18 May 2010

Castle in the Clouds

I think the talk of our little corner of fashion blogging is all about the Anthropologie semi-annual type sale that started today. Unfortunately I can't make it to a store this week, but did the "obligatory" on-line browsing and picked up a few items (Silver Lining Dress, A Rose Is A Rose Tank, City Safari Belt and the previously much sought-after Berry Bush Tights in black - for $5? OK).

So what goodies did you ladies manage to snag? Is the sale everything the hype made it out to being?

Also, if you're not completely Anthro'd out yet, here's a belated OOTD for you gals from last week - I had my eye on the Castle Lake Dress since it first appeared on the Anthro web site. But I resisted. I was even good when it finally went on sale about two weeks ago. Then I saw it on Spiffy (and then Audreybella, not the mention the reviews from a cadre of other bloggettes when the dress first came out) and got all googly-eyed about it again but by then the web was out of my size. Oh well.

Then I was cruising through Ebay and saw it pop up like some sort of fashion unicorn - brand new, in my size, from a reputable seller, for $40. So even though I had doubts on whether or not the dress was too long for me or would even look good on me (blah, blah, blah), I clickedty-clicked my way through that purchase as the third person to even look at that posting.

And it actually fits. And though I think I need to wear a cardi over it (need to work out the ole shoulders and arms, people), I really like the dress. I actually swished and twirled my way from room to room for a while, thankful that BF wasn't at home to witness the flash of fashion madness.

Dress: Anthropologie Floreat Castle Lake
Belt: Urban Outfitters Deena & Ozzy stretch
Shoes: Sofft Vivian patent leather slingbacks

OK, now I am officially (temporarily) Anthro'd out.


  1. You look great in it! I love it with the belt.

  2. You look stellar. That dress fits you perfectly :)

    Melanie@Unravelled Threads

  3. YIPIDY-YIP! Nice dress, great success 'story' ;)

    A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

  4. It's a very cute dress, love the colors & the belt!

  5. Pretty dress!! I haven't checked out the sale yet, but I'll take a look and see what I can find :-)

  6. you look beautiful! I love that dress! what a deal too! No anthro for me - I went to the store yesterday and put 4 things on hold - only 1 of them went to the sale and I want it soooo bad, but it's still no spend may!!

  7. The dress looks fantastic. I see lots of possibilities, brown belt, black belt. Maybe even red with your light colored shoes.

  8. I love that dress, and it looks beautiful on you. I'm trying to resist the Anthro sale. There are some great deals on cardigans, but I don't need them right now. So I am telling myself.

  9. Aw thanks for the mention! you look fantastic and I think your arms/shoulders look great! you have that belt- I have my eye on that one, it goes GREAT with the dress.
    I went bananas at the sale and feel kind of dirty about it. Think I'll go shower now :(

  10. The dress is fantastic on you!

    I bought two skirts from the sale, it was hard to resist piling more into my cart. VERY hard.

  11. Fashion unicorn, hahaha! You really make me laugh, Lisa! I love it!

    The dress is amazing on you, though. I think your arms look really good for bare arm action. Mine are disturbingly pale and uh... jiggly. Seriously, though, your arms look really good! Do you do anything to keep them toned?

  12. Thank you for the idea to belt it. I own it and love it, but the fabric is a bit much without something to anchor it (funny--what with it having ships and all). :) You look so pretty, glad you (finally) got it!

  13. Gorgeous dress! You look wonderful and your arms look great!

  14. Awesome eBay find! I keep thinking to myself that I should look more, but it's helping me to stay on budget to stay away. Pooh.

  15. the dress looks great on you! and what a steal!

  16. Thanks for all your lovely comments, ladies!

    Peggy - you're half-way through your no-spend month! I don't know how you stay so strong, keep it up!

    Spiffy - YOU got some super-awesome deals at the sale, especially on stuff that has looooong been gone. I wasn't kidding about stealing your new shoes lady, be careful when you take them off your feet. :o)

    Amy - You crack me up. My arms? Toned? I think they are as toned as almost two reps of baconator and curly fries a day can get me!

    Thanks, Dina. I agree about the fabric being kind of full. I think belting definitely helps that - and call me blind, but it took me a lot of looking to figure out the exact pattern!

  17. YAY, beautiful dress! I had no idea the Anthropologie sale started yesterday! Ugh, I walked right by the store and made myself keep walking last night. Maybe I'll check it out tonight. Thanks for the info!


  18. shuddup - your arms AND shoulders look quite sculpted. i'm psyched cuz we're hitting anthro this weekend, armed with my b-day discount!

  19. I hope you find some good stuff, Valerie - you look fantastic in strappy dresses!

    Oh Kcookski - thanks but if you were to touch my upper arms ... J-E-L-L-O. Ooh, hope you grab some awesome things with your discount!


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