01 June 2010

Twisted Baker

Alright, ladies, you can tell me the honest truth with my outfit today - did my unconventional "belting" (i.e., not belting) mess up a perfectly OK ensemble?

For some reason I was set on wearing this belt to "pop" my outfit, but it's too big to fit at the high waist. So I thought what the heck, and essentially twisty-tied it. I felt pretty alright about this look but did get some odd glances during lunch. Not sure if folks were thinking I needed a belt-buckling 101 class or I had a piece of lettuce on my cheek - either way, people were nice and talked to me reeeaaalllll slow-like.

Dress: H&M (thanks, sis)
Cardigan: Banana Republic (old as heck)
Belt: J. Crew embossed leather
Shoes: Kenneth Cole Reaction Pine-A-Colada

On to other things - last night we made the effort to make a "real meal" and christened our new grill (it's a cheapie from Char-Broil, but it works and fits on our tiny back deck) and the BF grilled us some NY strips while I did the sides.

Yes those were fresh green beans but my BF grew up with a traditional southern mama and can't stand to eat green beans that have not been cooked to within an inch of its life. So we're taking small steps with the green veggies.

And BF got real creative and tried to make a pineapple cake with the help from a Mr. Duncan Hines - and one 9" springform pan and one pie dish - and two cans of crushed pineapple and about 30 minutes too many in the oven. He was trying to replicate the "best cake ever" - the coconut pineapple layer cake from Vito's in Orlando, and he ... well ... not sure much with the "close." I commend him at least for trying and baking.

(Though this does make us even for my peach "biscuit" incident of '08).


  1. Love the outfit and the belt adds a cute pop of color. I think it is great when I get strange looks from strangers. It makes me feel like I got it right. Yummy dinner-kudos to your sweetie for all of his culinary efforts.

  2. I really like the pop of coral with the color of the dress.

  3. cute! I personally like the belt, however, i do think regardless of how/what color belt is worn, belts garner odd looks (for me anyway). I think the whole belt placement other than in jean loops is a concept difficult to grasp for some (not me!) Like I said, supah cute!

  4. I love your belting! Great way to add a little something something to an already cute ensemble!

    Your dinner looks delish!

  5. Nope, the belting didn't screw it up AT ALL. I love the interesting twist it brought to the outfit.

    Your dinner, especially the mushrooms, looks amazing!!

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  6. From a distance I think it looks pretty cool. Close up, I guess it's a little unusual, but let me tell you, I can't step out of the house without people looking at me funny, so welcome to the club. In my case it's because I look weird. In your case - you look amazing.

  7. I am a fan of the belt! Great pop of color, and I rather like the unusual looping. That said, I wear belts pretty much constantly, so take my words with many grains of salt.

  8. Thanks, Julie. I often say it, so I guess I should start living it too - there's no fear in fashion!

    Thanks, Natalie, Eek, Breanne!

    Thanks, Spiffy. I never thought about it that way, but I agree about the belting thing. BF often gives me the "what are doing" look when I wear my belt around my waist (gasp!) over a blouse or something.

    Thanks, Lady Cardi! Psshaah - You don't look weird at all! But I guess we all have things about ourselves, or what we wear, that we're self-conscious about, regardless of whether or not other people actually notice.

    Thanks, alltumbledown. I love your combos, especially the belts and hats, so I will take yout salt as sugar. :o)


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