11 February 2010

Robble, Robble

BF and I spent a large part of yesterday afternoon running errands and making sure our guest bedroom was no longer "the place where questionable unused crap gets thrown into" so that we would have a proper place for our visiting friend to spend the night. We also scrubbed and readied the guest bath, which now has lovely blue accessories based off our lovely new shower curtain with the penguins on them (BF's decorating decision).

Then we found out late last night that our friend changed his plans at the last minute (again) and won't be coming until today. And then this morning (I know!), BF talked to him and found out he won't be showing up until tomorrow now. And BF will need to play chauffeur for him.

Please bear in mind that our friend used to work in the airline industry, so he gets to fly for free on standby anytime he wants. Which is great for him - but means I'm a wee bit peeved with his plan-changing ways and kind of already want him to get his visit over with (I'm terrible, I know).

So mini-rant for the day on something piddly is done. Here's my OOTD - again, something casual as that cold I thought I had and then thought I beat is finally rearing its ugly head. And its head weighs 50lbs and is sitting on my neck and shoulders.

BF calls me the Hamburglar in this outfit.

Bundled up and ready to go ... run errands. Sigh.

Something to make me smile. Sequin shoes. They may be the comfiest shoes I own.

Jacket: Boden Classic Velvet blazer in damson (now on sale!)
Sweater: J. Crew Anton dream cardigan (I love it, but it is a pill-y wonder)
Tee: J. Crew striped 3/4 sleeve favorite tee
Jeans: Ann Taylor slim bootcut
Shoes: Wanted sequin flats
Necklace: Anthropologie Double Torsade coral
Scarf: "pashmina" from NYC street vendor


  1. aw sorry about all the changing of plans. i'd be more than a weeee bit peeved if i were you. but its okay at least you've got a smile on your face! (or so i think you do?) love the stripe tee! :)

  2. loooove that necklace! such a pretty color

  3. When I read "Robble, Robble," I thought, "Isn't that what the Hamburglar used to say?" I haven't thought of that in years. Very funny! You look great, and I love your shoes.

  4. Thanks, Ashley. He's been a great friend in the long run, so I save my whining for you poor gals. :o)

    Thanks for visiting, Rosa. You gals with your great Anthro pieces really got me hooked on their jewely.

    Lady Cardi - Thanks! Hamburglar and I go way back - we've gotten into tons of shenanigans with the Fry Guys.

  5. i love the necklace!
    and haha i know how you feel, i hate it when one of my friends changes the plans like 6 times before having a final one.

  6. classic outfit!

    btw I would love it if you stopped by my new blog


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