29 May 2010

A Late Dress Week Addition

I'm back from a day of frolicking at the Renaissance Festival (BF and I actually went - and though we're exhausted, we both actually had a really good time!) FYI to you Atlanta-area folks - this weekend at the festival is two tickets for the price of one, and I totally think it's worth going. And I highly recommend planning to pay for your tickets with cash - zero line waiting.

More on the Festival laters, but I thought I'd drop in a quick post to cover my outfit for going to dinner with the BF tonight. This is also my late addition to Dress Week, being hosted by Melanie at Unravelled Threads. Thought I'd keep the accessorizing simple since there was already a whole lot going on with the print:

Dress: Ann Taylor Loft poplin striped (seen here before)
Belt: Anthropologie, from the Swirling Villages dress by Moulinette Soeurs
Shoes: Kenneth Cole Reaction Pine-A-Colada

Thanks to Melanie for hosting Dress Week!


  1. Love the dress! How are you? I've been on vacation for a week!

  2. love that belt with the dress. nicely done.


  3. Great choice to accessorize your dress with a colorful belt!

    And the festival sounds fun. Were you in costume or just watching? I've been to one a long time ago (just watching), and had a blast. :)

  4. Glad you had fun at the festival! You look awesome in that dress! I think I'm going to wear my finally decided upon black sandals tomorrow - whoohoo!

  5. Welcome back, Peggy! I can't wait to "hear" more about your break.

    Thanks, Kcookski!

    Thanks, ABC. No, I just watched but a LOT of people were in costume - I thought it was really cool that so many people could get into the spirit of things.

    Thanks, Jan. I can't wait to see you in your new black sandals!

  6. The belt looks like it was made for the dress! It looks amazing, I love all the different patterns. It's super cute :)

  7. I love that print! Such a cute dress :)

  8. Really cute dress! Love it on you :D

  9. I love the different patterns on the dress, very cute!


  10. Ooooo Lisa!! I love how you added a coloful belt.. :) It's perfect.

    xx Love & Aloha
    **Stop by to enter my InezDesigns giveaway!

  11. That belt MAKES that dress. Gorgeous!

  12. Thanks for visiting, Inge , Marie and Dee.

    Thanks, Liz - hope you're having an awesome time in the UK!

    Thanks, Emilie, Sharon and Kristin!


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