26 May 2010

When the Cat is Away ...

Wow, it is kind of too quiet at home and kind of boring when the BF is away. The house suddenly seems too big and I wake up in the middle of the night hearing random noises I am sure I would have normally ignored. Plus cooking for one kind of sucks - though I have to admit I've been eating way healthier these past two days (Morning Star veggie burgers, I am addicted to you).

And though I am typically the neat freak of the house, suddenly when there is no one to keep the house neat for, there are dishes piling up on the sink ... the bed doesn't get made ... the laundry sits in the dryer ... crumbs collect underfoot. And it's just been two days, I know!

So I'm making myself get out of the house for a bit today for more than work-related items - lunch with a friend and then maybe a visit to Target (and maybe a random pair of Cynthia Vincent wedges to be found in my size, pretty please?).

For my OOTD, I took inspiration from this Anthro outfit set. I'm feeling pretty good about my outfit today, though I may end up having to trade in the belt - it keeps wanting to go up while the skirt keeps wants to go down (not a good look).

What do you ladies do (or not do) when the hubby/BF/roomie is away?

Top: Martin & Osa v-neck button-cuff tee
Skirt: Delicia eyelet from Alloy (worn here before)
Belt: Anthropologie City Safari (worn here before)
Shoes: Mossimo wedges from Target
Necklace: Etsy (worn here before)


  1. Not surprising since you always have fantastic shoes and your blog is named after them, but I LOVE the shoes in this post.

    When my husband is gone, I do all the Breanne stuff I don't have as much of a chance for anymore, with husband, work & baby: I get my favorite fast food (Chipotle burrito!), pop in one of my favorite shows on DVD (Friends, or Lost, or SATC) and usually end up doing some blog browsing.

    I hope you find fun ways to pass the time!

  2. Did you get those wedges recently? Big puffy heart them!

  3. My husband is never gone! I'm always the one that has trips and events, so if he ever did leave me for a few days, I'd go on a ridiculous Martha Stewart cleaning, redecorating spree, lay out on my back patio, go swimming, and order pizza!

  4. Thanks, Breanne! Oh I love the Chipotle and I do some Lisa-stuff as well - just like you, I watch all the romantic comedy chick-flick type movies that BF usually hats and last night I gave myself a pedi and surfed the net in bed - who needs to do the dishes!

    Thanks, Kristin! I got these wedges like a month ago at Target for like $25. They were the last pair and in my size. Target's always randomly restocking stuff all the time, so who knows, there may be some at yours now.

    Sadie's Momma - I want to hang out with you! I always end up saving my cleaning for the day before BF comes back so it's always a mad rush to get things done - and I wish I had a pool!

    Thanks, Melanie. Yeah, BF will be back tomorrow night ... which means I need to get some cleaning done today, shoot!

  5. I love your white eyelet skirt. I completely agree that it's not fun to cook for one. My husband rarely makes it home for dinner, so I always have that dilemma!


  6. You've got the best belt collection! I love this one!

    When the hubs is away, I tend to spend too much time on the computer, reading other people's blogs. Probably do that too much as it is ;)

  7. Great outfit! But I know what you mean about some belts shifting one way and the skirt the other! UGH!

    Oooh, when Mr. M is gone, I relish the silence. I make something tasty to eat and then relax and lounge on the sofa, let the dishes "soak" in the sink and just watch E! or anything I darn well please. It's weird, bc if he were home, he could wouldn't care, but just knowning I'm alone makes it feels different!

  8. I totally know what you mean about staying in an empty house! We have two pets, so that helps. I feel like animals have better senses for when scary things are about to go down.

  9. super-cute outfit! love the delicate eyelet with the strong navy. and you always do such a bang-up job with the belts.
    if i had alone time - no hub, no kids - i don't know what i'd do with myself. probably short-circuit. :)

  10. My opinion:


    Really pretty!

  11. Hi Lisa,

    yes my wedges are super comfortable. I can walk around in them all day and on hard pavement. Thanks for stopping by SheWearSheShares!

  12. Valerie - Aw, that sucks about the dinner thing, but that at least means you get to make exactly what you're feeling like for dinner!

    Eek - one of my guilty pleasures when the BF is away is to bring the laptop to bed so I can lounge, have the TV on and scroll through the Internet. And sometimes I bring snacks too ...

    Pamela - I know what you mean. BF wouldn't care if I didn't do the dishes or just watched TV all day, but it kind of feels like a "treat" when I do it home alone.

    Jinah - Ooh, I am so over-due for a pet. I kind of want a cat because they're more self-sufficient, but unfortunately the BF and I are allergic. Unfortunately I think we're both on the road too much for a puppy ... aww ...

    Kcookski - belts have become my new best friend. I honestly had like one belt before I started blogging - you gals all convinced me of the wonderfulness of creating a waist!

    Thanks, Lesa!

    Thanks for visiting, SWSS. I've having a hard time not buying your wedges - they're gorgeous and now on sale, argh!


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