack me up about the over-paisley. Though I think I may need to go try it now for a good laugh.

    Thanks, Jessica! I love enabling blog friends! :o)

    alltumbledown - I'll definitely need to work some color with these shoes. I kind of kept them on longer than I needed to at home and pranced around in them.

    Thanks for visiting, Becca,godessunseen101, Ro (BTW your photo skills are awesome!) and Melissa!

  15. i'll give you five bucks if you wear that tank and cardi and bring the tote — AND be seen in public like that...:) we had a swap party recently and there was this killer nanette lepore bustier, but it came with a matching hat. i don't know what nanette was thinking.

    those wingtip t-straps are divine. excellent deal!


  16. Ok, I can totally do black and white this week! LOL! It's most of my closet.

    I am in LOVE with those shoes! I never think of UO for shoes, but I will have to start changing my thinking!

  17. accck -those shoes, those shoes!! And for that price- score!!!! Thanks so much Lisa for posting on my Black & White week! I love your outfit!

  18. Love that mustard shoes! I was supposed to get them (and they were on sale for only $5!) but reality kicked in and I put them back. Never will I ever listen to reality again! That was a steal and I lost. Boo! :(

    Cute outfit!

  19. love the pattern black-white on ur blouse
    u look stunning

    wanna exchange link??
    visit my site, hope u like it :

    hug and kiss^^

  20. Your outfit is great. I really like it; very fresh and chic. And GIRL those shoes are HOT HOT HOT!!!! I'm around the corner from an UO.... must.. resist.. gah... being sucked in..

  21. I love the way you paired yellow shoes with your black and white outfit! And those new shoes are gorgeous!!! I can't believe they were only $33!!! How exciting that you tried the chicken piccata recipe, I'm so glad you liked it! Thanks for letting me know, that made my day. ;)


  22. Kcookski - Ooh, I think you one-upped my with the matching bustier AND hat.

    Michelle - This is my first pair of UO shoes - for the price, I couldn't say no.

    Thanks, Peggy, for the fun idea!

    Thanks, Teresa! Ack, you had the wedges for $5? Heck, I might've gotten myself another pair! :o)

    Thanks, OneCraftyFox!

    Thanks for stopping by and visiting, Queen D!

    Ooh, Lisa, I'd be in trouble if I was around the corner from a UO store ...

    Thanks, Valerie - I'm going to need to try your hot chocolate in a stick next, it looked so YUM!

  23. Oh my gosh, those shoes are SO CUTE. I am currently crying sad fashion tears over the fact that they are not made in my size.


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