13 May 2010

99 Red Balloons

It's almost the weekend, ladies!

And I'm especially super-duper excited about this one coming up because it means I get to go home and see the parents and my big sis and her family! Technically I'll still be working, but I haven't been home since the holidays and it'll be great to see everyone - and the City! Oh the distractions ...

I did some more psuedo-pattern mixing today (because aren't stripes almost like a solid nowadays?) and felt cheery all day, despite the heat and having to put on jeans and sneaks for part of the day for some work-related haulage. For me, I think red is becoming the new blue.

Here's the long-asked question - do the colors you wear affect your mood, or does your mood affect the colors you wear? Or is that pretty much the same question?

Top: Forever 21 striped (can't find online anymore - check stores / also see the black version on Maria and Liz)
Skirt: Ann Taylor cotton (worn here before)
Belt: The Limited woven leather (worn here before)
Shoes: Kenneth Cole Reaction Pine A Colada
Bag: Urban Outfitters woven pleather clutch (I've only seen this in-stores)
Necklace: J. Crew ribbon glass bead

My recent purchase from Forever 21. I know their QA isn't the most awesome, but it is kind of cool that for
the same money of one slubby knit top from Anthro, I can get all of this ...


  1. I love your red outfit! I find that wearing fun clothes puts me in a better mood :)

  2. ohhh look at all those F21 goodies! I love the red stripes you are wearing today. Have a great time with your family!

  3. I love the mixing and that you stayed with the same color! Also, great goodies at F21...I'm eyeing something myself at the site...

  4. I love the name of the post! I just heard 99 Luftballoons yesterday out of the blue!

  5. hi friend, such a fabulous outfit! love the mix of patterns. i need to try that sometime but i'm so scared i'll screw it up! have a happy friday!

  6. What a fun print mix! So nice.

    And I now have that song in my head, due to your post title. :-)

  7. Ooh I love the prints of your new tops, can't wait to see them! Isn't this shirt awesome? So glad I snatched one up!
    I'll have to brave some pattern mixing next time :)

  8. F21 has come along way from all that poly/rayon blends they used to carry. Sure the construction isn't top notch, but there are some pretty awesome finds there.

    You know I don't think my mood has anything to do with the colors I choose to wear... If it looks good and feels good, I'm wearing it! :)

    and Lisa, you look great in this outfit. I love the mix of patterns.. I agree stripes are like solids.. I pair my stripes with anything and they pretty much "go".


    xx Love & Aloha

  9. Oooh I love the mixing of stripes and print in this outfit! And well, despite whatever negative connotations come with F21, I love to shop there for cheap thrills!

    And geez, I just caught up on the past two weeks of your bloggy blog. How the heck did I miss your giveaway? Sadness!!

  10. I love this mixing! I do need to try out stripes with florals because it looks great on all the bloggers. Great outfit!

  11. Love the title of your post - I still remember Nena and that song! Your outfit is very pretty and cheerful. I don't think the colors I wear affect my mood, not sure if I choose them by mood. I tend to pick one color and favor it for a long time. It used to be gray and now it's navy blue. No idea why.

  12. Lisa, great outfit! I always fel great when I wear any shade of blue because it makes my eyes look bluer!

  13. I adore the mixing of the patterns!!! This outfit is spot on girl!

  14. i just bought that fxxi shirt, too! it is the best deal around for $10.50.

  15. Such a cute outfit! I really love the colors and patterns in these =). AND your F21 finds look fantastic. Perfect for summer!
    Thanks for stopping by, no worries, I had a wonderful meal later. =)

  16. Super adorable outfit as always! I passed on that top last time I was at F21 and I'm kicking myself for it now! Kick kick kick!


  17. Thanks for your comments, ladies.

    I totally should have bought the black version of this F21 top too - now it is long gone on the web site (or just buried behind the 375,356 newer shirts they had posted) and honestly I don't like going into their super-massive, super-packed stores (I can't ever find anything in them!) It IS a super-deal for like $10. Woo hoo.

  18. Absolutely love your outfit. Great "mixing of patterns," although I completely agree with you. Stripes are completely becoming a new solid. As for red becoming your new blue- GO FOR IT! Red looks so wonderful with your skin and hair!

    <3 KP


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