15 March 2010

California Dreamin'

Bonjour from the Left Coast! I don't go to California a lot - actually I am probably biased against the state as a whole from some bad trips to LA a few years back - but I am currently in San Diego for a show and I would like to use this opportunity to take back everything negative I've ever said or thought about Cali.

San Diego is beautiful - and the climate is perfect - and it is by the ocean! Having lived in land-locked states for the past few years, I must admit there is something immediately soothing about being able to look out into the vast expanse of sea.

My hotel is in the Gaslamp District and the area is fabulous. There are a ton of restaurants and shops that line the streets (and like the world's largest Forever 21 at Horton Plaza!) and I have done a bit of shopping and eaten like a King since I first got here - Oceanaire and Tin Fish are my faves so far. And there's a Pinkberry down the street - I'm so excited to try it!

I'll be back home in a few days and will be returning to my regular posts shortly!

A room with a view: the cool hotel rooftop pool deck.
It looks great - but I don't do water.

Looking in from the outfield at Petco Park, home to the Padres.

Call me lame, but this is my first sighting of a yacht with a heli on it IRL, so I had to take a pic and share.

Mm, mm, the yummy mahi mahi tacos at the Tin Fish.


  1. lucky you! im stuck here in a yucky storm! :(
    enjoy the rest of your time out there! im super jealous!

  2. You're in SD?? My husband and I are going there next week!!!! I love SD. The weather is always perfect.

    And now I"m craving fish tacos.


  3. Oh man, I hear that San Diego is THE PERFECT place ever! And judging by those photos, I would agree! The fish tacos look scrumptious, and don't feel embarrassed about your first IRL heli sighting - I'd be excited too if I saw my first helicopter ever! I mean, I took photos of the first tugboat-in-action that I ever saw, haha!

  4. Thanks, Ashley and OneCraftyFox. Unfortunately I'm working way more than playing, but it is so freaking perfect weather outside and the convention center is right next to the water.

    Elaine - I don't know if you've been to SD before, but this is my first time here and it is great so far. I'm downtown by the Gaslamp District and it is a really neat walking around area with tons of cafes and shops. I wish I had time to go visit the USS Midway carrier and the Zoo! I hope you and your hubs have a ton of fun here.

    Hi Amy - the fish tacos were divine and I had my first Pinkberry frozen yogert last night and am addicted. Plus to add to my exciting photo arsenal, I also took a picture of a giant cargo ship with the Dole logo on the side and all Dole containers - literally a boat full of bananas and pineapples! Ah, the little things that get me ...

  5. oh my gosh those fish tacos look SO good! the weather looks gorgeous there, hope you're having a great time!

  6. San Diego is an awesome city! So much more low key and pretty than LA can be most of the time. And I am jealz of your authentic SoCal fish tacos!!

    Hope you enjoy the rest of your time in California!!


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