10 February 2010

Sugar ... Oh Honey, Honey ...

LuLu's always seem to have a collection of dresses so saccharine sweet that they make my teeth ache. I don't think I could pull any of these looks off but I enjoy perusing some calorie-free eye candy.

And who is this below? Not a dress, but I feel like I've seen you somewhere before ... maybe a close cousin here?


  1. It's fun to fantasize isn't it? While in actuality I dress pretty simply, I love looking at ruffly girly things. I don't think I could pull them off either! I do love that green in the first dress--I think without the big bow in the front it's super wearable. The prices at Lulus are tempting too.

  2. The prices really are quiet tempting. It's hard to just fantasy shop when the dress you're ogling is only $30.


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