10 July 2010

Acadiana Wannabe

Remember this gorgeous Leifsdottir skirt that still hasn't gone on sale? Well if even 25% off the $198 price tag is still a little much for you ( à la Neiman Marcus), then here are a few options that - though not nearly the same - I think are evoke-ish of the feel of the original and may help stave off the craving:

ASOS spot tulip skirt - also comes in grey/pink and black/white ($42.11)

Babooshka high waisted paperbag mini via Etsy - also in black/white ($36)

Spicy Holic polka dot skirt via YesStyle ($50)

Click polka dot layered skirt via YesStyle - also in black/white ($38.40)

Of course all you awesome DIY-ers out there may just be able to create a ruffly blue polka dotted mini. Le sigh.

Lastly ... does this dress remind you of a more toned down version of a certain monochromatic piece from Anthro last fall?


  1. I love all the skirts. Very pretty styles.

  2. i so love polka dots. still trying to find the perfect dotty item, tho. it would be the leifsdottir strapless dress....after it goes on sale.


  3. I loooooove that first skirt. So darn cute. J'adore polka dots!

  4. Mmm, I LOVE polka dot patterns, and that Leifsdottir skirt has been on my mind for a while now. Thank you for highlighting all these cute alternatives!

  5. Kcookski - ooh, the strapless dress IS lovely. I can't work the strapless anything, but I bet you can rock it!

    Thanks, Kristin! I need more dots in my life.

    goldenmeans - What I REALLY want is for that Leifsdottir skirt to go on sale. The 25% off on Neiman's is still a little rich for me, for that mini.


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