21 April 2010

Mid-Week Shop Bop

Hi Ladies! Sorry for the lack of posting or responding, but I'm away on a business trip. Attire daily has been business strict, so there's not much creativity to show, plus the work hours have been kind of brutal. I did manage one decent OOTD - I wore this to a casual dinner tonight with a few co-workers.

I love this jacket! It's got a great dotted lining, so I wore it plain during the day and rolled the sleeves up at night.

Jacket: Zara cotton
Blouse: Ann Taylor Loft
Jeans: J. Crew boot cut
Shoes: Franco Sarto

And of course, as what usually happens to me during those late-night hours alone in the hotel room as I try to "right" my sleep cycle, I end up digging in to a little Internet shopping. The good thing is that almost everything is from my spring wish list. So I only broke my rules a little.

These are not the "perfect" black sandals I've been looking for. They aren't even black - they're brown.
But they look kind of black, are so on-trend, and are now 30% off with the Friends and Family discount (code "FRIENDS").

Easy summer dress for 30% off - check!

No, I'm not a hat person. But who can refuse this hat? Who? Adorbs!


  1. Great shoes, definitely worth breaking the rules for :) And I am loving your neutral blazer so fresh for spring!

  2. I love your jacket - you look fab!

  3. Love your OOTD--very chic. And those wedges are so cute!


  4. i need to get those wedges....stat!

  5. I love the wedges! a great purchase ;)

  6. That is a great blouse, and I totally love your blazer! Can't wait to see those wedges on you :)

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  7. Oooo, the shoes are suuuper cute! They look nearly black enough to me, so maybe you can actually pass them off as black sandals? I have a habit of late night internet shopping too. It's terrible! The lining on your blazer is awesome! I just love little details like that, it makes buying those items seem even more "worth it" even if no one will see that lining except for you, haha!

  8. Love your OOTD - I wish JCrew lengths would work for me, their denim and cords are so cute, but even the petites are too long. Cry.

    Awesome sandals! I can't wait to see you wearing them on the blog!

  9. Hi Jan - I'm the same way with the new JC denim lengths. These are old school regular petite ones that work with flats! I have to hunt more of these down on Ebay!

    Hi Amy - I totally agree. The lining to the jacket was super-sweet and pushed me over the edge to buy! Buy! Buy!

    Thanks, Elaine, Alicia, Kcookski, Melanie, Eek and Liz! I can't wait to get those wedges! I figured drooling after them for two weeks, I needed to bite now during the promo.

  10. Love your blazer and those wedges are gorgeous ;D

  11. I love your jacket! The lining is adorable and it looks great on you.



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