28 July 2010

Hot Mess Trench

I wrote a long whole post earlier today imploring you gals for some help to determine which pair of brown buckly boots I deperately need to purchase now for the fall. Lucky for you gals, I then erased everything when a peek into my closet revealed to me that short of an inch difference in heel height, I already have the exact type of boots I was pining for. So three days of Internet stalking aside, my shopping emergency had adverted - but why doesn't that make me feel better? I still really want a pair of casual brown boots (that I already own, sigh). Is it because fashion blogging is inadvertantly turning me into this girl:

Cute movie, btw, but am I the only one who found it disappointing?

In lieu of an OOTD post due to some general grumpiness, I give you instead a Hot Mess Alert! Thought these pics would just be funny to share. I have also been on the lookout forever for a nice looking trenchy-raincoat that is actually waterproof (so that's big no-no to all you really nice-looking but cotton trench fakers).

And this time, I actually don't already own one, so last week I finally bit on the Lands' End SunShower Swing Coat - and even though it wasn't the trench of my dreams, I thought it was cute, have been impressed so far with the Canvas line and their overall quality, and for the sale price plus an additional 20% off and FS, it was CHEAP.

So see how cute it looks on the invisible mannequin? And I dig a big pop-able collar.

I ordered the smallest size available (in petites too!) because the regular Lands' End line runs a bit large. And this is what I got:

I couldn't even muster up a smile for the camera. All I could think of was "oompa loompa doompadee doo ..."

Well, back to the drawing board. So short of forking over a small fortune I don't have for a Burberry trench, do you ladies have any recs for some nice-looking raingear?


  1. You are cracking me up with the oompa loompa reference. Sad that jacket has no shape on. The invisible mannequin does look great!

  2. ha! so freaking funny!
    I almost bought a burberry trench during the nordstrom sale. Then I took myself outside and gave myself a stern talking to complete with finger wagging and a disapproving forehead crinkle, I made myself feel so rotten, I walked away. Maybe someday, not that day.

  3. Aww...I was cracking up here at my desk but I know it's nothing funny. I bet you feel so disappointed! Being from Seattle, I wish I could offer you some solutions, but I, up until earlier this year, have never owned a trench but I do have tons of North Face jackets! That's what we in the pacific nw wear in the rain. There are some northface trenches that are cute, but probably not the ones you're looking for. I know, I'm no help...=\

  4. "..oompa loompa doompadee doo ..." made me laugh, sorry about the disappointment.

    I have yet to find a good one too, will keep you posted!

    Beauty. Fashion. Interior Design.
    & Life According to Marie.

  5. Oh girl... you look so unhappy in that oompa loompa coat! :( haha! i'm so sorry it didn't work out. there are a couple of DKNY trenches on sale on nordstroms site, but i'm not really sure of the exact style you're looking for.

  6. Sorry that trench didn't work out for you but LOL at oompa loompa!

  7. HAHA too funny, You will find one soon! I found mine at Urban Outfitters :)

    xo Lynzy

  8. That movie was totally disappointing!!! But I love that whole book series, so I don't think they could have made me totally happy with any movie based on it :)
    Sorry you're grumpy, hopefully tomorrow is a better day!

  9. You know what? I totally relate to you on this. I tend to buy the same things in different iterations. What can I say? I can't seem to shake it either... in my world, you can never have too many great brown boots. I live in them when I'm on the mainland. I just got a northface trench/raincoat. I had to get one since I'm in the rainy pacific nw all the time. I'll see if I can find a link :)

  10. Whoa what a trick! The jacket looks totally cute and wearable on the mannequin there. Yikes, well at least you know it's not you, it's the crazy jacket.

  11. that really sucks, i'm sorry. :/

    i love the shopaholic series, btw! :)

    <3, Mimi

  12. omg this IS a hot mess alert!! wth are they talking about? that thing has to be pinned onto the mannequin!!

    you poor thing! this post did, however, cause me to bust up laughing. girlfriend go put on those re-found boots and stomp around thinking about all the pennies you saved...and how many more you'll get back when you return that jacket.

    if i come across any nice jackets i will most def let you know!


  13. Thanks, ladies! Hm, maybe I should keep the jacket so I can help brighten others' days when they see me - I can be the modern-day Paddington Bear!

    I need to check out Nordstroms (thanks for the reminder, Aimee) - I saw a trench I really loved last season but didn't want to fork over the dollars, then completely missed it when it went on sale. And of course, anything close is nowhere to be found.

    It is kind of scary how many of the words I actually know to that Oompa Loompa song, and I'm not even a big Willy Wonka fan (I find it kind of creepy, which I guess is the point). But that song gets ingrained in your brain and probably inadvertantly makes you want sugary treats.

    Cindi/Cat - thanks for the mention about the Northface coats - I always thought of them as makers of hiking gear stuff, but I'll have to take a look!

    Spiffy - ooh, a Burberry trench. You can tell hubby-to-be that's what you want as an anniversary gift! :o)

    LT - I read everything up to the when Becky got pregnant - I couldn't relate after that, haha!

  14. If you like everything about it other than the way the pleating looks across the bum, you can have the pleats removed by your tailor. I bought a blazer that had similar pleating detail in the back. Because I'm 5'1 of course they were smack dab in the middle of my ass, rather than where they sat on the model in the photo. I took it to my tailor and he fixed the back so that it wasn't draped pleating anymore.

    I wonder where that blazer went ...

  15. LOL-I think the oompa loompa song haunts all us short girls on a regular basis!

    I'm not much help b/c I've got Burbs...but I've had good luck with United Colors of Beneton coats before (not all, but some, you have to search out the tiny ones). Good luck!

  16. Aww, sorry about your coat!!


  17. Sorry the coat didn't work out. I think places always make their items look more tailored than they really are...

    Speaking of shopping, I hear ya. I love getting inspiration from fashion blogs, but then end up wanting more stuff! I find that taking outfit photos and keeping track of what I wear has helped me realize how much clothes I own and what doesn't get worn, which (sometimes) keeps me from buying more :)

  18. You crack me up, Ebony. I briefly considered the tailoring possibilities of the jacket but figured it wasn't worth it when I determined I needed everything from the neck down adjusted.

    Thanks, Alterations Needed - good to know I'm not the only one in the same boat sometimes.

    Thanks for visiting, Regan.

    I totally agree, Eek. The BF likes to make fun of my taking pics in place of using a full-length mirror, but it really helps me see how things work (or don't) on me - plus then I have a nifty catalog to look back on when I'm racking my brain for ideas!

  19. aww it's actually a cute raincoat, but too bad it doesn't fit:( i know what u mean, sometimes i feel like blogging is turning me into a shopaholic, too haha! i have a new obsession every week lol lisa, thank u again for u encouraging comment on my previous post:) it really means so much especially during my low times last week. thanks for reaching out!


  20. Lisa I highly recommend that bag. I've got it in black too and have had each for about 2-3 years. They hold up and are incredible. If I see a deal on them I will let you know pronto - sometimes I get random coupons from retailers for 15 -20% off an item or something and would be happy to pass along if the bag is in the offerings. It totally saves, although this one is not horribly priced like big name ones. Every penny counts in my world though!!

    girl that coat picture and your monologue is so awesome.

  21. Oh, I was all over the place a few months ago looking for a good raincoat. Try Urban Outfitters -- they have some cute options (or did when I was looking) and they run small, in my experience. Very happy with the rain coat I bought there.

  22. You have such a beautiful shape and this coat doesn't do you justice! I know you'll find a beautiful jacket you can rock out soon. I've been online all afternoon trying to look for fall/winter outfits. I haven't even gone into any stores and I'm exhausted! ;)

  23. Thanks for your lovely comments, ladies!

    The Owl's Closet - I totally agree, blogging is definitely shopping enabling! I haven't figured out if it is completely bad though - I'm not in debt yet!

    But I do want your purses, Carrie!

    And now I need to go to the UO site and stalk their stuff too, thanks, Lady Cardi!

    Aw, thanks for your nice comments and thanks for visiting, littlemisspotato!

  24. I feel bad laughing. Clearly, this is a not a funny situation. But you just seem so...so...so SAD :(


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