25 May 2010

Medieval Schoolgirl

My BF is a lucky duck and he flew out yesterday to go to Prague on business (you don't even need to say it, I am already thinking it). Lucky for me, his trip is a short one and he'll be back in time for us to spend our extended weekend together.

He did leave it to me though, to plan some local outings for us when he gets back, so we don't just waste another weekend with mindlessness, so I am excited about that ... except that I don't know of any fun outings (I need to go to Anthro to return something - does that count?).

I ended up doing some light online searching and seems like there's a Jazz Festival going on (jazz is kind of meh for me) ... and ... and a Renaissance Festival? Is that for-reals? Like bestill my fluttering true medieval nerdy King Arthur DOES exist heart - or just gaggles of two-bit Robin Hood wannabes carting cotton candy in a plastic tub?

Can any of you gals in the ATL area recommend any cool day trips or events going on this weekend?

Here's my OOTD. Not sure how I am feeling about this look - it seems a little too sweet for me, but I do like the top (thanks, sis) and am wearing my almost-never-leaving-my-feet sandals. Is it because this outfit mildly reminds me of a schoolgirl uniform?


Top: Ann Taylor jeweled bib sweater
Skirt: J. Crew cotton striped (worn here and here before)
Belt: Anthropologie Infinity
Shoes: Kenneth Cole Reaction Pine-A-Colada


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  2. I'm not familiar with the ATL area, but you should TOTALLY go to the Renaissance Fair! They are so much fun. I've only been to a couple, but they have a lot of events going on (think jousting and swordfights) and the food is yummy (giant turkey legs and beer!) There's also usually good shopping in the form of arts and crafts and little trinkets. There are usually some plays and performances, too...so fun and not at all nerdy! Okay, maybe a little nerdy, and I am an English teacher so...maybe don't take my advice? haha...

  3. School girl?! Not at all! You look hot--and those shoes really make me envious! I haven't been to the Ren Fair in years, but it was a lot of fun the one time I did go. It's legit. I certainly don't remember any cotton candy tubs. ;)

    Melanie@Unravelled Threads

  4. Oooh I adore this outfit- what a sweet, pretty ensemble, and the shots of black make it chic and grown up. Oh and go to the renaissance fest! Go! It'll be fun ^^

  5. The ATL Renassiance Fest is awesome! I'm used to the small Medieval Faire in Gainesville, FL and the ATL is huge in comparison! Not too cheesy, many of the costumes are authentic replicas and everyone is so happy to be there that its a really friendly, fun event in my experience. Definitely check it out! =)

  6. your outfit is super cute! very sweet and feminine. yes, back to woodbury this weekend i go...and i think there's a renaissance festival going on near it as well! haha. have one of those giant turkey leg drumstick things for me :)

  7. I've always wanted to go to a Renaissance fair, so I hope you do that! Your outfit is so cute. But if you think it's too sweet, I'll bet you could wear that top with jeans and it would have a totally different vibe.

  8. I love the post title! The bib sweater is just beautiful!

  9. love the ann taylor sweater!

  10. Super pretty! I love the way that neckline looks like a peter pan collar - adorable! I think you should check out the Renaissance Festival too!

  11. Love the outfit.. especially your shoes!!!:D

    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  12. Thanks for all your lovely comments, ladies, especially about my outfit, which I was a bit unsure about.

    Sounds like I'll be dragging the BF to the renaissance fair this weekend - I am kind of really excited about it. There WILL be turkey legs and visitors can bring their swords, as long as they are sheathed! (Though not sure if that makes me feel good or not so much ...)

  13. I absolutely LOVE the details on the top, so so chic!



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