15 April 2010

I Think I "Love" You

First off, thanks for all your comments yesterday about great places to find jeans, dresses, etc. I've got some fun searching to do!

Secondly, I think I may have finally found THE perfect black sandals for me. I think they are simple and subtle (half-snort), but have got that perfect ounce of badass I was looking for. Granted, they may very likely kill my feet, but at least I'll be average height in them! (And since they will be the only pair of black sandals I own, I think I will get tons of wear out of them - and they'll go perfect with my chicken butt white legs). So they'll be the only pair I'll ever need - right, self?

Now as I've never purchased Seychelles shoes before, do you lovely ladies out there have any idea on their fit? I am usually a 7.5 in most shoes, except J. Crew, which I am an 8 in most of their styles. I heard that Seychelles may run a half size small - is that right?

And here's my OOTD. BF thinks I've been looking through too many J. Crew catalogs and am taking inspiration from the wrong places. I'm not 100% about my look today either, but at least I'm not trying to rock two necklaces, ankle socks, three belts and a partridge in a pear tree with this look!

I'm kind of "meh" about the pants. They are not doing my thighs any favors today.
But I love the color and they are so comfy ...
(Yes, I know I've got the crazy hair going on too).

Cardigan: J. Crew Sunshine Peony (worn here before - no longer online, available on sale in stores)
Top: J. Crew milliner tee (available in stores - $10 off all graphic tees)
Pants: Lands' End Modern sanded poplin cargo
Shoes: Mossimo wedges from Target (worn here before)


  1. haha :) i actually like your muted pallet here! very spring-like.

    Unravelled Threads

  2. thanks so much for visiting my blog! now i've found yours :-)! have a great day!

  3. I really like your spring-y outfit here! That sweater and those shoes are awesome.

    I've never bought any Seychelles shoes before, but I want some similar shoes (I think they're called the Marguerite heel) to what you found.

  4. I adore that cardi - such a fun print! I totally agree that shopping has been much more fun this spring...too much fun!

    Love those sandals too. Good luck with your purchase!

  5. super cute! i like the pants - i like the laidback feel. plus, it's nice to do something different than cropped jeans all the time, which is what i seem to do.

  6. cute cardi! I think Seychelles run true to size.. in my experience :)

  7. You look great! Your post cracked me up about BF saying too much Jcrew - and then you said at least you aren't wearing 2 belts, 4 necklaces, etc! Bwahhahhahha! Maybe you can tuck your shirt in 1/2 way too!!! Love the cardi, I want that shirt and of course, the shoes are lovely!

  8. I always have to try on Seychelles shoes because the sizing is not very consistent for me. I think those shoes or something similar is on the Urban Outfitters site, you should check their product reviews for some more insite.

  9. Thanks, Melanie! I think I must be reading too fast here, because I initially read "muted pallet" as "mullet" and had a holy cow, is my hair really that scary today moment. :o)

    Thanks for visiting, Tam.

    Thanks, Joann. This is the summer to be rockin' sky-high sandals. I'll hopefully be rockin', may be mostly teeter tottering (kind of a klutz here, people).

    Thanks, Eek!

    I need to find me a good pair of cropped jeans, Kcookski. The only pair I have are kind of too cropped - right below the knees!

    Thanks, Spiffy!

    Ha ha, thanks, Peggy. All the JC I was wearing is on sale currently (nudge, nudge).

    Thanks, Fallon. The reviews kind of run the gamut on sizing too. I may just have to buy two sizes from Zappos or Endless so I can try them out, since I haven't seen them IRL anywhere.

  10. Why am I only just finding out about your fabulous blog (through bonjouritsjinah!)? I feel cheated! Your outfits are cheery and right up my alley :)

  11. I actually think you look really cute! Boyfriend doesn't know what he's talking about, hahaha! I would personally wear darker pants, though, to really make those colors in the cardi, tee, and shoes pop! LOVE! And those Seychelles heels are AWESOME. WOW! You'd look so fierce in them! My experience with Seychelles is that they actually run a half size too big. I am in between a 6.5 and 7 (closer to a 7 most times) and I have to get Seychelles in a size 6.5. Hope that helps!

  12. Thanks so much, Tara!

    Thanks, Amy. Yeppers, looks like I'll need to utilize me some free shipping AND returns policies.

  13. Love this outfit!! And Seychelles sizing is sooo inconsistent for me. I find that they can run true to size to half a size big or small depending on the style.

  14. i've been debating about those very same seychelles for awhile! if only we lived near each other i think we'd be great shopping buddies lol. i agree that seychelles run a half size small. i'm also usually a 7.5 (7.5-8 in j. crew) and i'm always a 7 in seychelles. what i love most about their shoes is the padding, they're always so comfy!

  15. I own a pair of Seychelles Mules and they fit very true to size. And they are super comfy and very well-made. I love these black ones. I have seen them in Turquoise and tan on other bloggers and they are HOT! Hope this helps :)

  16. I am now following u! The outfit with the floral cardi, graphic T and cropped cargo with great sandals did it for me. Too cute!!!


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