08 April 2010

Where the Striped Things Are

Having grown up in NYC, I was bred with a certain amount of insecurity over a lot of things and Rule #1 was always make sure you stuff is locked down. To the degree that when I first moved out of the city years ago, I had a Club in my car (so old school, I know, but it - and the car - were passed down to me by my big sis and yes, I used it).

Combine that with a personal penchant to watch scary movies and then really be scared by them and we can fast-forward to today: BF is out of town on business all week and I'm home alone in our new place by myself for the first time.

I'm a silly person, I know. It's not like I haven't lived by myself before or can't discern reality from fiction. But I am taking some additional security precautions - a walk through the house before bed to make sure all the doors and windows are locked, phone by the bed, a jingly bell on the front door (if people are trying to break in, I want to know - not really - OK, really), a security Pooh Bear to snuggle with, an aluminum bat within easy reach ...

Are there any additional security precautions you ladies take when you find yourself home alone or in a strange place by yourself?

Today's outfit in spite of the weather.

Doing my best pirate "arrrgghhh."
This shot is for the BF, who equates nautical to pirates (he secretly hearts pirates like I heart vampires).

I also tried tucking in the split collar, but then I went from feeling pirate-y to
very "come on knock on our door ... we've been waiting for you ... " You get the point.

Dress: Banana Republic knit striped
Belt: Anthropologie Infinity (my vote for 'Best Belt You Can Wear While Eating')
Clutch: Old Navy ruffled metallic
Necklace: Laila Rowe


  1. Love this outfit! I love nautical! Super cute shoes and clutch is from Old Navy? Cool!

  2. Not silly at all! I still live with mom and dad and when they went out of town last summer (despite the fact that they live in a very nice neighborhood) I was freaked out all week! Something about being in an empty house is very unsettling...Your head plays games with you!

    BTW, I love your dress + shoe combo. So fresh.

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  3. ha! i love the three's company reference. i'm the most paranoid person i know so yes, i definitely have security measures in mind when i'm alone. i'm trying to convince my fiance to get me a dog though, so that i won't be scared when i am alone, which is like once a year...but still, i want. a. dog ! :)

  4. I have two roomies and when they're both out of town I definitely do the same things! I make sure both of the cats are with me and make sure there is a blunt object within reach. Ew I'm home alone right now! I think I will run off to school now.

  5. Love the striped dress! It looks great on you and I love the belt and clutch you paired it with!

    When I am alone, I make sure all the windows and doors are locked too but I don' thave a bat next to me. That is a good idea.. But I always make sure I'm hidden under the covers...because nobody can find me there.

    Enter to win a William Riera dress!

  6. I can relate. Except the part about ENJOYING scary movies. I can't watch them at all or I go crazy. My man is out for the weekend too...boo. I live in a condo with really good neighbors so I feel pretty safe overall. And tomorrow night I'm having a friend sleep over, so that will help too...

  7. what a cute look!! the shoes and purse complement the dress perfectly

    i'm a HUGE scairdy-cat. i am terrified of certain scary movies, and i hate to be alone. its better now in my apartment but in a house i get scared

  8. Thanks for making me feel not so neurotic, ladies! I am definitely weird about the scary movies thing - I really like them but totally get creeped out and then can't go get a glass of water alone at night. I think I need a dog too.

  9. i like your stripes outfit

    loooks great nice back and shoes, very very cute looks awesome

  10. Gorgeous outfit, and I pretty much do the same things - minus the Pooh bear and bat, although the bat sounds like a good idea.

  11. I luv everything, fab outfit!

    Have a lovely weekend :)

  12. Hahahaa, I love your pirate pose. That's awesome! I bet you can expect to see those crazy models for Neiman Marcus doing one of those soon! I am totally with you on being freaked out easily. I never have a club on my car, but I do lock it like, 5 times to make sure it's REALLY locked. I know that doesn't make any sense, but paranoia erases all logic. I think all of the things you're doing during your week alone isn't necessarily a bad thing – it's better to be safe than sorry, you know? But you'll be fine, and if lord forbid if someone DOES try to break in, you've got an aluminum bat to swing at their face!

  13. You are NOT silly at all. I do this regularly if home without DH - triple check everything and even open closet doors or large cabinets to check to see if someone is hiding in there. Goodness knows what I would do if someone actually jumped out at me! Then, before heading to bed, I lean one of our wood tray tables against the front door so that if anyone tried to get in, it will fall with a loud SPLAT! - and freak the bejesus out of me, but whatever. Sometimes, if I'm particulary freaked, I will have my kids (ages 5 and 1) sleep with me - more for my comfort than theirs. LOL!

    And you have me jonesing for some cute red shoes now! You've shown me they are way more versatile than I previously thought!

  14. You are one chic pirate if ya ask me! Love the shoes and the bag!!


  15. Love the outfit and security precautions. My mom having grown up in the city always reminds me of my safety at all times. I know its spring and all, but i personally would wear the outfit with black stockings and black heels. Love it though.

  16. Thanks for stopping by, Samantha, Kelly, Zanah, OneCraftyFox and Kumar!

    Ha ha, thanks for making me feel better, Michelle. That's why I bring my Pooh Bear to bed - comfort, plus protection!

    Amy - I may be better at making hole in walls than anything else, if I ever had to really use that bat!

  17. Love your pirate pose! You're not silly to be cautious when you're alone. You're SMART. I'm alone a lot, and I'm super-extra-cautious about making sure all doors and windows are locked. Often I'll ignore strangers who knock on the door - I don't have to answer just because someone knocks. The best way to feel secure, though, is to have a big dog. That way you're never really alone.


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