07 February 2010

Swirling City, Garden Villages

I returned home from my business trip FINALLY by 11pm last night after over 24 hours of travel and waiting. And was hungry, dirty, exhausted and am pretty sure I was in the beginning stages of a cold. So of course the first thing I do is bounce out of bed this morning with my head throbbing and a sore throat to go tear into my package from Anthropologie!

The Swirling Villages dress by Moulinette Soeurs is lovely. The material is a rayon that feels like silk and it is fully lined. The cut and pattern are divine and I love the burst of color from the belt. Plus its got pockets!

Unofortunately I was so excited that this dress went on sale (for $49.99!) that I ordered the wrong size and now have to return it (worse yet, it is now sold out online, so I'll need to go hunting). I got the regular 4 and could have easily sized down to the regular 2, or better yet, petite 2.

UPDATE: I went to my local Anthro today and ended up exchanging the Swirling Villages dress for a size 0. So "Yay!!!!" for the dress and "Hm" regarding the sizing. I guess this dress runs large because I am not a size 0. And weird thing I have found in a couple of different Anthro dresses lately - the lining for the dress skirt is cut skinnier than the actual dress. So while it still works out, let's say I won't be running any sprints or doing splits in this dress.

The Double Torsade necklace is a keeper though. The lobster clasp is a little difficult to deal with but I love the colors and am not breaking the bank with this necklace. And I got the mint too!

I was also so excited to get the City Garden cardi from Tiny, but I agree with Roxy's post about this cardi - the attached belt is a joke (see images below) and if you're not careful about how the folds are placed, you can look kind of big. And forget about wearing the cardi sans tie - you'll look HUGE (or at least I do).

The material is light and mildly sheer - it's like a thermal tee. I got the S and it's a little big, but I don't think I'll size down as the cardi is 100% cotton and I'm hoping it'll shrink a bit in the wash.

The attached belt is pitiful. I'll probably snip it off and just wear my own belt around it.

I'm kind of undecided about the cardi but I loved it so much on the web site that I think I'll try to make it work. If nothing else, it is definitely a comfy and casual light weekend piece. For $88! Ha, ha ... gulp, uh ...


  1. i love that cardi with your own belt! gives it way more personality! :)

  2. i LOVE the necklace and dress on you! it looks fab. but i'm not sure about the cardi. it does look 100x better with your own belt, but i don't like how there's one section that's super long in the front.

  3. I have that cardigan and I love it with the Midas braids belt! I agree that the attached belt is a joke though. Grrrrrrr.

  4. Thanks for your compliments on the cardi, everyone. I think I am keeping it - though I've got this weird vision thing going where I think it looks great on me in the mirror and after reviewing some of my photos, the cardi gets widening. On my at least, the cardi definitely needs to be played with a bit to work.

    Maybe my camera does add ten pounds, because it certainly wasn't the ham and cheese omelet AND root beer float I just had for brunch ...

  5. I like the cardigan on you! I even like it with the attached belt, although I can see why it's a problem.

    I also like the dress, and the necklace looks great with it.

  6. Ooh, I like the necklace--it was one of my online picks, but I haven't seen it in person yet...looks great on you and with that dress. I was going to tell you that my local store had a bunch of the dresses but then I saw your added note that you found it in the right size! Glad it worked out. :)

    The attached belt on that cardigan is totally sad! So much better with your belt!

  7. Thanks, guys. I really loved the dress so I am way glad I was able to find my size in a store.

    And I love the Torsade necklace - I haven't seen it in stores yet but for $28, it's a steal in Anthro-land.

  8. I loooove the dress. I hesitated too long and they're sold out in both stores in my size once it went on sale. Oh well. Not meant to be I suppose.


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