07 March 2010

Give Me Liberty - and Stripes for My OOTD

Target is one of those places I can't ever seem to leave without spending a ton of money every time I go visit. I went there today and walked away with two tiny plastic bags half-full of stuff for like $80. What the heck?

I went today not really for any good reason - ooh, we were running low on the dish soap - but to take a peek to see if any of the new Liberty of London collaboration is out yet since Sweet Tea mentioned her Target had put some stuff out early. I know a bunch of ladies have already blogged about the impending release on March 14  and I'm usually "meh" about the GO International releases but I am super-excited for this one!

Alas, the racks were only full of stupid Jean-Paul Gaultier stuff (kicks at imaginary rock on carpet with slipper socks on). Silly world-renowned French designer, can't you see that I want my patterned piggy bank and floral ceramic teapot?

Here's my Sunday-still-taking-care-of-the-sick-BF-and-kind-of-bored-of-being-cooped-up-in-the-house-on-such-a-nice-day outfit. Yes, I'm trying something different and taking pics in my office chair (save the giggles for later ...)

Cardigan: Per Una by Marks and Spencer
Tee: Old Navy
Jeans: Ann Taylor modern fit
Shoes: Clarks Herring bow flats


  1. I heart your striped cardigan to pieces! I want one! How much and where?

  2. Hi Ady - I got this cardi from the Marks and Spencer store in Dubai. I don't think they have Marks and Spencer in the States, but I found the link to the cardi online and added it to my post above. I got the UK8 which is a little loose but is super-comfy. Hope this helps!

  3. I'm really excited for Liberty for Target too! And oh my gosh, how terrible was the Gautier for Target release? I seriously have loved every single Target Go Collection up until now, but this was...bad news. I do hope LfT is of higher quality!

  4. I was disappointed in the Gaultier collection too. I glanced through everything but nothing really caught my eye.
    As for Liberty, I already want two-three of the dresses I've seen on commercials!

  5. My Target still has the Rodarte stuff out. Siiiiiigh. Come on, where's my Liberty line?!?! I love the office chair poses, hehe! The striped cardigan is fun!

  6. I am fascinated by that cardigan - wish I could get it in the US!

  7. Oooh you just reminded me...I'm still up-I wonder if it's up online yet?


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