06 March 2010

Weathering the Legs

I'm so anxious for warm weather to start showing up that when I heard the report that was going to be sunny and in the mid-50s today in Atlanta, I decided to break out a dress (egads!) and bare legs (double gads!).

But then it also being the weekend and me having no real plans except some errands and taking care of the sick BF (he blames in on the P90X - I agree and tell him I think I better play it safe and not start the program myself), I didn't want to get too dressed up either. This was actually very easy to put together and super-comfy.

So here's my Saturday OOTD. Couple of things I realized fairly quickly though - I am too matchy-matchy, it is still a little too cold to be going out in bare legs, and I really shouldn't be showing my chicken-skin-white legs out in public just yet.

I think I totally over-color corrected again, but I didn't want you to see how really pasty-washed-out my legs are.

Unfortunately that's about right with the color of my legs and feet right now. Ugh.

Dress: Ann Taylor Loft Dotty Blossoms
Jacket: Forever 21 quilted moto
Shoes: Guess Lawri wedges


  1. super cute! i love the boldness of the snakeskin flats with the floral dress. i always have a hard time incorporating my snakeskin shoes, but i love them so.

  2. Even if I'm just taking the trash out, if the weather is great I use any opportunity to dress accordingly. If the moment is rare, why not? You look fantastic!

  3. Fantastic look! I really really really like this. A. Lot.

  4. Thanks, Kcookski. I love snakeskin too and am trying to keep myself from buying another pair of flats that look pretty much the same as the ones I've already got!

    Thanks for visiting, FT. I did like my outfit, but I'm also one of those weird people who gets cold for no reason. It was actually more comfy and easy to coordinate than I thought, since I'm not really a dress gal (yet).

    Thanks so much, OneCraftyFox! This knit motorcycle jacket is pretty much as "tough" as I feel comfortable being - totally not the biker chic gal. I did like mixing it with the dress though.

  5. That motorcycle jacket is knit?! I would've never guessed! I like that as opposed to a leather jacket (I don't like leather jackets, hahaha). I tried on that dress from Ann Taylor Loft! It was so cute, but I ended up not getting it. Booo... it looks super cute on you! And hey, winter white legs are MUCH better than fake bake orange legs!

  6. Ha ha, I actually got convinced to go buy the dress after seeing it on you, Amy. I thought it was cute but when I saw it in a IRL shot, I was sold - plus I think you provided some evil discount code or something, so how could I not?!


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