13 June 2010

The Space in Between

Hi Ladies! I'm in between biz trips and it's been so nice to have the weekend at home and to get some sleep! Plus an opportunity to pack in some fresh clothes for next week since I did a lousy job packing for the Netherlands. And a chance to catch up on the MTV Movie Awards, RHONY Reunion show and Bethanny Frankel's spin-off.

First off, here are my OOTDs for this weekend - my first real experience of hot ATL summer! Say I just say "UGH?!"

Top: slub tee from Target
Skirt: Xhiliration from Target
Shoes: Indigo by Clarks Finch wedges
Necklace: Laila Rowe

Top: Gap cotton cable-knit sweater
Shorts: J.Crew cotton poplin gingham (no longer online - check stores)
Necklace: J. Crew glass cylinder
Bracelets: Old Navy & J. Crew
Shoes: Indigo by Clarks Finch wedges

I also decided to completely repack with appropriate biz-cas attire - somehow this all will manage to fit into my bag (and I guess I rely heavily on the black when packing for work?):

Somehow this weekend, between the food shopping, lunches out and retail therapy, I managed to spend way too much money in two days but did get some awesome shoes:

(I lived in the tan pair all weekend and they required no breaking in - LOVE!)

And I am inches away from purchasing this stuff (I'm so weak, I know - dang you, free shipping):

(Anyone have any ideas how this fits?
I'm thinking of getting the S to accommodate my football player-size shoulders)

Lastly, BF and I decided to stuff ourselves silly with dinner tonight - some filet from the butcher, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, salad, a baguette and Ina Garten's roasted shrimp cocktail. I'll post pics later if it all turns out.

That's it in a nutshell. Sorry I've been so inconsistent with the posting and reading all your blogs! It'll be back to the regular-scheduled programming by the end of this week, though I am going to be good and track my work outfits since I don't need to be in suits all week.


  1. I love your casual looks! Those sandals look really tempting to me...I need a pair to wear to NYC in about a month. How do they fit?

  2. Hi Eek! The Clarks are so comfortable - they weigh like nothing, the leather is super-soft and have a hidden velcro strap so you can adjust the fit and not have to mess with the buckle. I got my regular size and the sole fit my feet perfectly. My two cents is if you're in-between sizes, maybe go half up. If you can't find them in-stores, maybe order from Zappos or similar, where you can order two sizes and get to return one for free. Hope this helps!

  3. Pretty and polished casual outfits!:D I like the wedges you got!:D

    Have a safe business trip!:D

    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  4. No way - I can't believe those gingham shorts sold out so fast! You are adorable in them! How was the sizing? Both outfits are really cute on you - and YUM, your dinner sounds delicious!

  5. Luv the pattern and shape of that skirt. Beautiful and feminine :)

  6. I am inches away from ordering that blazer as well! I will probably order this weekend after I make sure my daughter has all the summer clothes she needs. (She was running low on clothes that fit... )

    I will be sizing up from a Small to a Medium though. I like that it is a fitted jacket, but I usually take a 6 in jackets and that is already snug. This jacket, I have heard runs extra snug and the arms are tight. 8=Medium, so I'll size up.

  7. Love your outfits and hello - I need those Finch wedges now! Oh and don't buy the Climbing Cowlneck - it's a disaster - I've tried on like 6 and they all hang on the body like a rag with tons of extra fabric hanging off the back - I was so disappointed!!

  8. Loooove that blazer. Your looks look perfect for summer in the south! Keep cool!

    And those Clarks are fab for you. Glad to hear they're so comfy!

  9. Thanks, Marie!

    Hi Jan - I am surprised myself the shorts sold out so fast online, but they were so pretty when I saw them in-store. They are cut like the regular chino shorts, but the material is a thin cotton poplin (and not see-through really, though I'd still check myself if I wore dark undies bc I am neurotic like that). I usually size up in JC shorts because I like them to fit looser - these do feel a tad slimmer than the reg chino shorts, but it may be bc of the lighter material. Hope this helps? Maybe?

    Thanks much, OneCraftyFox!

    Hi Ady - I'm like you, I think I'll be ordering that blazer this week. And I think I'll be sizing up too - nothing worse than a jacket that is ill-fitting in the arms and shoulders.

    Hi Peggy - If you're looking for new wedge sandals, I highly recommend the Finch. And thanks for the info on the Climbing Cowlneck, I was kind of wondering how and why the top was still available in all colors and all sizes online - and I was totally looking at the top as a layering piece under cardis.

    Thanks, Breanne!

  10. I love the gingham shorts with these tan wedges of yours! That blazer is really fantastic! I can't wait to see you style it!

  11. I really love the first look. I would have a horrible time traveling for work. I can not pack to save my life.


  12. I love your casual looks. I think you have a knack for pulling off the casual. I can't seem to get it. It's like my outfits go from either work/office attire to cleaning-out-the-garage attire. Le sigh.

    I'm kind of afraid to ask - coming from a Southern California girl who lives about 15 minutes from the beach and is "protected" by a marine layer, how hot is hot in ATL?

  13. OOOO, the blazer!!! If you get it, I want to see it!

    Your first outfit is gorgeous. I love the floaty skirt and the fun wedges! Just for clarification -- did you get another pair of those wedges in another color? I often contemplate getting the same shoes in different colors but have never done it and wanted to see if anyone else has, haha!

  14. Those Clark wedges are slightly ridiculous...I must have them!

  15. i love the 'Sunday Blazer' I've seen it at Anthropolgie... yet I'm not sure how it fits.

  16. Your first outfit is especially great - I love the skirt. That is a lot of stuff to pack into one bag. Impressive that you can make it all fit!

  17. i love this top look! it's awesome--the shoes, the skirt, everything. totally perfect!

  18. Yes, I'm going to need that striped blazer!

  19. Those DVF Sandals are so cute. I love all the outfits you posted, especially the skirt from Target. Target is the best!


  20. I need those J.Crew shorts. Need.

    And if you get that blazer, let me know! It's on my wish list too, but I've been waiting to read a review first.

    (Be sure to drop by and enter to win a Wendy Mink Jewelry necklace - retail value: $175!)

  21. Thanks, Audrey!

    Thanks for visiting, La Historiadora!

    Hi Melanie - You and I are on the same page with the packing. :o)

    Thanks, Michelle Q. Ah, perfect Cali weather. So not the SE in the summer. Envision weather in the high 80s with heavy humid air from sun up to down. Ugh.

    Thanks, Amy. Yes, I totally got the same sandals in a different color. I do buy in multiples - if something works, why not?

    Ha ha, thanks, FT!

    Hi Alicia - I just bought it online and got it one size up from the web site reviews. Hope it fits!

    Hi Lady Cardi - what I pack is still questionable, but I've become a pro at making stuff fit!

    Thanks, WWNW!

    Hi Chandra - I totally caved and ordered it.

    Thanks, Valerie. I heart Target too. Nothing like an entire outfit that cost like $20.

    Thanks for visiting, Jessica! Totally got the blazer - keeping my fingers crossed that it'll fit like my dreams! :o)

  22. Whoops I'm so behind! But I just wanted to drop in and say that this is not at all typical Atlanta weather for this time of year. It's been extra hot and extra cold the past two years or so. Very weird.


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