14 April 2010

On a Specific Hunt ...

I've unsuccessfully been trying to be good with my budgeting for spring/summer attire. I've recently told myself that I have plenty of clothes (which is completely true, especially stripes) and I really need to just concentrate on items to help me finish outfits with.

So in light of my recent spree, I put together a list of items I can purchase. Which means I can only purchase these types of items moving forward indefinitely (got it, self?!):
  1. Black sandals (badass ones I can wear almost every day and still be super-comfy in)
  2. Necklaces
  3. Belts (but only life-changing great ones)
  4. Day dresses (I'm a recent convert to the ease of dresses so I only have a handful and most of them are blue)
  5. Cropped dark skinny jeans (I blame Rosa for looking so darn good in hers that I am trying to recreate her whole outfit and keeping fingers crossed that I will even look 1/10th as good)
I'm never good with trying to limit myself but I need to be better because the economy is still not awesome and money does not grow on trees (this is me trying to adult-supervise myself). Hopefully my personal rules will keep me from at least buying things I don't need (that means you, J. Crew graphic tees).

And I know that list still leaves the fields wide open to interpretation, so I have some questions for you lovely ladies out there -
  • Where do you find adorable/affordable day dresses?
  • Who do you think has the best skinny jeans out there for the not-super-skinny-leggy people?
  • Where do you go to buy great-looking, yet not bank-breaking jewelry - specifically not too over-the-top statement necklaces?
By the by, here's a pic of shoes I DO NOT need but desparately want (and only in this color too):

I saw them on Jessica from What I Wore and am now "dying" for them.

And my super-duper casual OOTD for some light box hauling and a multitude of errand running:

Top: J. Crew cotton Odessa tunic
Tank: Gap Body
Shorts: J. Crew chino 5" inseam
Shoes: Clarks Herring ballet flats


  1. Love the tunic! You have made a great list! I made myself a similar one and have almost completed it for spring/summer. However, I keep purchasing other "Stuff" b/c it's so stinkin' cheap! Must stop or my closet will explode.
    1. You know where I buy my day dresses - Target!!
    2. I like my Diva Skinnies from Old Navy. I just got a pair of black ones from f21 b/c of Anthroholic for $9.50!
    3. My go-to's for jewelry are Kohl's and Ross!!
    And those shoes are TDF!!

  2. Try Delia's for skinny jeans. They have two styles--one is SUPER skinny and the other gives my ankles room to breathe (the style is called Morgan). I get all my jeans there. I love them because they come in a ton of different sizes and washes--even extended sizes and inseams. Plus, they are almost always buy one-get one half off.

    Love your flats, btw!

    Unravelled Threads

  3. I loved that Crack tunic when it first showed up and didn't get it. Now, I'm aching for it again. Sigh.
    I actually got a GREAT pair of jeggings from Forever XXI. Cheap and they don't get all stretchy. Also, Revolveclothing.com and Shopbop.com have pretty fat sale sections right now. Perhaps a cute, jersey day dress lurks for you?

  4. i love your list!! a bunch of those things are on my spring wish list too (esp. black sandals!!).

  5. Thanks, Peggy. I definitely need to spend more time at Target - though I probably wander aimlessly through that place buying up random things enough as it is. Ooh, the F21s sound great - what is the sizing like?

    Thanks, Melanie. I need to take a look at Delia's too. Which reminds me that they also have cute dresses. How is their sizing on jeans?

    Thanks, Kcookski. Ah ha ha ... sale sites, big loves.

    Thanks, WWNW. Is it weird that I don't have any pairs of black sandals?

  6. Cute flats! Honestly Forever21 is great for cheap chic jewelry, some of their items are my favorite.

  7. Lisa - they are long is the only problem. I can either cuff them or maybe get the hemmed?

  8. Ooh, I love the red shoes! I think it's great to have a list of things on a buy list. I have one of those too, and it helps me not get too crazy buying stuff I need. Just a little crazy.

    I'm curious to see all the answers to your questions, because I have similar ones! :) I have a pair of F21 skinnies that I find to be a good fit (though I did have to try on a whole bunch of them at the store, and I hemmed them). I like JCrew's matchstick jeans too – they're skinny but not like skin tight.

  9. That's so awesome that you made yourself a list! As for your questions, almost all of my jewelry is from Anthro or Urban Outfitters (from the good ol employee discount days), but I get some pieces from Forever 21 every now and then.

    F21 has cute sundresses every now and then too, but the length can be tricky. I have a lot of Target, H&M, and Anthro sale rack dresses that were mostly $50-60 and less.

  10. Those heels are super cute!

    I'm always on the lookout for cute day dresses.

  11. If you are still looking for black sandals, I got some BAss sandals a little bit ago and they are super comfy! I originally got them for our Philippines trip but I can't help but wear them right now. I'm considering getting another pair. And they're only $30 which is realllly good!

    clothed much, a modest fashion blog

  12. Oh maaaan, I love your tunic today! It's adorable! I think I saw Summerilla from Sum Sunshine wear it too and you two make me jealous! And WOW, how good does Rosa look in that outfit?!

    As for a good place for day dresses, if you're on the shorter side, Forever 21 is good for those. I say "if you're on the shorter side" because most of their frocks tend to be scandalously short! I love Target, Urban Outfitters, and Anthropologie for day dresses as well!

    For skinny jeans for non-skinny legged people (uh, that's me for sure), I highly recommend Earnest Sewn and Joe's Jeans. AMAZING. J.Crew's toothpick cut works surprisingly well on my thunder thighs too, though I did have to size up 2 sizes. But the waist doesn't gap even though I sized up and it fits my legs and it's skinny, so why not?

    For jewelry, try etsy.com. I love that site! It's all handcrafted goodies and the prices are usually pretty good!

  13. Thanks for your comments, ladies. It sounds like lots of votes for F21 - I'll have be careful checking the lengths on their cute dresses!
    And ooh, Bass ... I haven't honestly thought of that brand since junior high ... must look.

  14. Also try New York and Company for day dresses! They have classically cut cotton dresses in solids and patterns, tank, spaghetti, and tube styles, and there is usually killer good sales. I have the classic cotton tank dress in 5 different colors, that's how much I love them! And though fall is far away now, they do transition well too with a cardigan, leggings and boots.


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