05 February 2010

Last Dinner with the Merlion

My trip's been a blast so far, but I am looking forward to going home finally. Sooooo exhausted from working all week and my eight hours of sleep in the last 48 hours (darn you sake ... and Asahi beer ... and Tiger Beer ... and lychee martinis ...mmm, lychee martinis ...) Plus I've got packages and BF waiting at home, people!

The small group of us leftovers went authentic for the day and stopped at a neighborgood hawker market for breakfast. Hawker markets are clusters of small food stands around a common seating area. It's a local version of a shopping mall food court.

For about $5 (total!) three of us stuffed ourselves silly prior to the start of our last workday in Singapore. Coffee, tea, fried noodles, rice, eggs, fried dough (like a chewier doughnut) and toast with coconut jam.

After a long day at the trade show, we went for a fairly quiet meal at Long Beach. It's a famous Singapore seafood restaurant that locals and tourists frequent. More Tiger Beer (of course!) and then the following:

The wall of fresh seafood at Long Beach. You literally could choose the exact fish you wanted to eat and watch the chef pull it out for you.

First course: Razor clams with garlic.

Second course: Drunken prawn - shrimp cooked in a whiskey broth - the broth is like nothing I've ever had before and we all cleared our bowls. Sorry, you delicious little guys.

Third course: The best sweet and sour chicken we've ever had. Ever. American Chinese restaurants don't stand a chance.

Fourth course: Grilled freshwater fish. Getting stuffed ... and didn't even bother taking pics of the veggies and best dang fried rice ever (yes, we're a bunch of tourists asking for some fried rice).

Dessert: Black rice pudding with vanilla ice cream. Difficult to describe. Delicious.

Farewell for now, land of the Merlion. Keep all that yummy food and awesome shopping malls on hold for me!

And now, we return to our regularly scheduled programming ...


  1. That dessert looks really interesting!

  2. all the food looks AMAZING! *drooools*

  3. Thanks for stopping by everyone! I think what Singapore is really known for by tourists is its food and shopping. I totally did and overdid the food thing - freshest seafood ever! My bathroom scale thanks me for leaving Singapore, but my taste buds are unhappy.

  4. All that food look soooo amazing! I want I want I want!! Thanks for the hair comment.. I guess I'm blessed with pretty asian hair :) hee hee.

    xx Love & Aloha.

  5. i am so craving a lychee martini right now!

  6. Yummm! The food looks delicious! Even though I just ate, I'm now craving seafood!


  7. Yummmm!! My favorite part of travelling is eating. It looks like you had some delicious times!


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