11 May 2010

Blue Jean Baby

Today I just wanted to be comfortable, so I broke back into my never-fail friend, the jean. Can I whine for a sec about how unhappy I've been since J. Crew decided to discontinue their petite sizing in denim? I've loved J. Crew denim for years and years and years, and their jeans (especially the Hip Slung cut) fit me like no other. I don't have colt-ish legs, but somehow in J. Crew jeans, it seemed like I did. Oh those magical sewing elves ...

However, in the past year or two, they did away with the petite sizing and I don't know about you ladies, but I don't consider a 31" inseam a Short size. Only with sky-high heels maybe, but now I'm relegated to hoarding the pairs I have and searching for gently loved ones on Ebay.

So in my huff, I decided to don my Ann Taylof Loft pair today - which fits fine - but is not the same (wistful sighing). And here's the rest of my OOTD - all oldies for me, but goodies. Nice reminder to self to shop my closet more often.

Whose denim do you adore and can't live without?

Sweater: J. Crew cotton metallic tunic (I forgot what this print was called, but remember manically ordering it when I first saw it online)
Tank: Gap
Jeans: Ann Taylor stretch bootcut
Shoes: Sofft Roma woven leather thongs (worn here before)
Bracelets: J. Crew skinny studded gold & Old Navy enamel blue
Belt: Ebay (worn here before)


  1. Ah, denim! There's nothing quite like a great fitting pair of jeans! Have you ever thought about buying J.Crew's jeans and getting them hemmed? Hemming usually only costs about $8-$12 a pair, so it's not too bad, especially if you love the fit and the only problem is the length! I personally love Joe's Jeans and True Religions, though I admittedly have to get them hemmed (or hem them myself). I love them because they fit my generous hips/bum really well!

  2. For me the place to go for jeans is still the Gap. I'm trying to find alternatives but nothing is matching up. I wonder why retailers are so stingy about offering petite sizes? Heaven knows there are trillion petite ladies in the world.

  3. This is a fantastic look. I love my Delia's jeans because they come in extended sizes.

    Melanie@Unravelled Threads

  4. jeans, hmm I don't have any I love but I wear one pair of calvin klein bootcut jeans at least once a week and I have a pair of straight leg banana republic petite jeans I wear quite a bit... I have a couple pair of gap jeans (from their "new improved denim" and a couple pair of Joes that work for the junk in my trunk. Jeans are tricky. You look super cute today- love the belt!

  5. great casual outfit! I love how a belt can make and outfit!

  6. Hehe I have the exact OPPOSITE problem: I need a 36-37' inseam (tall parents! They'll getcha everytime ;)

    Hmmm as far as a denim brand I can't live without... hmmm... Oh! I really love 'Almost Famous' denim- they are edgy, stylish and inexpensive (and of course, fit me well :)

    A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

  7. Thanks, Amy. Don't laugh, but no, I didn't consider getting them hemmed. However, that is probably because my "to be altered" pile usually sits in the deep dark reaches of the closet that I always forget about - I literally just got two pieces hemmed that have been sitting in my closet unloved pretty much forever.

    Lady Cardi - I do like the Gap and them do make some nice denim too. My personal problem with them is that I have a few pairs of their jeans and their fit is all across the board for the same sizes.

    Melanie - I still need to try Delia's but their sizing kind of intimidates me. I'm a weirdo, I know.

    Thanks, Spiffy. Jeans totally are tricky. I bought a pair of JC ones in a new wash way back when and it was absolutely perfect ... except the rear pockets were sewn kind of far apart ... giving me the appearance of a strange smallish wide flat bum.

    Thanks, Peggy. You're right about the belt. I wasn't even going to photograph myself today - and then I belted it and suddenly belt pretty alright.

    Thanks for visiting, A.Co. I'll need to check out this Almost Famous denim.

  8. As a teen I had great luck with random brands from Ross but now I just stick to Gap. I have some Express jeans I purchased but they just don't cut it.

  9. hehe the 2nd picture is so cute. i love j. crew toothpick ankle jeans, because of my height, they're the only jeans i never have to get hemmed!

  10. btw thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! even though we don't know know each other, we sort of do! and i think we'd make excellent shopping buddies!

  11. i found a pair of jeans i LOVED from a local boutique - fins. they made me feel leggy and amazing. then, the company folded. the good thing is, i've been able to find about four or five pairs on ebay at different times. so, there's always that - plus i now stockpile when i find a brand/fit that i like!

  12. You know, I've given up on most "designer" denim because they just don't fit the right way. My FAV jeans come from Martin & Osa. I have a pair of bootcuts, skinnies, slims and slim boyfriends from them that I wear all the time. I'm so bummed they are closing down this brand - I need to head to my store and buy up all the remaining denim!

  13. I think they look great, and I really like the top!

    Come check out my latest giveaway... :)

  14. Lovely look today!

    I actually haven't bought jeans in a long time - I was really into finding cool designer ones a few years back and now have decided I have enough! My faves have got to be Rock and Republic and True Religion still.

  15. Thanks, Liz. I do like the Gap, as long as they are tried on in-store.

    Tippy - I'm going to have to try the Toothpick fit - I think personally the name itself turned me off from trying initially, bc my junk and my legs aren't skinny skinny.

    Kcookski / Michelle Q - if you find a type you love, I'm all for buying up of multiples, especially if you know you won't be able to get more later on. It's like fashion investing, right? :o)

    Thanks for visiting, CC.

    Thanks, OneCraftyFox - I love giveaways! Thanks for the reminder.

    Thanks, Eek - I have yet to delve into the world of "designer" denim but I heard it is instantly addicting.

  16. From pictures it looks like our figures are similar, and I have a very hard time with jeans too. I wish my local stores carried petites so I could try them. And I wish I DID take things to get hemmed, I'm like you and just never get around to it. Ever. Ugh.

    Anyway, I love this casual outfit you put together, the details on the sweater and belt work so beautifully, together!

  17. I love your top! the color is so rich and warm and the neckline is so unique!


  18. Thanks so much, Jan. And I'm flattered that you think our figures are similar, bc when I see you, I think petite and when I see myself, I just see short. :o) I'm always on the search for the perfect jeans for our length sans hemming. There's plenty of not-tall people out there, why so few options (seemingly)?


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