10 May 2010

Comfort Me with Apples

Today's OOTD is not really me. Though quite honestly I am not completely sure what "me" is in the sartorial sense anyways. But it is very much a departure from what I normally wear, and what I feel comfortable wearing.

Granted, I was physically comfortable in this outfit - very comfortable - and take back every bad thing I've ever said about leggings in my comfort. Until I glance at myself in the mirror and every bad thing I've ever said about leggings comes rushing back.

I guess I just feel exposed since I think that leggings bare everything about me and my body that I'm uncomfortable with (I'm definitely not trying to make this a pity party, just trying to explain my way through myself). But general feelings of overexposure aside, I told myself to live with it, try it, and maybe I'd even like it. Or at minimum document it and blog it, because I try to keep a good running tally of my outfits.

So here's my casual, semi-"meh" OOTD for a rainy Monday:

Finally! Black sandals found - decided on the "wedgelet" heel vs the Seychelles Gypsy because these were lower
and more comfy. And Reaction sandals are usually padded pretty well. Sold!

And nude nail polish - my new fave.

Sweater: Banana Republic cotton blend button tunic
Leggings: Target
Shoes: Kenneth Cole Reaction Pine A Colada
Necklace: babyjewlz from Etsy (worn here before)
Bracelet: gift


  1. Lisa... you're a little hottie with a body. The leggings look great on you! :) I heart leggings... it's so easy to wear. I hope you're having a great day sweetie. HUGS.

    xx Love & Aloha

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  2. I feel totally "meh" about leggings too. But that blue is great on you!

  3. your legs and my shoulders should go out for a drink! ha! bad joke...not sure it even makes sense... ah, is it Friday yet?

    leggings are tough to pull off but I think you look super cute!

  4. Great black sandals!! Hey lady - you have 91 followers already!! Whoot-whoot!

  5. Ha ha, thanks, Sharon. Now you, lady, can rock a pair of leggings - and a short skirt - and a poufy dress. Thanks!

    Thanks, Blondie. I have to admit leggings sure are comfy - but I think part of my uncomfortableness in them is that I'm personally not completely convinced that it's outerwear!

    OMG, Spiffy, you're cracking me up! Thanks!

    Thanks much, Peggy! I know, I'm thrilled!

  6. I think you look great and can totally pull off leggings as pants, though I'm not a big supporter of the style. Have you ever tried jean leggings? They may make you feel less exposed while still giving you that leggings look!

  7. leggings are just so thin and so tight, there'd be something wrong with you if you didn't feel overexposed! i wear 'em because they're damn comfy and as long as there's butt/upper thigh coverage, it's all good. i agree with amy k, though — jean leggings are the best. they hide a multitude of sins and still look sleek. the sandals are fab. i need to know - what nail polish is that? i'm still searching the perfect nude....

  8. Love the sandals, and the toenail polish! I'm doing mine in a pale pink today too!

  9. Cute outfit and I love those sandals!:D

    Have a lovely week!:D

    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  10. I'm not a fan of leggings really, but I think they look great on you. You have the kind of figure I'd like to have.

  11. I'm terrified of leggings. They look good on you, though! They seem like they're nice and thick and you've dressed them up quite a bit with the sandals, which I love btw. :)

    Melanie@Unravelled Threads

  12. Amy/Kcookski - Thanks for the recs on the denim leggings. I have a pair of really stretchy skinny jeans at (I've totally forgotten to pick up!) the tailors that may be kind of similar. I haven't decided if I like THOSE yet either but I got them cheap off Ebay and figure they are worth trying. Thanks!

    Liz/KCookski - my polish is a cheapie - Sally Hansen in 07 Quick Sand. It's a mildly pinky/tan nude color with a faint shimmer. It was like $1 and has this kind of ridiculously big brush. I found it in my bathroom drawer yesterday and had forgotten I had bought it and never used it until now.

    Thanks, Marie!

    Thanks so much, Lady Cardi. Not sure if you want my figure, being that I'm height-challenged, but I've got a stretchy belly to pack in the food!

  13. Thanks, Melanie! Yeah, I tried the leggings with flats look but I don't look anywhere near as chic as those twig-looking French girls. Actually I think the word that came to mind was stumpie. So heels seemed more appropriate.


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