02 July 2010

Dotting Around

BF and I played hooky today (OK, I had the day off and he can pretty work when he wants - but doesn't having a weekday off feel like hooky?) and bummed up and around the town. We went to the mall (where I  was really good and left Anthro with only one thing), grabbed a Farm Burger and saw Iron Man 2 (great action movie, BF has a man-crush on Robert Downey Jr., and since we waited so long, there were like four other people in the theatre with us) and went to the market to buy stuff for a grill-out dinner.

To top things off, we found out our neighborhood Yoforia finally opened! Guess what I'll be having for dessert pretty much every day for the rest of summer. Simple things make for an easy but really nice day.

Dress: Ann Taylor Loft Dotty Blossoms (worn here and here before)
Shoes: Indigo by Clarks Finch wedges (worn here and here before)
Necklace: Anthropologie Lydell Jahara (worn here and here before)

And though my food photography could use a TON of work, here's a pic of my my chicken piccata in-progress from a few nights ago. Got the recipe here, and got the idea from Valerie. The chicken was super-tender and I thought it turned out really, but Mr. Meat and Potatoes BF really prefers his chickens Kentucky Fried. Ah well, can't win them all.

Have a lovely long weekend, ladies!


  1. Love your outfit today Lisa! Have a great 4th!!

  2. Ahh...I thought about playing hooky today, but I came in...boo. Not like I'm working anyway! I think we have the same necklace. I get a lot of compliments when I wear it.

  3. it sounds like you had a fantastic day! Boys can be so fickle ;)

  4. such a cute dress! i also really like those shoes. they look really comfy, and you can always trust clarks to last forever! i cannot believe your BF wasn't big on the Chicken Piccata! It looks so good - I might have to try it sometime :)

  5. Oooh! Pretty dress! Happy 4th!

  6. Love, love the dress - so pretty! And what is up with all the good eats lately, I'm going to start drooling when I visit your blog - the chicken looks good to me, I'll take bf's serving ;)

  7. That dress fits you like a glove and is so so pretty! I love it.

    Chicken piccata is so yum! I use the Barefoot Contessa recipe. It calls for you to brown the chicken in the pan, but finish cooking in the oven. I actually use more butter and less lemon than what the recipe says, though.

  8. IM2 WAS good!

    That dress is gorgeous on you! I love the print.

    You're making me hungry and it is 11 pm right now. Not cool!

    clothed much, a modest fashion blog

  9. What a cute dress, I love it with those shoes!

  10. Love your dress, I <3 Ann Taylor!:D

    Chicken looks good, btw.:D

    Beauty. Fashion. Interior Design.
    & Life According to Marie

  11. I'm happy you bought the tee and I can't wait to see how you style it. Did you guys like Farm Burger?

  12. I think most men have the current Downey man crush.
    I know I still have mine from the 80's!

    Love the dress!

  13. Great dress! I loved it when I saw it at Loft, but I had already bought a very similar one so had to pass on it :)

  14. Thanks, Peggy!

    Thanks, Cindi - it's kind of cool going to work right before a holiday too, especially because almost no actual work gets done on those days, haha.

    Thanks, Spiffy. Yes, and my boy is especially fickle about food. I keep trying though!

    Thanks, Aimee. It was my first time making piccata and I actually thought it turned out well - super-tender chicken.

    Thanks, Ady!

    Thanks, Jan. I figure eats are cheaper than shoes, though the satisfaction is more fleeting ... plus I like to dabble in kitchen.

    Thanks, Michelle - I'll need to try her recipe next time!

    Thanks, Elaine, Jessica, Marie!

    Thanks, Fallon. I think seeing you in it put me over the edge, love it! And I thought Farm Burger was OK, but actually prefer Flip. The BF likes Five Guys or the 57th. We're going to try Yeah! next.

    Thanks, Elaine. I am totally in agreement!

    Thanks, Eek, I love your version of the dress too, it fits you really well!


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