10 February 2010

Stoney Friend - and a Big Thanks!

You gals ever have an old friend call out of the blue and essentially invite themselves to stay overnight at your place? Well that's what is happening with BF and I - which means, "yay" to seeing an old friend, but "meh" on the sudden timing. So between running errands and, oh yeah, work, I have to scour the house to find some sheets for our guest bed, need to find another place to stack our still-packed boxes and have to put the guest bath in order (we've only lived in our new place for a few weeks now so unfortunately our guest room has been sorely neglected). And I think we're taking him out to dinner too and then need to take him to the airport tomorrow after his meeting ... sheesh, old friends are a lot of work.  :o)

My OOTD is focused on comfort with a small attempt of still looking remotely stylish. And I got to wear my new favorite necklace from Urban Outfitters - what I am considering as the "urban" cousin to Anthropologie's Stormy Sea necklace. (Sorry, the lighting sucks - I'm still trying to find a good place to take pics in this house).

And the BIG THANKS goes to Tippy for the awesome Chilewich tote I won on her blog. I love her sense of chill style and I want to steal her wardrobe. The tote is huge and made out of some sort of coated canvas so it's good wherever. Plus it doesn't look like your mom's beach tote. Thanks again!

Here's me rockin' the tote - or the tote's rockin' me.

I'm so excited about my new bag that I danced myself right out of frame and sideways!

Here's a close-up of the necklace. Pictures don't do it any justice. It reminds me of beach glass (though I really think the "stones" are plastic). Regardless, I'm in love ... love ... love.

Sweater: J. Crew wool shawl collar popover
Tee: J. Crew ruffly tissue-y silk-y tank
Jeans: Ann Taylor slim bootcut
Shoes: Guess Lawri wedges
Necklace: Urban Outfitters multi stone bib necklace
Tote: Chilewich beach tote


  1. I LOVE this!!! You look so comfy and casual but still chic and put together. I especially love the necklace and sweater combo. They are similar in color pallette so they look great together.

    And old friends ARE a lot of work!! lol!


  2. Cuuuute! I've never had a friend pop by unexpectedly, but then again, I don't live on my own yet, haha! So that would be a little odd... but I hope you had a great time with the buddy! I love the necklace, too. The pale green is amazing! And congrats on the tote, it looks awesome!

  3. ooooh love the outfit! esp the necklace & shoes! have fun catching up with your old friends!

  4. those flats are really adorable. Also love the necklace

  5. hii~! you're welcome :D glad you like it! thanks for following my blog and for all the kind comments xo

  6. Thanks for the kind words, Elaine, Amy, Ashley and Nathalie. As for my "old friend" - he called last minute and won't be coming until tomorrow now! Argh - but that's part of his ... charm?

    And thanks again, Tippy. I honestly never win anything, so it was a very nice surprise.

  7. i love the necklace, i love the sweater, i love the simplicity of the look.
    and boy do i know what you mean about out of town friends--SO MUCH WORK!

  8. i like the simpleness of the outfit; it makes the gorgeous necklace stand out more :)

  9. Thanks, WWNW and Audrey. I think when I try to put too much together (big belts, statement necklaces, tights, layers galore), I end up looking like one of those women in a supermarket wrangling six kids but just me wrangling my accessories.

  10. That's a great necklace--I think I actually like it better than the Anthro one. It seems more wearable for me. Plus the fun details of the tote and the shoes make a simple outfit very stylish in my book.


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