21 June 2010

Games People Play

Here's yesteday's OOTD:

Shirt: Lands' End Canvas gingham poplin (worn here before)
Shorts: Anthropologie Hei Hei Heatwave (worn here before, and here for the plaid version)
Belt: J.Crew embossed
Bracelet: J. Crew studded bangle
Shoes: Franco Sarto

Weird note about me: I'm not big on making returns. Partly because I've lazy and don't want to head back to the store just to return something; partly because I'm cheap and don't want to pay for return shipping (well aware that I spent more money buying the item and will lose money if I keep and don't wear the item); and partly because I usually hem and haw about a purchase for so long that I don't even buy it unless I am pretty sure about it.

So it is unusual for me to need to return a bunch (my idea of a bunch) of stuff - but it is really just more evidence that I am a terrible impulse shopper.

Exhibit 1: I purchased the Left Coast Herb Field cardi from Anthro and tried it on for the first time at home - bad call. It is now completely sold out online and was a wish list item for me, so when I saw it in-store on Sunday, I snatched it up immediately (and thoughtlessly!) bought it.

I got the XS and it fit great in the sleeves, but the collar was a hot mess (to put it lightly). I couldn't make the jersey and silk trim lay in any fashion that looked remotely flattering. And honestly, for $88, I kind of wanted something a bit more substantial than a glorified jersey knit.

(However, you can see those who know how to rock their Herb Field cardis - Tippy and Kim and Rosa).

Exhibit 1.5: I also snagged the Molded & Melded tee on my visit on Sunday after finding it on accident on a shelf under a table. The tee was on my wish list and I got a XS - but when I tried it on at home, it was a little huge on me and kind of hung strangely due to the embellishments. Doomed for the returns pile? I'm still considering.

Exhibit 2: I ended up purchasing the steel blue Indigo by Clarks Finch wedges on a whim. The tan ones I have are awesome, so I considered getting a pair in another color. Well of course the steel blue ones were sold out in my size almost everywhere (and why does that make you want something more?!) ... until Zappos had a popback and I bit the bullet. Well hello, Clunkville!

Exhibit 3: For some reason returning the (already-superfluous) Clarks mentally made me think it was OK to hunt for another pair of wedges. And I am now making my first foray into the world of sky-high heels, and purchased the Kasi wedge from Sam Edelman (dang you, Endless, and your sandal super-sale).

I've seen this shoe on some other bloggers and thought they look super-hot. However I haven't even received them yet and I am already having buyer's remorse. Another pair of wedges? And potential ankle-twisters for a known klutz?! (Another thing I love about you, Endless and Zappos, is your awesome free returns policy).

The end story? Lisa = bad impulse shopper who is completely susceptible to the mental games of supply vs. demand. Don't be like me. :o}


  1. First of all I am a chronic returner! I should go to a group. I kid you not I once returned over 1000 at Anthro (it's an hour drive and it's hard to find the time to get up there!) The lady was like HOLY MOLY this is the most I have ever returned! I did exchange and end up with going back on my card but I worry I will get black listed! I just often order 2 sizes of things in case I like the fit of one vs the other. Anyways I love your outfit and want you to know NEVER feel bad about a few returns I am so much worse I assure you!

  2. I love your mix of color and prints today!

    I relate to impulse shopping...do it all the time myself. However, I am all for returning items that I don't like or do not fit. I am especially selective on buying shoes online because you never know how they are going to fit - that's why I only buy where I can return to store or by mail for free. Good luck with your returns!

  3. I should not be allowed in to H&M for this very reason. The cheap price tags make me lose all sensibility - impulse purchases are the worst!

    On a much happier note, I am LOVING your ootd - what a super cute combo, and the belt is the perfect match!

  4. I am in love with patterned shorts this season and these are great!

  5. Hi Lisa, My name is Pamela and I'm an impulse shopper, too. Welcome to the club!

  6. I blame bloggers for buying and returning much more than I used to. I get swept away in what could be and then I get home to my reality and sometimes have to take things back. Sometimes I really love something and I'm determined to make it work but if I haven't worn it after 2 weeks I usually take it back because how much can I love it if it's just hanging out in my closet?

    love the pattern mixing- you rock those shorts!

  7. I'm the same way with returns. I just hate it. It makes me really, really careful when I'm shopping.

    Cute shorts, btw!


  8. Hello. I am Jinah and I am a serial returner. I am also a shopaholic so it evens out and no stores harbor resentment towards me. If you need support on making returns I can be your wingman.

  9. Girl, you are too funny! I love how you have mixed the prints here, I think they work really well :)

  10. Awwww, I definitely get the same feelings of "OH MY GOD I JUST FOUND THIS MUST BUY NOW" whenever I stumble on something that's "rare." It's such a bad impulse! But even though you're having buyer's remorse for the wedges, at least, as you mentioned, Endless has free return shipping! :D

  11. Hee hee, nice to know I'm not alone in my shopaholic tendencies and to hear about your purchasing and returns quirks. Are we all just a bunch of shoppers' anonymous enablers? :o)

    Tricia, you cracked me up and all I can say is "holy cow, lady." But better to return all that stuff than keep it and not wear it!

    Spiffy, I totally agree with you and need to follow your returns policy.

  12. cute outfit! i have this shirt in lt. blue + apple, i may need to get the coral as well. it's perfect. :)


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