04 March 2010

Why You Should Not Be a Slave to Fashion

I'm in a bit of a testy-over-tired-but-can't-sleep mood. So I got to surfing the web. And looking at some fashion sites. Trendy ones. And started thinking about trends, and why you should not be a slave to trends.

Why not?

Because if you're succeptible, some retailers would make you think you need to purchase some of the following stuff with your own hard-earned money - and then you might be coerced by some fashion pubs to put on the items and go out into public with it. And people will stare. Some will even point. Get the drift?

I have no words ... actually I have many words, but I'm trying to keep this is a PG-13 blog here.

Is it a sandal? A boot? A wedge? A turnicate?

Please don't bring back 1982 ...

The only French thing about this dress is the French toast you'll be serving while wearing it, with a side of grits and a hair net.

Anthropologie seems to like doing one over-priced really ugly hat a season.
Well, you've outdone yourself this time Anthro, my friend.

And the worst leggings ever award goes to ...

Oh, there looks like there may be a tie for the top spot!

I'd much rather wear a liger, which is pretty much my favorite animal and bred for their magic skills.
(Someone catch the quote please ...)

The best thing about this necklace is that J. Crew recommends layering it with other pieces.


  1. Thank gawd you posted this, I was just about to slip out the door wearing an old pair of silk harem pants from the 80's. I would have been the laughing stock of the neighborhood.

    "Please don't hurt 'em Hammer!" :)

  2. Very funny post, and about the liger, Napoleon Dynamite would say you have mad skills.

    (Couldn't we make some great "fashionable" outfits by putting some of these things together?!)

  3. aww thanks lisa for mentioning my blog! :) and this is a hilarious post!

  4. Haha! I totally caught your Dynamite quote, no worries! And OH GOD NO for the tube "top" (looks suspiciously more like a tube swim top to me! or a bra...) we don't need any belly shirts EVER AGAIN. And fashion certainly produces some weeeeird stuff. Those wedge boots/sandals/straight jacket for feet are a prime example. That's trend OVERKILL right there! And if I see any more posts about how genie pants are the next big thing, I'm going to go nuts.

  5. Eat your food, Tina ;-)

    *rofl* You are a crack up. I am in a cafe, laughing/crying right now...

  6. LOL, OneCraftyFox - what is up with the harem pant trend right now? Saggy crotches are never sexy or appropriate!

    Lady Cardi - I think someone should try the tube top with the floral leggings and buckle boots. It would so be totally 1982 and we'd just need some AquaNet to polish the look off!

    Thanks for visiting, TinyPaperHeart!

    I know, Amy! The worst part is that those Hammer pants are kind of everywhere right now. Who ever even made it a spring trend?!

    Thanks for visiting, Gigi! I'm so glad I could put a smile on to people's faces!

  7. Haha, there's always going to be some questionable fashion pieces. Great post!


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