27 April 2010

Kind and Generous

I was close to not even getting dressed today because I just wasn't feeling it. You ladies ever have those days when you can't put two brain cells together to form an outfit? I wasn't even creative enough to steal an old outfit from myself. So yes, I did spend the morning in sweats (and not even the too-cool-for-school matching velour kind - actual sweats).

But it must have been my lucky day when the post man decided to come early today and what did I find in my mailbox around noon? None other than the now-it's-as-easy-find-as-an-unicorn Anthro Rare Bloom tee - from none other than the lovely Dea who was gracious and generous enough to sell me the teal one she had been planning to return.

Dea, I owe you a thousand head bows and a few dozen cocktails. Thanks so much for reaching out to me when I waxed (un)poetic about missing out on this top on your post.

I was so excited about the item (I had the navy one in my hands at Anthro when it went on sale and put it back) and jumped on Dea's offer immediately, even though I wasn't sure it was going to fit me (because, lady, you are tiny). But it did fit - thanks number two goes to stretchy knit fabric.

So major props to Dea, and here's my show-able OOTD:

Sweater: H&M marled cotton cardigan
Top: Anthropologie Deletta Rare Bloom
Skirt: Armani Exchange cotton cargo pencil (worn here before)
Shoes: Mossimo wedge sandals from Target (worn here before


  1. It's gorgeous on you. I love the pop of color from your pretty wedges too!

  2. Yay for DEA to the rescue! I love the tea on you! SO CUTE! It really adds an extra touch of adorbs to the outfit, and I love the teal with the white skirt!

  3. oh I love the entire ensemble! I have this shirt but it's just too big. I am considering some surgery (sewing the v-neck up about an inch) but I'm also terrified of screwing it up. I tired wearing a cami underneath and it just ruins the entire look of the shirt but I can't wear it as is without being gross and inappropriate. Wow, how about I make my entire comment about me? You look great- jealous that your rocking the shirt that hangs lonely in my closet!

  4. Oh I love the top! So glad you found it! And it looks great with the wedges!

  5. Such a great outfit, love the color of that top on you!

  6. Fabulous top! Thanks for you sweet comments - I have been working out a lot but don't think I have lost any weight - must be the lighting ;)

  7. Wow! I love the skirt, is very very pretty

  8. Love your color combos and the skirt is really pretty.

  9. Thanks for your lovely comments, Joann, Amy, Peggy, Audrey, Eek and Lesa!

    Thanks for visiting, dblchin!

    Ha ha, thanks, Spiffy! Maybe if you worn yours with a bib or chunky necklace (a la Dea), it'll make it work? Now after looking over my pics, I think I should have worn a necklace too, but I was too excited about the top!

  10. it doesn't need a necklace! that awesome bloom is all the embellishment that outfit needs. it's a wonderful - rare - thing when "the one that got away" finds its way back....

  11. Very cute ensemble. I love how your top and shoes complement one another!

    Melanie @Unravelled Threads
    Don't forget to enter my custom elastic waistband skirt giveaway!

  12. I have those days a lot, especially when it comes to work outfits. Your ensemble came together perfectly though! I adore that Anthropologie shirt!


  13. Such a great pencil skirt! with so many styling prospects for this season where beige/neutral shades are so "in"-- also timeless ;)

    your comment made me LAUGH!! lol! i hope you find it ;) I got it a while back....but maybe there will be something similar, esp. since zara has a tendency to occasionally replicate some of their styles.

    and thank you :)


  14. Oh yey, it looks so good on you Lisa!! Love how you paired it with the yellow wedges- aren't they so much fun and surprisingly versatile?
    You are so welcome and it (selfishly) makes me really happy to have been able to help you reunite with "the one that got away"!!
    Looking fabulous and so glad it fit and worked out wonderfully.

  15. Thanks, kcooksi! Totally right about finding the lost one - even if it just relates to fashion!

    Thanks, Melanie.

    Ha ha, thanks, Valerie - good to hear I'm not alone in the non-motivational fashion department sometimes.

    Thanks for visiting, Stephanie! Maybe I won't find your shirt, but I think I'm due for a Zara visit regardless - love them.

  16. Ack, just overlapped your comment, Dea. Thanks again! I love happy "reunions" (and I believe I actually like the teal one better for my wardrobe needs!)

  17. Looks great on you, and I really like the coloring pairing with those sandals!

  18. Lisa, the top looks so good on you! That's awesome that a fellow blogger was able to help you out.


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