30 March 2010

Black and Lace

I grew up as a bit of a tomboy and was never much of a lace and bow-wearing gal, so I was chagrined when my big sis bought me this top last year (she is very much a bow-wearing gal and has tried forever to turn me into more of a girly-girl). So it has languished in my closet until now, when I tweaked it a bit and thought of something I could pair with it that could toughen it up a little.

So here was my outfit from yesterday, when the weather was more glum (it is beauteous today!):

This blouse originally had TWO black bows on it - can we say overkill?
And yes, I know the bow resembles the same one the Colonel has.

Close up of the cute satin-y lining - yes, a fully lined F21 jacket!

Jacket: Forever 21 quilted zip
Blouse: Forever 21 tiered lace sleeveless
Jeans: old as dirt Banana Republic boot cut
Shoes: Guess Lawri wedges


  1. cute blouse! I have an Ana Sui for Target shirt that is creme and lace with a bow I have yet to wear!! Today it is rainy here!

  2. LOL about the colonel! I know what you mean because I don't like bows either. I do like lace, however, in moderation, and I like the way your top looks with the jacket and jeans. It does toughen it up. Really nice jacket btw.

  3. I actually like the blouse! It looks fantastic on you! And I love that you paired it with a tougher looking jacket. ...and where was the second bow?? ;)

    Enter to win a William Riera dress!

  4. Ha, I'm the same way with bows and fussy details. I probably would have just yanked off both bows! :) Still, it's a pretty look, and I like how you made something which is not your normal look feel comfortable for you.

  5. Hi Peggy - ooh, I bet the Anna Sui top is pretty!

    Hi Lady Cardi - I don't like bows either, but after I wrote that, I realized I have a few pairs of the same shoes (in different colors) all with bows on them. Apparently my feet likes bows.

    Hi Elaine - Thanks much! The second bow was actually a few inches below the first one - I thought it was bow overkill.

    Hi E - I thought about yanking both bows off, but after taking the first bow off, there was a small black mark left on the fabric - easily covered by the first bow but made me reconsider having no bows and two black marks on the top.

  6. Aww, I actually think the lacey bow top is really cute! I wasn't a tomboy per se throughout most of my life, but I did dress like a "goth" (I put that in quotes because I didn't feel like I was a goth by any means) during high school, so I hear you on having a delayed introduction to all things girly. I think another great way to put some edge on that sweet blouse is pairing it with a fitted blazer. It'd be awesome!


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