03 April 2010

Speed Round

This is not going to be a surprise to a gal who has ever met anyone from the opposite sex before, but BF (i.e., Every Man) does NOT like to go shopping. I was reminded of that this past Friday when he and I headed briefly to the mall to get me an emergency blazer for work (we won't even get into that).

So when I am "shopping" with BF, I usually try to get through the stores I need to quickly and sometimes leave the trying things on to after I get home. I know, this makes it all sound so fun, doesn't it. And yes, I had to bait him with dinner as well.

He's not all that bad, but I do think BF's fashion idea of Heaven would very much resemble that from Wall-E: Ooh, blue is the new red *click*.

But I did manage to find my new blazer at the local Zara and also go this gorgeous skirt (no surprise this style would catch my eye, huh), which made for a pretty nice outfit after I tried it on at home:

Yes, you may see this outfit again soon - love!

And here's my original OOTD for Friday:

Hello winter legs!

Shirt: Lands' End Canvas gingham poplin
Skirt: Zara elastic-waist striped (now in stores)
Shoes: Keds Spright peep-toe canvas wedges
Shorts: J. Crew chino
Belt: Forever 21 metal bead skinny
Shoes: Etienne Aigner Roz wedge sandals (on sale at 6pm.com in brown and black)


  1. love the Land's End shirt!! Looks great! I started using that Sally Hansen lotion on my legs and it's working - they are slightly brown now!

  2. Lisa, I LOVE both outfits!! I am so ready to steal them from you... I'm glad the BF let you shop and find that amazing skirt! ;)

  3. Oooh the skirt is so perfect--very professional but still fun. And I am loving your outfit too. This is what I ended up wearing a few times this week in this gorgeous weather. I think I already sunburned my legs.

  4. I love your red wedges! Are the comfortable?

  5. that land's end shirt is the bomb. LOVE with the patterned skirt. what a bold, fun thing to do!

  6. Thanks, Peggy. I'm going to need to bring back the self tanner too - my legs look pathetically pale, especially in full sunlight.

    Ha ha, thanks, Elaine. I think it is better for my wallet if I go shopping with the BF - then I don't spend so much!

    Thanks, Jinah. Sounds like you've already broken out of your winter legs, good!

    Hi Fallon - the wedges actually are pretty comfy. I got my regular size and they fit fine, but your toes slide foward when walking and the heel falls down. I think I would've been too squished if I sized down, so I just bought some half sole inserts and problem solved.

    Thanks, Kcookski - I love this shirt. I already have it in three colors. So easy to go to and the fit is great - don't listen to the Canvas web site, order your normal size in this shirt.

  7. ooh i saw that skirt at zara over the weekend! it looks great on you. i have pale legs too, i desperately need some time in the sun!

  8. I love that skirt! Looks so cute!

    Thanks for all your sweet comments. I left you a little award on my blog :)

  9. The skirt is gorgeous - you'll wear it all the time! Also love the look of the shirt with your shirts - simple and classic. :)

  10. Thanks, Tippy. I can see why you love Zara and don't know why I don't go there more often - the prices aren't half bad and I love the cuts on their jackets!

    Thanks so much for the award, Eek! I love your blog and the bits of your life that you share - you and the hubs look like such a fun couple!

    Thanks, ABC! I think I do a ton of nautical-inspired pieces, but they are timeless and so simple and (I think) chic to put together.

  11. Absolutely LOVE the pattern mixing! And the pop of red at your feet. Smart outfits!

  12. EEEK!!! that skirt is ADORABLE!!!!!! I'm so sad to have a Zara 2 hours away!! Do you have a style number or anything that I could call the store with? That would be AWESOME!!!! Also... is the skirt black and white or navy and white? and what about the Lands end shirt... black or navy? Thank you so much!!! ~sonia

  13. The LE shirt is so cute w/the skirt. Cuteness!


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