26 April 2010

Cat in the Hat

So when the Eugenia Kim for Target collection came out, I bit the bullet and decided to purchase my first non-baseball cap hat - ever. Really. I thought the simple floral fedora number was neutral enough to go with everything and would work well for my new favorite hobby - lounging around the back deck of casual restaurants on lazy Sunday afternoons listening to the band and nursing a cold one (or twenty).

Unfortunately I am so unfamiliar with hats that it took me a while to figure out how the heck to even wear this thing (I am not even joking). And I'm not sure if this hat is even sitting right on my head - but I sure am glad it fit my big round noggin.

Me trying to be arty.

Just me.

And my 30% off Loft order also came in the mail today so I decided to discard of my boring outfit immediately and instead doff some of my new apparel. What do you ladies think? Are the shoes and dress keepers?

Note about the dress - it is a light-weight poplin so it is really easy and breezy.
Unlined but not sheer. And it's got pockets.

Problem is it is also a pullover style that is only smocked on the sides - so I kind of had a heck of a time
taking it back off past my apparent man-shoulders.

The shoes aren't really my style. But I think they're fun.
But I'm also a big klutz, so the height issue is a wee concern ...

Hat: Eugenia Kim for Target Fedora with Flower Applique
Necklace: Anthropologie Double Torsade
Dress: Ann Taylor Loft poplin striped
Shoes: Ann Taylor Loft studded wedge (weird web site - part of the time the half sizes don't show up - but they're there!)


  1. Love your outfit! I thought about picking up the hat too, but I too couldn't figure out how to wear it. I adore hats but I don't think they adore me! I do think everything you bought is a keeper though for sure!


  2. I LOVE the hat! It's so much more feminine than normal fedoras and it looks amazing on you! Great outfit!


  3. You look fantabulous in that hat! I think the dress and shoes should be keepers too...love the grommets on the sandals - toughens them up.

    Thanks for the hair compliment...when I am not working/going out, I usually just let it go au natural, which is flat, straight and short :)

  4. i hate hats (except for the occasional baseball cap)...i think my head is too big LOL!

    LOVE LOVE the dress especially paired with the necklace! such a chic and easy piece for summer!

    p.s. thanks so much for the birthday well wishes! you are too sweet :-)!

  5. Love the hat on you! My noggin was too huge for ANY of the Eugenia Kim hats! Yeah - we get to see your face today - not just your regular outfit post! It's great to see you! I love the Double Torsade with the outfit - I just returned mine b/c it wouldn't lay right?? LOVE those shoes!!

  6. You're so cute! I love the hat on you

  7. The hat is so cute; love the wedges!

    Don't forget to enter my custom elastic waistband skirt giveaway!

  8. Awww, you look so cute in the hat! And I think you're wearing it right -- if you like, you can even tip it back a little more! I do so when I wear my hat because my head is so huge that when the hat is sitting correctly on my head, it smashes my bangs against my face! UGH! Hahaha! The wedge shoes, even though they are not "your style," are ADORABLE on you! I'd vote to keep them!

  9. My Target didn't have the best options. I'm looking for that mint green hat and I can't find it anywhere. I love the way the hat looks on you!

  10. You look great head to toe. I never know how to wear a hat, even a baseball cap, but that looks adorable. Also love the shoes.

  11. Cute! Eugenia Kim is awesome! The best hats ever.

    Bungee jumping is super scary. I guess that's why I like it. It's a huge rush. I think if you tried it once, you'd want to do it again. :)

  12. love the hat! i was looking for one like that fora while and gave up..until now! hehe. i like the shoes but i always find that what looks cute doesn't always correlate with what's comfortable and i end up reverting back to flats...

  13. Thanks for all your comments, ladies! I think I'll be keeping the dress and wedges - but I'll need to be careful not to fall on my butt!

    Next step on the hat front will be to actually wear that thing outdoors and be OK with crushed hat hair. I think I totally smash it too far down my head most of the time when I'm trying to work it.

  14. I am jealous of the hat! It is pretty. I would love to start wearing hats, but they are always too small on me.

    Also glad you're keeping the dress and shoes.

  15. The dress and the shoes AND the hat are all so jazzy!! And hmm now that I see your mug, did you ever shop with me at any of the stores I've been with in Atlanta?! You look v familiar, lady.

  16. I luv hats!! Sorry, I have been MIA and in and out of the blogs for the past few weeks, just catching up on my blogging now :)

  17. Whoops, day, I meant past few days.

  18. Ack, I'm still hoping Targets have these! I have a big round head too, you give me hope that they might actually work on me.

  19. I just bought that hat last night!!


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