10 March 2010

High-Centered on the Hump of Wednesday

This is in actuality quite lame, but it is a bit of a fashion milestone for me. Usually when the weather turns bad, I slunk back into my "wear whatever's within reach" mode and look dum-diddly-awful. Today, however, in spite of the stupid rain, I still managed to put an outfit together - and a skirt no less. (Yay, to lame little personal fashion victories).

Actually, I didn't even want to go outdoors, but knew I had to at least run to the Post Office (thanks, friends at Anthro who thought it'd be cute to send me someone else's order and then hold mine hostage until I can get them the wrong order back). Plus this gave me an excuse to wear this skirt from Target that I got at the juniors section for like $10.

Yes, another chair shot. So easy - lounge and click.

I decided to give my boots one last go before they retire for the warm season. Looking at the pic, they are probably not quite the right boots for wearing with skirts, but they are the only brown boots I own and they are super-comfy (plus they are my psuedo-rain boots).

Jacket: Gap cotton pin-stripe
Tee: Banana Republic outlet
Skirt: Target Xhiliration smocked
Tights: Anne Klein
Boots: Born Taro
Necklace: J. Crew glass cylinder ribbon


  1. I totally shop in the Junior's section at Target too, haha! I like the skirt, though, it's funky! I like those boots, and if they can keep out the elements during runs to the post office, then that's even better!

  2. love the skirt - I can't believe you got it for $10! Very cute outfit.

    Wanderlusting Fool

  3. I love your skirt's pattern! Super cute outfit.

    - JoAnn, Sidewalk Chalk

  4. Great look - love your skirt! Alas, I think boots weather is over in my neck of the woods!

  5. Thanks, ladies, for all your great feedback about the boots and skirt! This skirt is not really my style but it immediately caught my eye as I was trolling through Target and for $10 - shoot.

    Thanks for visiting, OneCraftyFox and Amy S!

  6. I think the boots look fine with the skirt. I'm so glad you got that at Target. I saw it and I thought "OH, great, I bet Lisa got that skirt at Anthro..." But it's from Target!! yay!!! If there were a Target close to me, I'd probably get that right now.. lol


  7. The skirt is gorgeous! love the colors :D

  8. Thanks, Emilie!

    Ha ha, Elaine. I love nothing better than a good deal and that's why I love/hate Target. I can't ever get out of there without spending (probably too much) money because I get stuff like this skirt and a few pairs of cheap sunglasses, some tees, socks ...

  9. The ikat print skirt is so awesome!! I've been rooting around for a good ikat print and I think you just found it.


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