25 April 2010

White Owls

BF and I watched "The Fourth Kind" last night and I promptly woke up at 3:19 a.m. this morning looking for owls and black shadows in my room. I finally fell back asleep by telling myself that if aliens were to come for me, there wasn't anything I could do about it anyways (I am way comforting, aren't I? See the movie - scare yourself).

I am an awfully big scaredy-cat, but I've also always been interested in alien conspiracy theories, the occult, paranormal phenomena, theological prophecies and urban legends. I do think a lot of that stuff is hokey, but I also kind of believe it.

Yes, the "X-Files" was one of my all-time favorite shows, and I am super-excited that I just discovered the new series "Supernatural" (OK, it's not new, but I had zero clue this show existed and promptly added Season 1 to my Netflix list).

What do you ladies think about this kind of "stuff?" Should it be left to the science fiction geeks or do you think some of the stories and theories have some validity? Do you believe the truth is out there?

Oh yeah, my total geekdom aside, here are/were my casual OOTDs this weekend:

Sunday -
Cardigan: Gap cotton
Tank: Anthropologie Eloise cotton ruffled (old ...)
Shorts: Anthropologie Hei Hei Heatwave
Shoes: Mossimo wedge sandals from Target (worn here and here before)

Saturday (it rained all day and my hair got pretty big) -
Top: Anthropologie Little Yellow Button Curated
Jeans: J Crew boot cut
Necklace: Urban Outfitters stone bib
Shoes: Clarks Herring bow flat


  1. Those shorts are awesome! I'm so obsessed with anything nautical.

    xo, UnravelledThreads

    Don't forget to enter my cumstom elastic waistband skirt giveaway!

  2. Love this outfit- how adorable are those shorts? White owls are a sign of prosperity in Indian culture- they're supposed to be a good sign ^^
    I'm a *huge* scardey-cat, but I actually enjoy being scared by a good movie and such. X-Files was one of my faverite tv series of all time, but I'm not sure why I haven't kept up with Supernatural (although the one episode i did watch scared the poo out of me) Thanks for the reminder- I'm going to add this show to my agenda post haste!

  3. Love your shorts look!

    I don't necessarily believe in supernatural stuff but am totally a geek for fantasy/reality, i.e. Lost, my favorite show :)

  4. now THAT is how those shorts are supposed to look!

  5. Yeah you are back! I missed you! Hope you had a profitable business trip!

  6. those shorts are so darling and look GREAT on you. i'm heading over to the anthro site now....

  7. I love the shorts and your necklace in the other picture.

    Yes, I really believe there are "possibilities" out there, some things are just too coincidental. I used to be terrified of everything. But now that I have kids my mentality is more fierce than scared about bad things. And you know what, maybe there are good things out there too, I'd like to beleive that.

  8. Love especially the first outfit - the shorts are cute, and I like the red cardigan too!

    I'm not into aliens/UFOs, but I am interested in ghosts. I'd like to see one, yet I'd be scared to go to a haunted place because I probably WOULD see something.

  9. Thanks, Natalie. I love nautical too - the hard part is to keep myself from taking the trend too literally though!

    Thanks for the info, Tara. Someone needs to tell the makers of that movie that white owls = good and NOT alien invaders. ::shudder::

    Thanks, Eek. Lost is one of those series I need to see from the beginning. I haven't caught enough episodes to know what the heck is going on, with all their plot twists!

    Ha ha, thanks, Spiffy! I have to admit when having to go to the ladies room, the four buttons to undo is a wee wee bit cumbersome!

    Thanks, Peggy. Ha ha, I wish business trips are profitable for me! No, I work in marketing, so it's pretty much my job to spend the money!

    Kcooksi - You've got to try these shorts. They are so comfy - I'm getting the green ones too!

    Hi Lesa - I totally agree with you.

    Hi Lady Cardi - The BF and I are way into that Ghost Hunters show on the Travel channel. It's not super-creepy, but those host guys are a hoot - "dude!"

  10. I really like this outfit! Those shorts look great.
    I used to be a huge "X-Files" fan. So much so I once wrote to Gillian Anderson and got an autographed photo of her and David Duchovny. I think some of the conspiracies and legends are a lot of fun, and I totally believe humans may one day meet extra-terrestrials from way out there.

  11. tee hee, I went to super nerd school so...yeah. I mean we are on the Internet, so there's that!

    I am so jealous of your new adorable anchor shorts! Super super cuteness.

  12. i LOVe uR sKiRt..
    aNd uR sHOeS..

    PLeaSe ViSiT My bLoG:


  13. Those shorts are SO cute!!! I absolutely love them!

    And I'm not that into sci-fi because it creeps me out! I'm a big scaredy cat too.

    clothed much, a modest fashion blog

  14. The print on those shorts are so cuuuute! I am a HUGE sci-fi fan, and I totally believe in some of the things that the genre touches on, like aliens and ghosts. After all, if ghosts don't exist, then why do so many cultures have account of ghosts and ghostly activity? I certainly don't believe in ALL ghost stories, but I think some hold water! As for aliens, I believe they exist but I don't think any human beings have actually seen them yet and don't think any have touched down on Earth. I just think they exist because there's no way our little blue planet is the only one with life out there. :)

    That being said, I am also a huge scaredy cat. Hahaha!

  15. I was thinking of getting the Little Yellow Button Curated shirt, too. What do you think of it?

  16. Ooh, Joann - you got Gillian and David's sigs! X-Files-loving me is dying! How awesome.

    Thanks, Jinah. You're right, we're all geeks in this day and age (some just hide it better - like not me).

    Thanks for visiting, Aldo Akira.

    Thanks, Elaine! These are my new official favorite shorts!

    Amy - according to the History Channel, aliens may or may not have been responsible for life on earth. According to the BF, aliens probably have not visited yet because we are not yet evolved enough (i.e., these little beings haven't even traveled out of their own solar system yet, doy).

    Thanks for visiting, Michelle. I like my Curated tee but I think I should have sized down (dependent on brands, I waiver between an XS and S in Anthro). I got the S and I think it is a little big and the cotton is thin, so it kind of stretches with wear. If it was more fitted, I think it would look better (check out Kim from Anthroholic - she tried on the dotted version).

  17. Simply adore the top look. I wish I lived somewhere where it was warm enough for shorts already.


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