01 April 2010

Dress to Not Dress

Happy April 1st, ladies. Here's a fool's tale for you -

How do you dress up to look like you're not dressed up? I had that dilemma a few nights ago when BF and I were headed out to dinner.

BF and I had reservations at a pretty nice steakhouse in Buckhead earlier this week so we knew we had to be appropriately dressed, but also didn't want to seem like we were trying too hard (this is all just in my head). Plus BF's been wearing pretty much the same prepster garb of polos and khakis everyday since he was like 14, so I knew he wasn't going to vary up much just for dinner.

But me? I hemmed and hawed in front of closet for like an hour - trying to put together the "perfect" I'm-appropriately-dressed-to-come-to-dinner-in-this-very-nice-establishment-but-I-didn't-purposely-get-dressed-up-just-for-this-meal-and-didn't-spend-an-hour-trying-to-figure-it-out outfit (see how my crazy mind works?)

So here's what I finally ended up with - partly because I wanted to wear a dress, partly because I needed an outfit I could still EAT in, and mostly because this is what I had on when it was time to go.

I'm not whining and saying that I think I look bad - I think I look nice.
But I don't know if this was the right outfit and STILL am thinking about it - I know, I know, get over myself.

Jacket: Forever 21 quilted zip, worn here before
Dress: Gap knit henley dress
Belt: Anthropologie Infinity, worn here before
Tights: Forever 21
Shoes: Franco Sarto black pumps

Any of you ladies ever have moments of absolute fashion blankness? Or am I really alone in my craziness?


  1. I like this outfit -- totally appropriate for the dinner! Love the bright color of the dress.

    I have problems dressing when I know I'm going to see extended family...they don't know about my blog, plus they have lots of dogs and cats, so I don't want to dress up for fear of animals jumping on me. I usually just go super casual.

  2. I completely understand where you are coming from :)...looking effortlessly chic, which you do, takes a lot of work! That shade of blue looks great on you!

  3. Thanks, Joann! I do the same thing when I see my BF's family - they are all super-casual and they've got dogs, big sis' small "wild" kids, etc.

    Haha, thanks, Eek. Yeah, I don't think I was born with the "effortlessly chic" gene. Thank goodness for blog inspirations because otherwise I would never know what to wear.

  4. It look perfect, I especially love the bright blue + black!


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