17 February 2010

Mini Me

One of the few good things about being short is that a mini skirt is not as mini on me as opposed to regular-height people. So I can get away with wearing minis to work or just to go out shopping in without looking like I'm trying to emulate Britney Spears (And Brit-Brit honey, honestly you're getting a little too old to dress like Britney Spears).

Some of the bad things about being short (other than all the regular bad things about being short) is that cropped pants sometimes fit like regular pants on me, and BF likes to remind me that at my height, the air has already been used (thanks, BF).

But I've grown (ha ha) to love my height and just embrace things as they are. So I can wear minis without danger. And reach the bottom shelf easier.

The scarf right now for me is a must as I'm still hacking up bits of lung here and there and it keeps my neck toasty. Plus I can grab it and cough into my scarf and not at people when I'm out in public. Yes, I am big fun to be around right now.

Cardigan: J. Crew merino wool from years ago
Skirt: DKNY denim mini
Tights: Target (apparently my go-to source for plain black tights)
Boots: Type Z leather buckle pull ups
Scarf: "pashmina" from NYC street vendor


  1. I love it. And great boots. Glad you are feeling better too!

    I am at the cusp of petite/regular in terms of height, but my legs are proportionally short so I generally go for shorter skirts when I can. That said, I am definitely too old to be sporting the Britney look, so once temperatures rise and my opaque tights collection gets put away, my hemlines will be falling.

  2. Great blog. So many posts already. Good work.
    I love your outfit and your height too.
    Stop by http://memyselfandshoes.blogspot.com

  3. Here here to the good and bad things that come with being short! Although I never heard of the air already being used... *sad face* Hahaha... Mini skirts also don't look mini on me too, yay! Except once in a while I'll stumble across something that is SCANDALOUSLY short, even on me! (looking at you, Forever 21!) Anyway, I love the cardigan! It's amazing! And I hope you stop hacking up your lungs soon - that's unpleasant!

  4. love the boots! and that red scarf is a great touch.

  5. Thanks for all your comments, ladies.

    E - I think I took a little inspiration from you for this outfit. I love how you put together your boots-with-mini looks. Too bad I didn't have knee socks, then I would've been a total copy cat!

    Anna - Thanks for visiting! Yes, I'm learning to love my height too.

    Amy - It is strange how short some of the F21 pieces can be. I noticed on the web site how they renamed that lacy dress of yours as a tunic - they probably figured out that is waaaay too short to be considered a dress.

    Lauren - Thanks much. I used to be afraid to wear those boots out for fear of scratching the leather! But what's the point of having things if I don't wear them?


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