04 June 2010

Bugging Out

Ack - it starts. With one tiny bump on the bony part of the ankle. And you ignore it for a few hours because it you don't really notice. But then you accidentally rub something against it and you feel the familiar tingling - you know what I'm talking about. And before you know it, you're on that bug bite like a wild spider monkey, trying to make the itch go away, except it just makes the bite get bigger, redder - and itchier.

So goes the whine of me - a total mosquito magnet. Who lives in the hot muggy South. And who is sick of having to spray myself down with OFF! every day in the summer before going outside like any other person would before going wilderness (except I'm just going to Target).

You ladies have any remedies for not attracting bugs? And what do you do to keep the inevitable bites from itching so bad?

BTW - trying a new spot in the house for my OOTD pics. I don't want you thinking my place has no furniture, but I find it a lot less distracting in the outfit pics if the backgrounds are fairly clear. Makes up a bit for my overall lack of photography skills. I still need to buy myself a new camera!

Love this jacket. It is like a structured blazer made out of light-weight sweatshirt material.
And it's fully lined in a soft pin-striped fabric.
I kind of want to go back to my Anthro and get the other colors now, please.
(OK, I'll just go on Saturday ...) 

Jacket: Anthropologie Cartonnier Flipside (now on sale - sold out online but I've seen lots in stores)
Top: Forever 21 Effortless Calm tunic (worn here before)
Skirt: NY & Company abstract print (worn here before)
Shoes: Franco Sarto snake print slingbacks
Belt: Banana Republic woven leather

And I just found this out by accident last night, but if you like Boden, they have a fairly new-ish (maybe just new to me?) off-shoot called Johnnie B with clothes for teens (i.e., clothes us fellow shorties may also be able to squeeze into). Granted, the overall look is a little young, but there are a few super-sweet pieces:

Stripe Woven Skirt - in two colors

Floaty Cami - in three prints

Ballet Pumps - in three colors


  1. Pretty skirt! And I totally know what you mean about the bugs here in Georgia. I have scars on my legs of bites that I scratched too much in years past. Hope it gets better for you!

  2. that's what I love about living on the coast - no bugs! Great look with the Flipside! I love my blue one

  3. I have a love-hate relationship with mosquitoes. They love me. I hate them.

    BTW, You look freaking STUNNING. That skirt. The cardi. EVERYTHING.

    Don't forget to enter for your chance to win a $25 Tulle gift certificate!

  4. What a beautiful skirt. And I feel your pain. Florida is full of skeeters!

  5. Great outfit and I love your new spot for the pics! That Boden skirt is adorable - please shake me and remind me that I can't wear full skirts like that - SO CUTE!

  6. if you had a spider monkey, then you wouldn't have mosquitos! that thing'd chomp 'em!
    on the positive side, you look wonderful - as always.
    ever tried that avon "skin so soft" stuff? people swear by it.


  7. Fabulous look today! I saw this jacket at Anthro and passed it up, but it looks wonderful on you!

    Unfortunately I am a mosquito magnet too. I try to remember to spray myself before running in the morning. The rest of my day is typically spent indoors so not to much trouble there!

  8. Cute! Love blazers with full skirts. I've seen that jacket at Anthro and it DOES look super comfy.

    BTW, I've been curious about Johnnie B. I buy Mini Boden a lot for the kids and I have several Boden pieces - but sometimes women's Boden is a bit too frumpy for me.

  9. I am obsessing about gray sweatshirt blazers. Honestly, it is too hot to wear them here, but in the dead of winter. So I resist. And obsess.

    You look adorable!


  10. I am there with you on the mosquito thing!!! I also need to work on where I take my pictures! I swear in my small house that is the ONLY place that gets enough light!

  11. Oooh JohnnieB looks like it is right up my alley! I'll have to take a gander...

    And yuck, I get mosquito bitten all the time too! They sneak into my house, my work, and follow me around in the mall too. WTF AHHH

  12. My skin reacts very quickly to bug bites and I swell like crazy so I usually take benadryl right after a bite. I also use ice packs on my bites to numb the area and keep me from scratching and scarring my skin.

  13. I'm a mosquito magnet. I actually get welts and hives from their bites. I hate it because my legs can look like a war zone unless I stay indoors.

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  15. (Reposting to correct a typo!)

    Mosquitoes don't like me much. Someone else will get five bites or more and I'll get just one. It may be partly because I use tea-tree oil soap (Jason's Natural, love it) - maybe that's a repellent. Also, I almost always wear jeans (less skin for them to land on) and I try to remember to wear long sleeves if I'm going to be outside for more than a few minutes. Granted, that's not easy to do in the heat.

    For some reason, bugs love to hover around my head - wasps as well as mosquitoes - so I've taken to wearing a hat outdoors, too. Yes, I am a comical sight in summer, swathed from head to toe in fabric, but it protects me from the sun as well as bugs.

    I'm impressed by how varied and pretty your outfits are. This is another winner. I admire that Forever 21 tunic.

  16. Thanks for all your comments, ladies!

    Thanks for visiting, Pagano DesignWorks, Fallon, Jacquelyn and Zanah!

    Kcookski - If a spider monkey could resolve my bug issues, I'd seriously see about the permits it would require to acquire one.

    Jan - I kind of really like that skirt myself. But I'm pretty sure it is SHORT and I know I can't pull off the short full skirt look. Now if I had Jinah's long legs ...

    Thanks, Lady Cardi! Ugh, I am a total magnet. BF likes to joke it is because my gravy low-light is on. I'll have to check out the tea tree oil stuff - that'd be a nice alternative to pesticiding myself almost every day.

  17. That second picture is such a model pose. I love it! :)
    And this outfit is too cute as well as incredibly flattering on you.
    A sweatshirt blazer is the best thing. The material is so comfy, but it's perfectly suitable for work. I have a black one, but grey would be good too. I don't see them in too many other colors.

    Notes from the Dressing Room

  18. I absolutely LOVE your look today!! so fresh and beautiful!



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