19 June 2010

Hello Saturday

Hi ladies, I'm finally home! So I'll be back to our regularly-scheduled programming again shortly.

I did have a bunch of lovely packages waiting for me when I got home, including my much-anticipated Cartonnier Hello Sunday blazer from Anthro.

The jacket is a heavy knit that is lined in the body but not the sleeves. It has light shoulder pads for shape and hook and eye closures down the front. I have the Flipside blazer also from Cartonnier in a XS, but purchased the Hello Sunday in a S, which was a good idea. The sleeves are slim, and though they are comfy for me, the knit doesn't have much stretch so this isn't a blazer where you'll be pushing or rolling up the sleeves on.

Sleeves aside, I am so keeping this jacket. I love LOVE the look and the overall fit. This is definitely something that can be super-casual or dressed up for work.

Unfortunately it was another hot day in the city, so for my OOTD, I opted sans jacket:

Top: J. Crew graphic milliner tee (worn here before)
Skirt: NY & Company abstract print (worn here and here before)
Belt: J. Crew skinny metallic
Sandals: Franco Sarto (worn here and here before)

I also got in my DVF Lush flip flops and think they are keepers. I wanted something as casual and comfy as a reg flip flop, but with a little more pizazz.

The Indigo by Clarks Finch wedges in steel blue leather, however, are going back. The fit and feel are just the same as my tan ones, but the color makes the sandals look clunky. Boo.

BTW, I cut up some fresh jalapenos to go with burgers for dinner. Now everything on my skin that my fingers touch end up on fire. Hope you all are having a better weekend than I am right now.  :o}


  1. yay! I'm glad you are back! I like that blazer on you, I saw it in the store, very cute and well made, definitely something that will last a long time!

  2. How fun to come home to new pretties! Those flip flops are so cute! The tee and skirt were meant for one another - great ootd!

  3. I really like that shirt and how the color in the flower matches the skirt, super cute!
    And I too hate when my fingers smell like onions or garlic, sigh why do we get punished for cooking up good dishes?

  4. girl, you did NOT get that jacket! oh you look so awesome in this outfit - I love, love, love it! I love my Flipside, I wonder if I would like this one as well? Great buy!

  5. Oh, how I love that blazer!
    Those stripes...those stripes!

    Don't touch your eyes with those jalapeno hands or you'll be sorry!

  6. Welcome home! LOVE this blazer - you're totally right, you can dress it up and dress it down. It's totally adorable.

    CUTE DVF flip flops too! SOrry the Clarks didn't work out.

  7. the jacket and flips are great! yeah, isn't that weird about jalapenos? sometimes, they do nothing; other times, they set your body on fire. too bad you can't tell by lookin' at 'em which ones will be scorchers.

  8. That jacket is soooo cute. I must try it on the next time I'm in the store.

    And that skirt and tee are great together!

  9. I love coming home to packages, whee!! I agree, the Hello Sunday blazer looks awesome on you. I can't wait to see you wear it formal for work and edgy for play.

  10. I love those DVF sandals!!!! I think I *need* a pair!!! I also love the blazer it's a total keeper!

  11. Thanks for all your lovely comments, ladies.

    Is it bad that now I am looking forward to a biz trip or colder weather so I can break out the Hello Sunday blazer?

  12. Ooh, you look so awesome in the blazer! I admit I tried to try it on in the store and...well, "tried" would be the operative word, I couldn't get the S over my arms!! But it suits and fits *you* perfectly :)


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