10 July 2010


Happy weekend, ladies! The BF and I have kept good on our promise to go hiking once a weekend (yay week two!) and hit the trails again this morning. We did a short trail today at a park that housed an old Civil War ironworks - but I think we were the only two people who actually went up the mountain via the hiking trail as it was literally deserted - and we found out later that everyone else pretty much used a paved walking path that got you up to the overlook area (top of the trail) in like 30 minutes. Oh well - I guess we got the more legit experience (but don't say that to the BF).

After we got home and showered, I decided on something super-casual for the rest of the day (I even let my hair air dry - bad call, BTW). I remember dying over this tee at J. Crew when it first came out eons ago, but was a good girl and waited until it was on sale. And snatched it right up. And ... this is only the second time I've worn this top. Because nothing seems to go with it except light pink. Sigh.

This is me almost busting my butt - balance much?!

Top: J. Crew collier tee (worn here before)
Skirt: J.Crew embroidered Zafrina (worn here before)
Shoes: Sofft Giovanna (worn here before)

Here's the sign we saw at the start of the trail, which I thought was so appropriate:

What are you ladies up to? There's a Hills marathon on MTV today ...


  1. Love the new layout!
    I think the sign on the trail is so sweet.

  2. I love that pretty pink skirt on you, and I'm glad it's something that works with your Collier Tee! A hike sounds like a great weekend activity, hooray for keeping up with it!

  3. I have 2 Ann Taylor flowery tees I had to have, still in the closet with the tags on....

    That is the prettiest skirt ever...

  4. I have the HARDEST time with that collier shirt, but I agree, it is very pretty. :) I might have to dig mine out and try again.

    You look fab, and I am glad you trudged up the "wrong" side of the mountain. Good for you!

  5. I LOVE that skirt! How do the sizes run on it??

  6. very pretty and i love the blog name!!


  7. Great tee and outfit. The tee looks pretty neutral - it doesn't go with any other skirt you have?

  8. SO cute! Love the top and skirt paired together. Would the top go with dark denim? Or maybe light khakis? Hmmm.
    Thanks for visiting my blog, and for your super sweet compliment.
    Have a great day!

  9. Lisa - you look adorable! and i could totally see that top with a royal blue skirt. not sure if you're into that color, but i can totally see it working :)

  10. Love the outfit and the skirt on you. I think it's so cute that you and your BF have decided to take a hike every weekend. What a great way to spend quality time together, as well as getting the day started.

  11. The new layout is really awesome! And I'm loving your skirt, the shape and color are both amazing.

  12. Envious of your hiking trips!
    Hubs and I took a bike ride this evening after I got home from work...ughhh...I work every Sat and Sun all summer due to kids being out of school...double ughhh!

  13. I love the gray and pink together. and yay for hiking!!! That sounds like fun. Where we're "living" right now, it's as flat as an arrow so no fun hiking trails here :(

    clothed much, a modest fashion blog

  14. You look great!! If I let my hair air dry it's so horrible I would not know where to start!!

  15. Mmmm... Hills Marathons, perfect! Hope you enjoyed. What a darling outfit you have on here! I love and adore your blog, this is my first and certainly not last visit to your beautiful site.



  16. Thanks for stopping by and visiting, Nicole, Helena, Becca and Patrica!

    Thanks for following, Viv!

    Tippy - This trail had all sorts of cute little signs like that posted, which was really awesome. One sign asked us to stop and listen to the birds, the babbling brook and the rest of nature around us, which I think we miss sometimes bc we're trying so hard to trudge on!

    Dina - I think I really need to change my shopping habits, as I tend to buy each piece as a standalone and not consider how it fits in my wardrobe. It means I love staring at my wardrobe as a whole but then I have a really hard time putting things together - case in point!

    Nicole - I got the skirt in a S and I think you should size down if you want it to wear it higher on your waist. I like my waists loose though, but mine has a tendency to slide down to the hips a bit because the elastic is not super-tight (which makes it really comfy) and there's a thin drawstring helps keep the skirt up. Hope this helps a bit.

    Aimee - I still have to get over my tendency to matchy-match everything. Thanks for the rec!

    Cindi - I know the BF enjoys the hiking but I don't think he's very appreciative of it when we're out and about and he's sweating his butt off! I recommended to him that we should go hiking somewhere on Sunday too - I was totally shot down!

    Eleanor - The BF and I used to have bikes but we never rode them and finally sold them during our last garage sale. And I had a mountain bike because it was the only adult-sized bike that wasn't too tall for my short-self ... which also meant that thing was heavy as heck!

    Tricia - My hair was fine for a bit, but then it got the frizzies after it totally dried out and just looked a mess. I can't work the Kristin Stewart perfectly tousled look at all. Sigh.

    Elaine - It may be flat where you guys are now, but I bet the weather is awesome - and you've got a sweet pool to enjoy!

  17. Thanks for the advice on the shoes Lisa. My only fear is that if I buy both to compare I may end up wanting to keep both (which I may end up doing anyways!)! Too many shoes too little $$ :)


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